What Bloggers Need to Know About Domain Authority 5 Tips to Increase It


What Bloggers Need to Know About Domain Authority 5 Tips to Increase It – Nowadays, you see every other marketer is obsessing over domain authority. The reason behind this is the immense competition among websites that has increased to a greater extent.

What Bloggers Need to Know About Domain Authority 5 Tips to Increase It

What Bloggers Need to Know About Domain Authority 5 Tips to Increase It

If you are a newbie blogger and do not know much about domain authority, this article is for you.

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Most of the people who just started working on websites often ask questions like how can my website get a top spot-on search engine.

For that, make it clear, it is not one-night magic that would take you to get a position on the first or second page of search engine result pages. Moreover, there is no single metric on that google decides your website rank.

That means you must take many things into consideration for this and domain authority is no less important. This article is covering all of the questions that might come to mind of newbie bloggers and website owners.

So, let’s get started with the basics about domain authority.

Table of content

  • What is domain authority?
  • Why does the domain authority matter?
  • How can you check your domain authority score?
  • 5 best tips to increase domain authority of your website
  • Know what your competitors are doing
  • Evaluate & Comparison of Link Profiles
  • Write great content to get more links
  • Regular checkups on top pages of your website
  • Promoting content of your top pages

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is simply a number or score that specifies the authority of your website. This score number indicates where your website will be on search engine result pages.

Higher domain authority means more chances of ranking on top of google pages and getting more visitors as well.

This metric was first developed by Moz, but then many other websites started working on developing the same metric that works similarly in determining the domain ranks by rating from 0 to 100.

PageRank proposed by Larry Page (one of Google’s founders) and used until now as a way of determining the significance of web pages and websites, was the concept of ranking domains based on their authority.

Simply put, the Domain Authority reflects how well your website gets ranked on search engine result pages (SERP). The DA score ranges between one and 100 with the meaning that a higher score getting a higher-ranking position.

Domain authority perceives lots of factors to reach a single DA score, including the number of root domains linked, and the number of total links.

DA is a Moz-designed search engine ranking so It must be noted that Google is not used it as a method for determining search rankings and does not affect SERPs too.

Why does the domain authority matter?

The domain authority is a metrics measurement of Moz’s website, and it assists marketing and other audiences to see the strength of a website.

The domain authority is based on numerous factors introduced by Moz, which would boost the domain authority of your website if the website focus on these variables equally.

How can you check your domain authority score?

Moz estimates how well a domain performs in search engines and tells you the authority of a domain.

In general, the domain authority of your website is estimated by taking many aspects into consideration such as quality of content, the total number of links, and page authority to determine how much your site has authority.

On the other hand, you can check the authority of different domains using the bulk da pa checker tool by Prepostseo.com It’s a popular tool for SEO specialists who needs to focus on link building.

What Bloggers Need to Know About Domain Authority 5 Tips to Increase It

Additionally, this da pa checker allows you to review domain and page authorities of external sources and link URLs so that you may estimate the extent of the link equity transferred if the external source linked to your site or vice versa.

This can assist you to identify good websites and backlinks to increase your link profile and prevent poor sites and links.

5 best tips to increase domain authority of your website

1. Know what your competitors are doing

When you are concerned to boost up and strengthen your domain authority, the first and the foremost step is discovering who your competitors are and what are they doing. Here, the important thing is that you must always identify those completed websites that have relevancy to your website.

In case, when you are uncertain about your competitive websites, try out keyword research techniques by utilizing any keyword search tool to identify your competitors.

This technique assists you by showing all those websites using those specific keywords when you enter a particular term into it.

If you find a website that has repeatedly been used similar keywords, you may consider it as a good rival to keep tracking down its activities.

Once you discover all your possible competitors, it is important for you to verify for ensuring their website size, quality of content, and domain authority score.

2. Evaluate & Comparison of Link Profiles

When you are don identifying your rival websites, now you must start evaluating all your website links. Having more followed backlinksto your website means you have a higher chance of getting better ranks.

A link profile is a term that uses for total incoming and outgoing links of your website.

  • Internal links

Internal links are those that persist inside website pages and content and lead traffic to another page or content of the same website. The internal linking method works so well for navigating and enhancing the user experience UX on a website and all of the search engines and MOZ appreciate this.

Therefore, it is suggested to every website owner to have a greater number of internal links by connecting to the URL to the content that is similar and relevant to your website and blogpost.

Consider followed links as a wide-open road, but no follow links are roadblocks that can halt connecting equity on its tracks so it cannot proceed to your site.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are another significant factor that directly affects on domain authority score and trust level of your website.

They are the links that come from another website to your website thus making your website more referenceable and ultimately there are higher chances that your website would get more referral visitors.

Here are some simple ways to get more backlinks

  • Guest posting
  • Replace broken backlinks
  • Infographics
  • Self-submission websites
  • Removing bad links

Bad links are fake or poor-quality backlinks. With some poor links on your website, your domain authority will gradually decrease, so that eradicating the bad connections is crucial for the website.

The poor links have several types but we have tried to enlist the most common ones:

  • Irrelevant backlinks to the website
  • Incoming links having low authority
  • Broken links
  • A link from a low authority website
  • Gambling links or links from sites for adults

3. Write great content to get more links

The easiest way of getting followed links from authoritative websites is by generating flawless content that people love to link to. To have an idea of what type of content you need to compose, keep your eyes on the top pages of search engines and your competitors.

This is a great way to have a complete insight into the type of content, your audience is searching for. Your content must be exceptional to a level that attracts more organic traffic, links, and knowledge.

Furthermore, make sure your content is;

  • Plagiarism free
  • Unique and informative
  • Lengthy
  • Properly paraphrased
  • Free of grammatical errors

4. Regular checkups on top pages of your website

It is another important step that you must never ignore if you are working on strengthening the domain authority score. Regular check-up on the status of your top pages enlightens all those external links of your website that are pointing towards other websites.

So, ensure that these external links are

  • Authentic
  • do not return a 404 error
  • accessible by anyone who clicks to read on

In case, you find any of the external links inactive, start working on fixing these issues as soon as possible because it can halt your DA score. Maybe redirecting those pages with the more authentic, relevant, and active pages works better.

If you want those pages intact on your website, then the other way is to ask the linking websites for updating their previous links with more correct and active ones.

5. Promoting content of your top pages

Last but not the least, link building can never go wrong when you do it by following the good old-fashioned technique to build up your linking profile. Here, promoting the content of your top pages must never be ignored.

Content with quality links from alternative websites is more likely to get responsive visitors and thus influence your DA.


Legitimate authority can’t be faked as technically, a higher domain authority score cannot be achieved in one night. We all are flooded with e-mail offers from the sites that are selling backlinks for high prices.

But investing this money on something better, like content creation can be more useful for your website if you are planning to purchase those links.

Do the basics that are needed to establish a good authority to move the needle in both domain authority improvement and traffic. In the short term, it seems much harder but it would pay you off for years.

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