As The Iron Curtain Rises Again, VPNs Increase In Popularity


As The Iron Curtain Rises Again, VPNs Increase In Popularity – Virtual Private Network!

As The Iron Curtain Rises Again, VPNs Increase In Popularity

As The Iron Curtain Rises Again, VPNs Increase In Popularity

Pretty sure everyone is well aware of what a VPN is.

It protects!

It attacks!


Most importantly-

It hides your IP address!

The internet has always been a boon and blessing at all times. This is because sometimes you might be a little less careful with your internet browsing, and suddenly your account is hacked-

– You are being spammed with things that you do not even know.

– Your social media accounts are at risk.

– You are trying to understand what is happening to your system.

– Suddenly, there is a virus attracting.

It is whole chaos, and this is why you need to use an android OS VPN. There are so many ways VPN can protect you when you are browsing online.

We are all for safe browsing.

However, that is not all that a VPN is known for!

It also has versatile functionality, and in this excerpt below, we will be discussing it all.

Our main concern, or rather the breaking news, would be the iron curtain.

What Is An Iron Curtain?

During world war II, the Iron curtain was a term that was often used to describe a political boundary that was separating all the countries of Europe.

Maybe not World War II, Ukraine is at war with one of the most powerful countries in the world, Russia, and the term is coming up again.

Only that, this time in the age of the internet, it is much more dangerous than before.

Iron curtain blocking themselves from other countries. However, the internet is making the connection much easier, and side by side, it is making cybercrime and hacking much easier.

This is one of the reasons; even if we do not reside in war-driven countries now, we still need VPNs.

What Is A VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that can easily divert your network into a private channel. This will help you hide your online activities and hide your IP address so that hackers cannot infiltrate your channels.

There are many such reasons why you will need VPN, but today we will be discussing the supreme seven.

Thus, if you are planning on increasing your internet speed a little, or you are just wondering whether your or other government is trying to breach your data.

Spoiler alert!

Even if the government isn’t, pretty sure someone is.

So, never underestimate the power of a VPN, and start using one today.

Why VPN Is So Important Online

When you are browsing online, there are things that you cannot even fathom happening.

Yes, everything is end-to-end encrypted, but you cannot just believe it and start browsing and clicking on every link that you see.

You must be careful.

This is why you need a VPN.

Now, if you want to know more, elaborate upon the other benefits of using a VPN.

Reasons Why VPN Is A Must-Have?

Sometimes when you are often browsing the internet, you might be clicking on something; or browsing through websites that you shouldn’t have.


This is why you need a VPN!

#1. Hide IP Address

Your IP address is like the key to your treasure!

The treasure is your system and all the confidential data that your system holds. Now, you might say that you do not have anything that is sensitive on your computer.

However, something of your identity is also confidential information.

Thus, whenever you are browsing online, you should always protect your IP address.


Vpn will help you hide it!

#2. Protection While Using Public Network

Whenever you are going to a cafe or a hotel, you will find that most of these big conglomerates will be serving free wifi as their service.

Now, before you connect your network with this free wifi, it is always important to turn on your VPN.

Public networks are like a hotspot for anyone who is trying to hack in.


You cannot make it this much easy for them.

With a Virtual Private Network, you will have your IP address hidden, and this will help you protect your online browsing history or other data.

#3. Access Entertainment From All Over The World

Now, one big thing which Russia and China are facing nowadays because of the iron curtain is the lack of entertainment.

They are unable to access any movies or television shows from around the world!

At war and under major curfews, it is entertainment that works as a form of escape. Thus, having a VPN will definitely help them gain that escape.

With a good VPN, you will be able to access everything worldwide.

#4. Increase Internet Speed

This is only when you are using a paid VPN, because or else it can do the exact opposite to your internet speed.

Therefore, before you start using a VPN, always ensure that you are doing your proper research and then deciding.

Plus, it is always better to never use a free VPN.

#5. Protect From Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is a legal activity that is done by almost all ISPs. This is where they limit the bandwidth speed.

– First, to ensure that there is no bandwidth congestion.

– Second, to make you upgrade to a better speed.

With your own private network, you will be able to prevent this.

#6. Protect Your Data

If you are worried about your ISP or other big business corporations stealing your data for the purpose of marketing, then protect your data with the help of a good VPN.

A Vpn will be your best friend if you do not want to see advertisements about the things you were talking about with your friend.

#7. Data Privacy From the Government

No matter what you do, your information and data somehow reach the government.

They use this data to promote things during election campaigns or even wars.

This is why VPN is so important.

Protect & Secure!

Yes, you should protect and secure everything over the internet!

This is to ensure that all the malicious things on the internet do not find their way into your personal system.

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