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The new update for Pokémon Go is one of its major up till now and totally revises the way gyms work in the games. As well as making a modification to how monsters are assigned to a gym, these locations are now dwelling to Raid Battles which occurs periodically throughout the day. Each Raid Battle lasts minimum for an hour so serious players keep abreast track of when and where they are existing and here the updated GymHuntr site comes in. This scans any location in the game and gives an update of upcoming raids, ongoing raids and basic information about the status of each gym to the player. It gives updates like which team is presently holding it and what level of the reputation it has.

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Highlights of GymHuntr

  • GymHuntr allows the player to check when a raid battle is on in Pokémon Go
  • GymHuntr also shows what the raid boss is
  • Gym owners can be ascertained with the site.

Features of Updated GymHuntr

  • Now it supports Asian countries, if you were getting a notification like “map data not available” then try now. You will get all the map data quickly.
  • Gym Labels are now auto update with the correct Pokémon when the player scans for them.
  • The player can add more accounts per scan to expectantly make scans more accurate.
  • For easy sharing coordinates are added to the end of a link.
  • Gyms that have not been scanned yet, they are transparent a little until scanned.

Top Similar and Alternatives of GymHuntr

  • PokeOnMap

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This software shows the location and tracks the Pokémon near to you or anywhere in the world live and real-time in-game.

  • PikaPika

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This allows the player to find a map of all Pokémon in the nearer area. The player can get the precise location of the Pokémon around them in real time.

  • Pokemon Go-Map

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It provides live visualization map of nearby Pokémon, Pokémon stops, and gyms. It provides a location in the form of the web app as well as mobile applications.

  • PokeAlert for Pokémon Go

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This helps to find real-time location of Pokémon and it provides timer below each Pokémon that shows how long Pokémon will be at that location. The player can set the filter to see only rare and super rare Pokémon on the map.

  • Catch That

This is only available in big and selective cities. It provides a real-time map of all Pokémon of player’s area.

  • Poker Live

Players can see currently catchable Pokémon around them. It provides a real-time map with 100% accuracy. Players can see the live location and also the time which is remaining in disappear.

  • PokeFinder

In this software, no login is required and it gives notification of your favourite Pokémon. It provides a real-time Pokémon map which comes from radar.

  • PokeWhere

This is simple software which shows the current location of every Pokémon around you and it consists of live radar which makes your hunting quick.

  • Pokecrew

This is alternative for GymHuntr which is crowd-sourced map application for Pokémon Go.

  • FastPokeMap

It is a Poke vision like a system that uses an open street map and reverses geocoding API to find Pokémon.

Gymhuntr Reviews

Many players are using GymHuntr and they get better and quick results. Some people share their reviews on GymHuntr.

  • Someone share that over the weekend GymHuntr helped him to find some gym in his nearer area, on the first day be able to find 10 gyms a day. He notices occasional glitch when it displays gym history.
  • Someone says that it would be easier and clearer if there was a button for “scan this gym” and it will also better if buttons will give for “Gym history or get directions” These can be best additional features in the GymHuntr.
  • Someone says that he regularly uses the GymHuntr only to check the gyms in his town and this is an amazing application for Pokémon Go game.
  • Some players said that initially it was best but does not seem to be accurate anymore. They face some problems like when they click on “last scanned today” they get correct information but they did not get any history of past 6 days.


GymHuntr is a Pokemon map basically

Basically, GymHuntr is a Pokémon map that allows the player to check the status of Pokémon Go Gyms in their areas. GymHuntr help player to find the exact location of the gym on the map and also the status of the gym. Updated GymHuntr comes with massive changes which are like Raid battles and new gym features. This is a live Pokémon Go map that gives updated gym information from around the world.


The updated GymHuntr has many benefits which give the strong reason to use it. GymHuntr is the best solution to hunt the gyms in Pokémon Go. If you have already been a GymHuntr player, feel free to share your experiences. Drop the comments down sharing your view. In case you are using some other alternative, let us know which one you enjoyed the most. For more such information and updates, stay reading us.