How to Delete Photos on Facebook Android 2023


How to Delete Photos on Facebook Android – There are many good reasons to delete photos from Facebook, so knowing how to delete photos on Facebook as efficiently as possible is a useful skill if you want to make the most of the giant social media platform.

How to Delete Photos on Facebook 4 (Effective Ways)
How to Delete Photos on Facebook Android Laptop PC 2023

You might just upload an image by mistake, or you might not like the picture provided. And cleaning up your social media persona is important to do before you apply for a new job or to a new school, both of which require the best efforts.

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Ways to be able to delete photos from Facebook to disappear from your Facebook profile can be done through a number of very easy methods. We have deliberately summarized a number of methods that can later be useful for you all. The methods that can be used include:

How to Delete Photos on Facebook from the PC

For those of you who like to use a PC / Computer / Laptop, how to delete photos on Facebook can be done with a web browser with the following steps:

  1. First, visit the site then log in to your Facebook account and find the photo, whether it’s in an album or just in “Your Photos,” and don’t click on the picture to open it.
  2. Hover over the image you want to delete; a gray box with a pencil icon will appear in the upper right corner of the thumbnail image.
  3. Click the pencil icon, which will display a pop-up message “Edit or Delete.”
  4. At the bottom of the menu that appears, click “Delete This Photo.”
  5. In the next pop-up window, click the blue box that says “Delete.” With that, the photo will disappear from Facebook.

How to Delete Photos on Facebook from the Cellular Browser

Similar to a PC / Computer, a way to delete Facebook photos can also be done through a mobile browser. The method is as below.

  1. Open the website in your mobile browser and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Find the photo to be deleted (remember you can only delete the image you uploaded) and tap on the photo to select it.
  3. Under the picture, tap on the words “Other Options.”
  4. Click “Edit Photo.”
  5. Click “Delete.”
  6. Below the window “Are you sure you want to delete this photo?” tap “Delete” to do this permanently. And with that, your image is lost, and deleted from Facebook on mobile, desktop, and anywhere.

How to Delete Photos on Facebook from Cellular Applications

The process of deleting photos from the Facebook mobile app is slightly different from deleting a mobile browser, which is:

  1. Open the Facebook application. Make sure you login / log in to your FB account.
  2. Open your photo and tap the photo you want to delete.
  3. Click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the photo page.
  4. Click “Delete Photo” from the menu that appears.
  5. Confirm your deletion on the next screen.

When you delete a photo from Facebook, it disappears everywhere, meaning from your Timeline and from other people’s feeds.

Unfortunately, when you can delete photos on Facebook and the mobile desktop version, you cannot delete photos simultaneously or all at once.

You must delete them one by one or delete the entire album. Likewise, you cannot delete photos that you did not upload, such as photos that you have tagged.

How to Delete Facebook Albums

If you want to delete the entire album from your profile, do the following. But keep in mind that you cannot delete albums that have been created by Facebook (for example, “Video” Album). The sequence of steps to delete your Facebook album is:

  1. Open your Facebook profile.
  2. Click the Photos menu tab in the top corner of the Profile page. Then select the Album menu tab.
  3. Select an album, and click Edit in the upper right corner of the screen (on Android, tap the album you want to delete).
  4. Click the cross ( X ) in the upper left corner of the album you want to delete (on Android, tap the 3 dots (  ) in the upper right corner of the screen).
  5. Tap Delete when prompted (on Android, tap Delete in the menu that appears, then tap DELETE when prompted).

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This is the explanation of how to delete photos on Facebook android. Next, you can try to practice the tutorial given above yourself. Do not forget to leave a reply comment.

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