Discover How You Can Fix an XBOX 360 Right From Home!

xbox 360

If you’re reading this right now, your worst nightmares have become a reality – your Xbox 360 is broken. Maybe it was fine at first, but then that green ring of lights turned red, and you knew something was really wrong.

Now, of course, you’d like to know if there’s a way for you to fix your Xbox 360.

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Up until now, if you were someone who wanted to repair your Xbox 360 on your own, the methods available were often strange and unreliable.


You may have heard of what’s popularly known as the towel trick. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t!

After all, wrapping your Xbox 360 in a towel is more likely to set the machine on fire than it is to fix it. You could cause a lot of damage.

The towel trick is just another myth from the Internet.


Another solution that’s bordering on the mythical is cracking open your Xbox 360’s case and using a soldering iron to fix it. You might run into this suggestion, but take a little while to think if you’re considering it. Your Xbox 360 is a complicated piece of electronics. If you try soldering it on your own, you may cause a lot of damage, and you’re likely to void the warranty.

What’s left to fix your console?

One option is to follow the advice of the manufacturer and send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft to repair. However, that’ll cost you a hundred forty dollars plus shipping if your warranty is over, and you won’t see your console for at least six to eight weeks. That’s a lot of fuss and money to fix your machine.

Even if you still have a valid warranty and can skip the repair charge, remember that you’ll have to pay to ship. Plus, you’ll still need to securely package your Xbox 360 for its trip back to Microsoft, and there’s no way out of having to deal with that two-month wait.

This is clearly a big hassle. None of us wants to wait this long, and it costs an awful lot, too.

If you’re among them, your best choice is finding an Xbox 360 repair guide you can trust. It’ll show you just how to repair your system by yourself – safely. It’s not all that hard to fix an Xbox, but you do have to know what you’re doing. The Internet is full of bad information – find a good source for repair info.

Repairing your Xbox at home keeps you from having to give up the system for months at a time or shell out more than a hundred dollars.

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