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With the advancement of technology, everyone is busy with productivity and earning. The hectic schedule can make us irritating and sometimes this irritation can lead us to misbehave. For avoiding this irritation there are lots of options for amusement and fun. Some do exercise, some listen to music and lots of people read interesting books. Watching movies is also the best way of recreation. There are tons of movies released all over the world and you can watch them online. Animated movies are quite popular nowadays and people of all age groups love to watch them. Here we will discuss the 9anime to see the animated movies for free.

9 Anime

What is 9anime

Now one question would strike in your mind that what is 9 anime and I am here to answer each of your questions. Before knowing about 9Anime you must know about anime. Anime is Japanese cartoon videos and famous all around the world. Youngsters and kids are becoming addictive for anime. 9 anime is an app which allows you to see numerous types of anime and manga movies. You can also see the best songs for famous anime movies, anime wallpapers and much more. If you love the Japanese characters then it is the must-have app in your android device.

Here is a brief description of videos you can enjoy on 9 anime:

Best Anime Movies Ever


As I am also an anime lover and me always in search of the latest and popular Japanese animates series so after downloading 9anime I felt fully satisfied as it provides the best anime pieces. You can see the anime movies in HD quality and also allows you to share your favorite anime movies.

Amazing Anime Songs

This app not only permits you to watch the best anime movies but also allows you to watch the best songs from famous anime movies.

Anime Movies Wallpapers

9Anime movies wallpapers

If you are an anime lover then you must want to grab the collection of anime wallpapers. 9 anime gives you a huge variety of anime movies wallpapers and you can download them. You can also share them with your friends and save them for setting to your screen.

You don’t need to register yourself to watch anime and manga movies.

How 9Anime Works?

As I told you above that 9anime is an anime and manga movies service for free. Basically, it is a streaming site which streams videos for your entertainment. It dubbed the videos in the English language because most of the people across the globe understand this language. You need not to download any Japanese video as 9 anime has made it so easy to see. Through 9 anime you can watch your favorite series in just one click. In short, you can say it is a private website which offers you all the restricted and allowed series of Japanese movies across the world.

Why is 9Anime is so Addictive?

People of all age groups love to watch Japanese animated series called anime. 9anime provide you all the manga and anime series in HD graphics so people love to see them on regular basis. When we finish an episode or film of an anime then we search for another and this thing leads us to addiction. Watching anime is becoming the addiction especially for kids. 9anime is considered an addictive app because anime and manga series are full of excitement and people love to watch each and every episode.

How to Download 9Anime

This question is the hot potato of today that how to download 9anime. For your kind information, I would like to tell you that 9anime has been evaporated from google because of numerous copyright issues. The holders of 9anime can insist on copyright complaints. Initially, you could download it from google but after vanishing from google its really tough to find it to download.

Actually, 9anime’s owners are continuously changing their websites. But for your ease they regular tweet on twitter and give the information about the latest updates. If you want to download 9anime then you must check their tweeter account regularly and here you can find the real way to download the 9anime. If you will find an official website to download 9anime then you should follow these simple steps:

  • Initially, you have to visit the official website
  • After finding 9anime, click the download button
  • After downloading you have to install it
  • After installation just clears some formalities and finally 9 anime is ready to entertain you.

You can download videos from 9Anime without the use of any downloader. here is the video regarding this.

Is 9Anime Illegal?

In this technology era, everything is accessible with just a single click but the biggest query is that is everything is legal to watch online or illegal? When the things come in terms of watching anime on than my answer is that it is quite illegal. There are tons of salutations which are done by fans and publish on 9anime without any authorization. Many series which are dubbed in English are picked from the websites which have the original license for them.

The main source of this kind of sites is ads. They run ads through videos and earn from them. Mainly all the websites of comic and manga series are illegal including 9anime. Rest depends on the law and regulations of your country. If your country supports the torrent websites then it is legal. In short, 9anime is not the licensed sight so it is totally illegal to watch anime through this site.

Well..if you want to watch the latest Japanese animated series the 9anime is the best app for you and provide you all this for free. It is good to entertain us but we must follow the rules and regulations of our country. We should not watch anything which is restricted in our country. Rest on you how you care the law of your nation. Still, any question regarding 9 anime then comment below and also share your experience if you have ever watched animated series on 9anime or on other anime sites.


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