How Can a Marketing Agency Help Grow Your Business Through Social Media in Australia?


How Can a Marketing Agency Help Grow Your Business Through Social Media in Australia – Social media marketing is vital for your business now, more than ever. According to the latest statistics, social media user penetration in Australia is almost 64%, with the number of social media users estimated at 22 million.

How Can a Marketing Agency Help Grow Your Business Through Social Media in Australia
How Can a Marketing Agency Help Grow Your Business Through Social Media in Australia?

But here are some more statistics if you don’t find those convincing enough. Almost 80% of Australians use social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

That is a significant market to engage with. However, you should have a solid social media marketing strategy.

Hiring a marketing agency like Edge Marketing in Australia will ensure you build brand awareness and target audiences, increase your return on investment and enjoy higher revenues with time.

It is a good idea to hire experienced marketers and professionals to handle your social media strategy since they will guarantee you the results and ensure every dollar is wisely spent.

They have the time, tools, and knowledge to ensure your company enjoys the highest visibility across social media platforms, with maximum chances of attracting buyers.

How can they help you and other things you should know related to this topic?

Why should you hire an agency?

Successful companies prefer hiring marketing agencies to plan their social media strategies. But why is that? It saves you valuable time and money and effectively helps you connect with the market.

An unsuccessful social media campaign prevents lead generation, targeting customers’ interests, increasing brand awareness, gathering valuable customer data, providing a responsive service, and attracting more inbound traffic.

A good agency will identify the wrong places in social media where you should not spend time and money, show you how to make the most of campaigns, and point out the differences between Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms and the required budget for lead-generating strategy.

Almost 6 million Australians purchase online from various social networking platforms, with Facebook and Instagram being the most used platforms. Businesses also recognize the value of these sites, as analysts believe Australia to be the fifth largest social media advertising market in the world.

Types of advertising services provided by agencies

An experienced agency will provide you with social networking services for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn, and here’s some information on some of them.


Almost 7 in 10 Australians used Facebook monthly, with one in two using the networking site regularly. Australia has witnessed the continuous growth of Facebook users over the years, with about 11.5 million active accounts.

A marketing agency can help you utilize the online marketing opportunities that Facebook offers by conducting multi-layered advertising campaigns targeting individuals based on age, interest, gender, location, etc.

The professionals will create a strategy through analysis (metrics and research), ad creation (to convert them), optimization (evaluating results and adjusting strategies), and repeating (continuously improving their campaigns).


According to data, about 40.6% of Australians are active users of Instagram, with people between the ages of 25 to 34 being the most active. Interestingly, 48% of Australians follow a company or brand, while 32% of small and midsize businesses (SMB) have an active account.

Just imagine the marketing possibilities this vast percentage of users on this platform presents. Even though 60% of Instagram users actively search for products and services, just 30% make regular purchases. That presents an excellent opportunity of reaching active users and persuade them to connect with your brand or company.

An agency will help you target buyers using:

  • a complex multi-layering system,
  • various types of Instagram Ads like images (good images with catchy captions)
  • videos (which deliver your message effectively)
  • carousel (sending a message with multiple photos)
  • story (for users who prefer a personal touch to a brand story)


You should hire agencies like Edge Marketing in Australia to devise an effective social media marketing strategy that delivers the intended results. You will reach more buyers, expand your brand visibility among users, connect with them at the right time, and enjoy business growth.

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