How to Recover Lost Whatsapp Contacts List


How to recover lost Whatsapp contacts list – Do the contacts on the Whatsapp application suddenly disappear? No need to worry, because there are ways to restore lost WA contacts easily. This article will discuss how to restore WA contacts without the need to root or use additional applications.

How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Contacts List
How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Contacts List

How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Contacts List

As one of the most popular messaging applications, Whatsapp is almost used by all smartphone users. Surely users have many relatives and friends stored in Whatsapp contacts.

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Cause Whatsapp Contacts are Missing

Prior to how the reader needs to know in advance why the WhatsApp contact is missing. There are several causes that cause Whatsapp contacts to disappear suddenly, along with the causes.

  1. Delete phone contacts

Maybe many users do this without realizing it. They sure only delete ordinary telephone contacts. But most of the numbers used for calls and SMS are usually also used as WA.

  1. The account owner deletes his contact

The next cause is that the account owner deleted the account. If this happens then it is certain that the other person’s saved Whatsapp contact number will be lost in the contact list on the Whatsapp application.

They can also replace it with a new number or not extend the number.

  1. Change Whatsapp Number

If the account owner changes the WhatsApp number from the previous contact then it is certain that the user cannot find the old contact and cannot send the message.

When someone changes the number they will usually provide information such as through stories and BC. But there are also some who get notifications when opening old contacts.

How can I restore the lost WhatsApp contacts Number?

How to Deal with Whatsapp Contacts Does Not Appear

To resolve the loss of contact on WhatsApp, users can see some of the causes of missing discussed above.

Differentiating Whatsapp from Non-Whatsapp Contacts

The way to restore lost WA contacts is first, for users can open telephone contacts. Then select a saved contact.

When a contact has a phone number and WhatsApp written along with its logo, it is confirmed that the contact is also listed on Wa. So be careful if you want to delete phone numbers.

Set the Contact List to Display

The operating system of the device has a setting where the user can specify which contacts to display from a variety of media for storing contacts. The way

  • Select settings for the contact

How to open the application. Then select the phone contact and tap the three dots in the top right corner. then choose settings.

  • Manage the contact list and contacts that are displayed

Then select the option to set the contact list. Define the list by selecting the contact that is displayed. In this position, if the user chooses only WA contacts, then only those contacts will appear.

Meanwhile, if the user selects all contacts, then both google contacts, Mi accounts, and all contact cards will appear.

Updating Whatsapp Contacts

To restore the lost WA contact then update the WhatsApp contact. The method is very easy because this feature has been integrated with the application.

How: open the Whatsapp application> select the three-dot icon in the top right corner> click update.

Give Permission To Read Telephone Contact Lists

By giving permission to read phone contacts, contacts in the application will reappear. Here are the steps

  • Select the installed application

First, the user needs to open the WhatsApp application, then select an option and click the installed application.

  • Select app permissions on Whatsapp

Next, enter the settings or settings. Select the installed application and search for the Whatsapp application. Then tap on the application permissions.

Give permission for the application to read phone contacts by sliding the right button until it turns green.

The Whatsapp application will be able to read contacts if given access to read phone contacts. This is because WhatsApp recognizes its users only through contact.

Tips for Solve Lost Whatsapp Contacts

The following tips will be very useful if the user is still unclear and can not bring up the lost contact.

  1. When a user has someone’s contact and he has two contact numbers stored under one name, the user might be confused as to which WA contact. How to find out is quite easy, users only need to see which contacts have the WA app logo.
  2. If the user has friends who live abroad, be sure to save the contact with the international code of each country. If not, the contact will not be recognized on WhatsApp.

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This is the above how to recover lost WhatsApp contacts list, quickly and easily. Now you do not need to fear losing contact with relatives or friends, because if their contacts are lost, you can easily restore them.

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