The Best Android Games to Boost Your Learning and Education


The Best Android Games to Boost Your Learning and Education – While smartphones seem to distract us from our studies and actually keep us stressed beyond belief with the endless alerts, there are quite a few ways to make things work the other way.

The Best Android Games to Boost Your Learning and Education
The Best Android Games to Boost Your Learning and Education

Now, before you say that you are not planning to learn and study, you can calm down as the talk here is about the best Android games to boost your learning and education. After all, we need to take a break from time to time and do things that make us happy.

Even if you just take fifteen minutes a day to play one of these Android games, you will feel much happier and relaxed as there will be something that helps your brain to make a positive switch.

So, go ahead and enjoy these educational games while you take a break from your daily activities. And if you find yourself overwhelmed with other responsibilities, there are professionals who can help you manage your academic workload, such as do my homework services, allowing you to strike a balance between leisure and study.

– Sololearn. 

Going beyond the usual shooters and strategy games, it’s often helpful when you can take time to learn something useful and actually see how Android games can be improved and developed in the first place.

If you would like to learn how to work with the code in a fun way and do so free of charge, it’s the app you should check. It has over 17 programming languages to start with, including Python, JavaScript, and even C++, among other things.

If it sounds right for you, do not miss your chance as it’s one of the best ways to learn the secrets of programming through gamification and free of charge. 

– Perfect Ear. 

It’s not that often that one can come across something for music lovers or those who like to dance and sing along to the funky beats when no one is around.

If you are one of those personalities, this Android game is for you! This app helps to master chords, and scales, learn about the notation, and all the important concepts related to music and the creation of beats.

Just be careful as this app is quite enchanting and will require your time and dedication. So, if you still have some homework left to do, it’s better to approach GrabMyEssay and make sure that you have all things done before you play! Moreover, this app also lets you enter various competitions hosted by the company behind this game.

You can compete with other students like you and meet people worldwide. The best part about this app is that it is offered free of charge and can help you become a better musician! 

– Algorithm City. 

Now, we are on for a treat for younger learners! It’s a fun game that focuses on programming but does so in a way that reminds more of an arcade game. You have to collect all the coins to achieve success. The learning curve is not that steep and the graphic interface is quite simple. The game has over 50 different levels that are divided by the level of difficulty. 

– Memrise. 

When you have thoughts about learning Turkish before embarking on a beautiful holiday somewhere across the Mediterranean or planning to master Japanese to fully understand the meaning behind your beloved anime series, this gaming app is for you.

It uses innovative language learning methods that are always fun and inspiring. You can choose a feature called “learn with locals” and access lots of helpful videos that have been recorded by actual native speakers.

While this app has various language tests that you have to take to proceed, these are also fun and won’t feel like going through the textbooks. So, if you want to learn a foreign language without having to pay a dime, do not miss this one as it’s a great gaming experience that helps you learn. 

– Photomath. 

Who said that Math should be boring and overly challenging? Not so anymore when you have this gaming app that helps you to master Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, sequences, and more.

You can even ask questions there and use gamification as a great way to learn and achieve better clarity. Of course, it won’t replace the Math teacher for you but can help learn things differently.

As an alternative solution, you may consider the WritingUniverse as a way to get all your complex tasks done. The most important is to remember that online help is always available and never give up when you are struggling! 

Games and Mental Health 

The reason why students love the games so much relates to the mental health boost that most games provide by helping stress levels decrease as the toxins become released. Still, another important factor worth noting is the improvement of cognitive and motor skills that takes place.

As a student is getting challenged during the course of the game and manages to achieve success, it helps to increase one’s confidence and brings well-needed happiness.

At times, playing a game on your phone helps to have some peace and disconnect from the world, which is an important thing to consider. When this type of “alienation” helps to keep your brain always engaged and teaches you something, it’s the best of both worlds! 


Ewan Jennings cannot imagine a day without playing one of his favorite games as he teaches and explores. As an educator and a trained psychologist, he believes that gamification is one of the best ways to help students learn and succeed. Follow Ewan to make your studies fun and inspirational.

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