10 Best Offline Warship Games on Android 2020


10 Best Offline Warship Games on Android – There are currently a lot of games provided by the Play Store. Various game genres that you can download such as FPS, MOBA, RPG, PPSSPP, MMORPG, and others.

10 Best Offline Warship Games on Android

Not only that anyway, but there are also online and offline games provided by the Google Play Store. Talking about games that are popular right now are PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and Free Fire. Isn’t that right?

However, the game can only be played online. But just calm, because this time we will recommend an offline game that you can play without having an internet quota.

Well, if you want a war game, this is perfect! The thing is, here are some recommendations for the best offline battleship game on Android that you can play!

No Quota? Try to Play This Offline Battleship Game!

If you want to play other war games, there are also things like royal war games, robots, and zombies. However, this time we only discuss warship games, guys.

1. Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz

Battle of Warships Naval BlitzThe first offline battleship game on Android is the Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz. Oh yeah, this game can’t only be played offline, guys. But, it can also be online if you have enough internet packages.

In this game, you are ordered to destroy enemy ships using the weapons available in the ship. If you manage to destroy the enemy ships, you will get points.

The warships provided were also various. Moreover, you can ask for help jet or fighter to destroy the enemy. This game should also be included in the list of fighter war games.

Game Name Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz
Download Size 89MB
Download link

2. World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game

World of Warships Blitz Gunship Action War Game

The second offline battleship game is World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game. This game that uses 3D graphics can be played simultaneously with your friends, it’s similar to a multiplayer game. But, the condition is you have to be online.

Even so, you can still play offline in this game if you play alone. This warship game tells about world war 2 in the navy.

So, you have to do battle using warships that already have weapons available. If you manage to destroy and sink the enemy, then you are a very formidable navy.

Game Name World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game
Download Size 1GB
Download link

3. World Warships: Atlantic Battleships Blitz

World Warships Atlantic Battleships BlitzThe third warship game on Android is World Warships: Atlantic Battleships Blitz. This game tells about the war between warships in the ocean. In this game, you are a fleet of battleships assigned to destroy enemy ships.

Oh yes, you are also required to destroy ships quickly, so that the warship you use does not sink and can continue the war with other warships.

The weapons used are also like missiles and long-range shooters. Yes, although this game is not a 3D sniper game, this game uses a 3D graphic display that is no less real when played.

Game Name World Warships: Atlantic Battleships Blitz
Download Size 86MB
Download link

4. Sea Battle: Warship (3D)

Sea Battle Warship (3D)The fourth best marine battleship game on Android is Sea Battle: Warships (3D). Same as the previous game, in this game, you get a mission to destroy enemy warships to sink.

As a commander of a cruiser, you also have to adventure in the ocean to find enemies and destroy them. Well, even though it’s not an adventure war game, with this game you feel like you’re adventuring too.

Oh yes, the types of warships provided in this game also vary with different weapons as well. If you succeed in destroying enemy battleships, you can get points, guys.

Game Name Sea Battle: Warships (3D)
Download Size 30MB
Download link

5. Warship Attack 3D

Warship Attack 3DThe fifth offline battleship game on Android is Warship Attack 3D. In this 3D war game, you are a naval captain who is ordered to destroy enemy ships.

Oh yes, you can also play with friends if you use the online mode. So, this game also includes online games on Android that you must try!

You also need to know, guys, if there are about 40 battles in the ocean. Although this game is not included survival games. But, you are required to stay alive and avoid enemy fire.

Game Name Warship Attack 3D
Download Size 18MB
Download link

6. Navy Battleship Attack 3D

Navy Battleship Attack 3DThe sixth offline ship war game on Android is Navy Battleship Attack 3D. In this game, you are a naval soldier assigned to destroy enemy soldiers using weapons available on the ship.

Yeah, even though this game is not necessarily said to be an army war game. However, in this game, you don’t only fight warships. But, you have to fight against helicopter gunships, war jets, and so on.

So, the enemy in this game is quite complete in its fleet. Oh yes, this game also has a 3D graphic display that if played will look real so goes. How are you guys, are you interested in downloading this war game?

Game Name Navy Battleship Attack 3D
Download Size 33MB
Download link

7. Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles

Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battlesThe seventh-best ship war game on Android is Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship Battles. In this game, you have to fight pirates who want to steal natural resources such as oil in the ocean.

Therefore, you must fight with the pirates. Well, you can use battleships or submarines to fight with the pirates.

Even though this game is not an adventurous war game, you also have to keep adventuring in the ocean to continue to search for pirates. If you manage to destroy the enemy ships, you will get points.

Game Name Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles
Download Size 72MB
Download link

8. Global Warship Battle

Global Warship BattleThe eighth offline battleship game is Global Warship Battle. In this game, you are a navy who has a mission to destroy the warships belonging to the terrorists.

So you have to destroy the terrorist ship using warships that already have weapons. In addition, you are also required to defend warships in the sea defense line.

Therefore, you also have to set a strategy to avoid the attacks of terrorist warships games. Although this game has not been entered into the list of war strategy games, this game is very exciting to play in spare time anyway!

Game Name Global Warship Battle
Download Size 51MB
Download link

9. Warship War: Navy Fleet Combat

Warship War Navy Fleet CombatThe next offline battleship game is Warship War: Navy Fleet Combat. This game also tells about the second world war. However, the war was fought in the ocean.

Well, in this game you are a naval fleet admiral who must lead a battleship, aircraft carrier, submarine, weapons ship, and so forth.

So, you are required to guard all the ships against enemy attacks. If your ship is attacked, then you also have to do battle with the enemy goes.

You do this by setting a strategy so that you do not fall due to fire on enemies who use weapons ships and tanks. Hemm, it looks like this ship battleship game is one of the offline strategy games that you must try.

Game Name Warship War: Navy Fleet Combat
Download Size 256MB
Download link

10. Ships of Battle: The Pacific

Ships of Battle The PacificThe next offline ship war game on Android is Ships of Battle: The Pacific. In this game, you get a mission to do a big battle in the ocean. Edits, but you also have to be careful with airstrikes.

Because in this game not only battles between warships just games. But, there are also fighter planes. So, you must continue to defend to fight enemies with available weapons.

Oh yes, if you succeed in destroying the enemy, then you can upgrade weapons and battleships. Yes, even though this game does not include adventure games, but you do not forget to keep on an adventure to find enemy ships and planes.

Game Name Ships of Battle: The Pacific
Download Size 230MB
Download link

So, how are you, smart buddy? You already know there are any offline battleship games on Android right now. Well, don’t forget to share with other smart friends, regarding this list of offline battleship games.

So they also know what the heck of an offline battleship game is currently on Android. Oh yes, if you have criticism and suggestions regarding the article listing offline battleship games on Android, you can just write it in the comments column below right here

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