Top 10 Scary Movies

Top 10 Scary Movies

Best Ten Scary Movies


Are you a horror movie fan? It is not weird looking faces or unnatural happenings that prompt us to watch horror movies. Fear and suspense have a magical ability to entertain. For all those movie freaks who like to watch movies that make your palms wet and your lips dry, here is a list of top 10 scary movies of 2011. Each of these films belongs to the different genres like suspense, science-fiction, thriller or horror. Yet these have some scenes which will make you fret and shiver. That is why we have listed them among the best scary movies of 2011.if you like anime series then visit here 9anime.

1. The rise of the Planet of the Apes

Top 10 Scary Movies

The film Rise of the Planet of the Apes is directed by Rupert Wyatt.

The film is a science fiction movie based on a revolution lead by an ultra-intelligent chimpanzee that rebels against man’s exploitation and torturous treatment. Some of the scenes are very scary and yet look natural. That is why this film tops the list of top 10 scary movies of 2011.

2. Attack the Block

Top 10 Scary Movies

Attack of the Block is a film directed by Joe Cornish.

A young group residing in South London protects their block from aliens when they try to invade. Some of the scenes in this sci-fi film are terrifying. The movie definitely deserves a place among the best scary movies of 2011.

3. Fright Night

Top 10 Scary Movies

Fright Night is a film directed by Craig Gillespie.

The film is a remake of the 1985 movie Fright Night. A young boy feels his new neighbour is a vampire. He takes the help of a self-proclaimed vampire killer to deal with the situation.


4. Paranormal Activity 3

Top 10 Scary Movies

Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost have directed Paranormal Activity 3.

The film is based in the year 1988. Little girls Kristi and Katie become friends with an invisible entity which stays in their house.


5. A Lonely Place to Die

Top 10 Scary Movies

The director of this movie is Julian Gilbey.

Five mountaineers are hiking the Scottish Highlands. They come across a young Serbian girl who seems entrapped in a small chamber in that lonely place. When they try to rescue the girl, her kidnappers start chasing them.


6. The Divide

Top 10 Scary Movies

The Divide is directed by Xavier Gens.

The few survivors of a nuclear attack are entrapped in the basement of the apartment building they live in. With passing time and declining resources, people slowly start losing their courage.

7. Grave Encounters

Top 10 Scary Movies

Grave Encounters is directed by The Vicious Brothers.

The production crew of a Ghost Reality Show is determined to shoot their next episode in the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital. The hospital is rumoured to be haunted. Very soon the crew of Grave Encounters Reality Show realizes they have run a big risk.

8. The Rite

Top 10 Scary Movies

The Rite is directed by Mikael Hafstrom.

Michael joins an American seminary. He then travels to Italy as he wishes to learn exorcism. The exorcism scenes are frightening. That is why the film is one of the best scary movies released in 2011.


9. Quarantine 2: Terminal

Top 10 Scary Movies

This movie is directed by John Pogue.

A strange virus attacks the passengers in a plane. As the plane lands, it is kept under quarantine. The unaffected people now have to take up the duty to save the remaining people.


10. The Woman

Top 10 Scary Movies

This movie is directed by Lucky McKee.A respected lawyer tries to civilize a woman from a violent clan. This attempt of his makes he and his family’s life miserable. The film has a good share or suspense, thrill and horror which will surely appeal to the viewers.


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