4 Solitaire Games You Can Download and Play Offline


4 Solitaire Games You Can Download and Play Offline – In the 1990s when Microsoft first introduced Solitaire as a method to teach drag and drop, nobody ever thought that after three decades, this drag and drop solution would take the status of a highly anticipated game that people would love to play. Even after the emergence of so many popular games, it still holds a classic position, played by around 1 million users.

3 Solitaire Games You Can Download and Play Offline
4 Solitaire Games You Can Download and Play Offline

However, with the evolution of technology, the Solitaire game has also evolved. It has come out of the closed computer box and transited to mobile phones and the online world. So, you don’t need to stick to your table for hours to satisfy your solitaire craving.

You can play it anywhere, anytime, and however, you want. Yes, even while laying down on your couch! And the perks don’t end here. You can even play it offline by downloading solitaire apps.

Different gaming companies have introduced solitaire mobile and desktop apps with advanced features, state-of-the-art technology, and many fun things that take your solitaire mania to the next level. But with so many available apps, it becomes difficult to choose the best app. That’s where this blog will help you. 

Here are a few solitaire apps that you can download and play offline without fear of ruining the game due to the internet connection:

1. SolSuite

SolSuite is one of the most classic solitaire games that has raised the bar for other solitaire games with its unique features that entice players to indulge more. It has around 790 different solitaire games (yes, you heard it right!) that include all those games you played in your childhood and those you haven’t heard of before.

60 beautiful card sets include different features that can take you on a trip to history, storybooks, the modern era, politics, and much more. So, you can choose a card set according to your mood and taste, from fairy tales, American presidents, Native Americans, and cute pups to Valentine. There is something for everyone!

Along with options to change the background, you can also enjoy statistics with 3D graphics, unlimited hints and undo options, winning animations to customize your game further, and above all, show hidden card options. You can never get enough of playing this fantastic solitaire with all the perks and amazing features.

2. BSV Solitaire

BSV Solitaire is a collection of 545 solitaire games with unique variations that will open another world of solitaire for you. Have you ever heard of Casket, Accordion, Flower Garden, Topsy-Turvy Queen, or Crazy Quilt? You will find all these games here.

Moreover, what can be better than entering the solitaire world where you are the ruler with the freedom to customize the card background, game background, and card sets? You can also use any BMP or JPEG image as a background – even your picture.

The fun doesn’t end here; there is much more to keep you hooked. You can automate card moving and shuffle selection, see statistics for multiple players, save game position, see score history graph of previous games, and slay your ace score by publishing statistics to the game’s website.

If all this is not sufficient to make you happy, then what if you are given a unique opportunity to change the game’s rules to make a variation that fits your taste in the game, and that is all about fun, fun, and some more fun? That would be the height of fun – no? Then be happy as you can do it here!

3. MS Solitaire

Despite the appearance of so many other solitaire games, classic is always classic. So, how can we not add MS Solitaire to the list because many people only look out for this game? And why not? Microsoft Solitaire has changed a lot in three decades, and it has features and technology to give a tough time to other solitaire gaming companies.

Now Microsoft Solitaire comes as Microsoft Solitaire Collection as a combined package of previously separate games of Klondike,  Spider, FreeCell, etc.

It is easy to download this collection without waiting for hours. Just go to Microsoft Solitaire game and then Microsoft Solitaire collection, click install, and within seconds it will download. Then you can start playing it right away.

Hope these three games are enough to satisfy your offline cards mania. But if you want to play online games, then Solitaire Bliss is the best option.

4. Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss is an amazing solitaire game that has 30+ versions. You can find all your favorite old versions of the game and new ones here, including Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, Forty Thieves, and a lot more.

It is best to play online Solitaire games because when you open the website, you can play the game right away. It has many unique features, including solvable card mode, zoom-in, and zoom-out card mode, statistics tracking, customization, and a lot more.

So, Solitaire Bliss is the best if you want to play the game online! As there are so many card options in one game, you never get bored and try these different games to test your abilities. There is a lot in Solitaire Bliss, from old to new versions, to give you a blissful feel.


Solitaire is a fantastic game that has many amazing variations, more than 1000+. The best thing about it is you make as many versions as you want. So, your Solitaire fun never dies. Now the joy of this game has increased manifold with the introduction of many features and customized options.

Besides MS Solitaire, many gaming companies have made different solitaire games by incorporating advanced technology. The best thing is you can play these games online as well as offline. So, you don’t need to worry about an internet connection. Wouldn’t it be fun to play your favorite solitaire game while lying down? That would be amazing!

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