9 Mistakes to Avoid With WooCommerce


9 Mistakes to Avoid With WooCommerceWooCommerce is a versatile plugin that enables users to create a robust eCommerce platform on WordPress. It is secure and flexible, making it easy for online merchants to personalize their online stores to fit any product they wish to sell.

9 Mistakes to Avoid With WooCommerce

9 Mistakes to Avoid With WooCommerce

However, even a platform with powerful features cannot deliver the desired results if not used properly. Nevertheless, WooCommerce users can make maximum sales if they learn a few WooCommerce mistakes others commit on this platform and avoid them. Here is a look at nine WooCommerce mistakes to avoid and boost your sales returns on this platform.

1. Failure to create a website backup

There are various threats that an online store faces. Accidental deletion of data, cyber security attacks, and system failures are some occurrences that can cost your data. Even if you do not wish that something would happen to your site, prudence demands that you take precautions when running a business online.

A backup for important data or files on your website can save your day when an incident occurs. Avoid this mistake by talking to your website host and finding out if, they can create an automatic website backup that updates regularly. This way, you will secure your data and make sure any new information backs up in good time.

2. Neglecting website security

Online buyers are very keen on shopping from secure websites. No one wants to share their personal and bank details on websites that do not seem authentic and secure.

By design, WooCommerce is secure. Few measures that online sellers can take to boost buyers’ confidence. One of them is to buy SSL certificate And install it on your website. SSL certificate not only encrypts data but also adds visible signs on your website to make customers know it is secure.

When you use an SSL certificate, you can display the company’s trust seal stamp on your website. Customers will see first-hand that your online store is safe. In addition, the SSL trust icon confirms they are shopping on the right website and encourages them to complete a purchase without worry. It is also noteworthy that an SSL certificate boosts your website optimization. This is because Google’s SERP ranking algorithm is now prioritizing secure websites.

3. Not setting up a staging site

Webmasters use a staging site to test new software or modifications before launching them on the live website. It is important to create one for your WooCommerce eCommerce store. Test new plugin versions or software codes on it to see how they work before installing them on the live site. This ensures you do not install plugins that have errors that can deter customers from completing orders.

To get authentic results, ensure your staging site is the copyright of your live eCommerce site. This way, the programs you install on the live site will function as shown in the staging site.

4. Failure to set up a shipping zone

Setting up a shipping zone on WooCommerce involves specifying geographical locations where you can ship orders. This is an important setting. It prevents you from getting orders from geographical locations to which you cannot ship goods. Remember that a failed delivery can leave a negative impression on your buyers who might give you a bad review. Besides, you might lose money in refunds, especially where a processing fee is involved.

5. Sticking with an outdated WooCommerce version

WooCommerce updates regularly. Every new version comes with improvements to make your business run smoother. There are various risks associated with running an outdated WooCommerce version. For once, most updates help to make the plugging more secure. Failure to update will expose your store to evolving cybersecurity threats.

Another risk is that developers create programs that match the current version of WooCommerce. Therefore, if you do not update your WooCommerce, you will miss new third-party plugins and WooThemes that mostly integrate with current versions only. You could also miss customer support for existing plugins.

To ensure you do not interrupt operations on your online store, test a new WooCommerce version on a staging website. Install it on your live eCommerce store when you are confident that it works properly.

6. Using outdated plugins

Most developers update plugins to patch software and security concerns that they have noticed with previous versions. If you continue using an outdated version, you open your online store to software incompatibility and cyber threats. Software incompatibility can cause your site to malfunction or stop working.

Take an example of a payment gateway that connects to your WooCommerce through a plugin. If there is a new plugin release, you need to update it. Otherwise, the update may have changed how your eCommerce store connects with the payment gateway. In this case, failure to get the new version might make your store’s payment process not work.

7. Ignoring the website’s status reports

Viewing the status reports enables you to discover and rectify misconfiguration on your website before they cause trouble. The status reports on WooCommerce are a record of various statistics about your site.

These include website PHP version, plugins’ versions, current active theme, available core functions, and web server versions. A red mark on an item shows that it is not functioning as desired. Follow the description of the issue to see how to fix it and restore the item to green.

8. Incompetent checkout process

Once you have convinced prospective buyers that your goods are the best, go further to create a clear checkout process. A clumsy or seemingly insecure checkout process is a total turnoff. It can cause ready customers to change their minds about purchasing your products. Avoid this mistake by creating a user-friendly and secure checkout page.

9. Not showing your product’s or business USP

What makes your products or business different? Customers want to know why they should buy from you and not your competitors. Therefore, incorporate unique selling prepositions in your product descriptions and image designs. Show prospective buyers why your product or business stands out with compelling USPs and watch them make your WooCommerce store’s sales go high.


It is easy to succeed with WooCommerce if you know the dos and don’ts of selling on the platform. To set yourself apart, learn the mistakes other eCommerce stores commit on this platform. Use the knowledge to create an e-store that can easily outperform your business competitors.

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