5 Ways to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers Through Twitter


5 Ways to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers Through Twitter – Since its launch on February 14, 2005, Youtube has grown to be the second most visited website on the internet. It comes second to Google, which is also the owner of the website. The three founders of the website, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, launched it.

5 Ways to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers Through Twitter

How to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers Through Twitter

It was bought by Google in October of 2006, following an upsurge in the viewership of the platform. By March of 2006, Youtube was hosting a total of over 25 million videos, with about 20,000 uploads per day.

The number has increased exponentially in 2022. And there is no guaranteed estimate of the total number of videos on Youtube. Because thousands of videos are uploaded to the platform every day.

Amidst this chaos and such terrifying numbers, it can become a little intimidating to start up a youtube channel. But even if you have started it, garnering viewers and engagement for your youtube channel is the next obstacle.

You could go the easy way and buy youtube subscribers, but that would bring only a superficial hike in your subscriber count. 

It will not lead to any long-lasting positive impact on your channel or your viewers. After all, a channel with 100k subs and 3k average views seems a little sketchy, does it not?

But there are many ways to boost your engagement and subscriber rate on Youtube. And the usage and influence of the different social media platforms nowadays provide us with a ton of ways to boost youtube subscribers.

Or any kind of engagement rate for that matter. So here are 5 ways to increase your youtube subscribers through Twitter

#1. Advertising your channel and videos through paid Twitter ads

Twitter ads are a great way to expose your content, whether it be music covers, educational content, or comedy, to a larger number and demographic of people. It can be a great tool if used correctly and gives you the opportunity to target potential subscribers through keyword targeting. 

You can target a specific keyword, and Twitter will show your ad to people who have used that specific keyword, thus exposing your content to people who are already interested in the subject.

Twitter ads are great for another reason: you pay only for what you receive. It means that if your target was app installs, you will only pay for the number of installs you receive from the ad or campaign. 

This is a great way to promote your content to people who are most likely to look into it.

#2. Promoting your youtube videos on Twitter

Twitter ads are cool and everything, but they require something most amateur or small channels don’t have: money. But there is not much to worry about, really. There are a ton of ways to boost your subscriber count without Twitter ads.

Yes, it does take some commitment to the objective, but consistently promoting your youtube videos on your Twitter account can bring you some traction and engagement. 

It is definitely a more rigorous process and requires constant attention and tweets and posts, but the more you post about your content, the higher the chances are of your content being seen. Using popular hashtags also helps in bringing your tweets to the desired audience. 

#3. Interacting with followers on Twitter

In addition to promoting videos, you also need to maintain a constant social media presence to stay in the loop. The same thing applies to Twitter as well. With the influx of content and media every minute, it is easy to get lost in a sea of content similar to yours. Even as viewers, it is easy to just forget about one creator and move on to something else. 

So it is incredibly important to build a community of fans who know you and interact with you. Because they are likely to interact with your channel and videos more as well.

And as someone once said, ‘The best marketer is a satisfied customer’. When your subscribers like your videos, they will further share them and increase your reach.

#4. Posting short videos from your youtube on Twitter to drive up interest

But just interacting with followers is not enough obviously. They need to know what you stand for and what your content is in order to relate to it. Posting short interesting clips from your videos on Twitter can work as a catalyst in increasing the interest and curiosity towards your content.

Especially if it is something that leaves the viewers wondering what comes next. But it really isn’t a prerequisite to posting clips, as long as your clip is interesting and relevant to your followers. 

#5. Make content on Twitter trends           

Additionally, you are likely to attract Twitter netizens or Twitterati to videos that are related to the latest trends on Twitter. So if there is a certain topic in your field of content which has been trending recently on Twitter, making a video about it could be a good way to bring some attention to not only your Youtube channel but your Twitter account as well. 

The more you talk about trending topics, the more engagement you will get. And, not such a secret, but the more controversial your tweets are, the higher the engagement ratio. Although I don’t really recommend this. Who wants so much additional stress in life?


These were some of the easiest and simplest ways that you can use to boost your Youtube channel and convert viewers into subscribers. The conversion of viewers to subscribers is not an easy one. Because even the most famous Youtube channels have a huge gap in their viewers and subscriber count. But all that is not quite relevant here. 

What you need to remember is that in this process of conversion, the third point is especially important.  Because followers and subscribers often like getting attention from people they watch.

And your interactions are likely to leave a more lasting impression of your content in the mind of your followers. And who knows, perhaps they will keep coming back for more and more of your content.

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