How to Inspect Element on Android We Browser


How to Inspect Element on Android We Browser – PC users can easily access inspect elements in their web browser. Then what if you use Android? How do I inspect elements on an Android phone? then follow this article.

How to Inspect Element on Android
How to Inspect Element on Android

How to Inspect Element on Android We Browser

Inspect Element is a fairly useful tool that is usually found in web browsers. Inspect Element can help you to see the basic code in web pages.

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That means you can see the image source, javascript code, CSS code, fonts used, colors, and the overall HTML code on the web page.

If you want to access the inspect element on a cellphone, the steps are very different from the version on the PC. The reason is, the web browser on Android does not provide built-in features for inspecting elements.

If you want to know how to inspect elements on Android, there is an application on Google Playstore that can help you inspect elements.

For more details, here is a complete tutorial on how to inspect elements on Google Chrome Android to see the HTML code structure on a web page.

How to Inspect Elements on Android Phones

Webpage Edit application

Edit Webpage is an application that can provide access to edit web pages through the inspect element feature. This application is free and light enough because the size is quite small.

Here’s how to inspect elements on an Android phone:

  1. Open the playstore then install the Edit Webpage application.
  2. Run the application, then the Google page opens automatically.
  3. Type the website or webpage URL you want to inspect the element.
  4. When the website is open, tap the edit icon in the top right corner.
  5. Now you can make changes to the web page.
  6. After making the necessary changes, tap the edit icon again to save the changes from the inspect element that have been made.
  7. Done.

Well, after you have succeeded in knowing how to inspect elements on Android and have tried changing a web page using the Edit Webpage application.

Inspect Element on Google Chrome Android

In this one method, you don’t need to use additional applications. You can just use Google Chrome which is certainly always available on all Android devices.

Follow the steps below to find out how to inspect elements on Google Chrome HP:

  1. First, launch a Chrome browser on your Android device.
  2. Then open the web page you want.
  3. When it opens, add view-source: to the beginning of the web URL link.
  4. For example, like view-source: HTTPS: //
  5. Press Enter to see the code for the web page.
  6. Copy the code and make changes as needed.

However, you cannot apply the changes directly as in the previous method using the Edit Webpage application. You can just copy the code on the web page and make changes elsewhere.

But if you use Google Chrome on a PC, you can make changes to the inspect element directly. How to inspect elements in Google Chrome is also very easy, you just have to right-click and then select the inspect element menu.

Benefits of Inspect Element

With the inspect element, you can change the appearance of a website or web page on your device. Apart from that, Inspect Element is very useful when you want to see the design of a page from a website or see what fonts are used on it.

You can also see what CSS code is used, how JavaScript works on websites, and many others. However, most people use Inspect Element for fun only.

For example, on a Facebook profile page, you can use the inspect element to replace someone’s photo with another photo. You can prank your friends with this Inspect Element on Android.

However, basically, the Inspect Element only applies to your device, and when you refresh or reload the web page, the Inspect Element will disappear and the web page changes back to where it was originally.

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how to Inspect Element tutorial on Android. You can choose between the two methods above according to your needs.

You can inspect elements using the Edit Webpage application or inspect elements using Google Chrome directly on your cellphone device.

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