Download Link2Sd Pro Plus APK for Android 2024


Download Link2Sd Pro Plus APK for Android – The more applications that are downloaded, the more storage capacity will be reduced. This will be a little inconvenient for someone who has a smartphone with a small memory. To overcome this, it is recommended to use Link2Sd Pro APK.

How to Download Link2Sd Pro Plus APK

How to Download Link2Sd Pro Plus APK on Android 2024

For applications, this one can be used to solve this kind of problem. How to use it is very easy, as long as your Android is rooted.

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With this, the internal memory can be added easily. Link2Sd Pro plus apk can help smartphone owners when they want to move photos, files, or videos from the internal memory to the SD card.

What is Link2SD Plus Pro APK Full Review

Review of Link2SD Plus Pro APK
Review of Link2SD Plus Pro APK

The Link2Sd Pro plus apk application can help Android smartphone users arrange the installed applications.

Thanks to this application, users can move several applications from internal to the SD card section. The goal is to save more internal space.

Some applications that are used over time will be upgraded continuously. Therefore it is only natural that the application size has also increased.

However, you don’t need to be confused when Android’s memory capacity starts to shrink. Link2Sd Pro APK can be used as a solution.

Link2Sd Pro APK featuresLink2Sd Pro APK features 1

Link2Sd Pro APK featuresLink2Sd Pro APK features 1
Link2Sd Pro APK featuresLink2Sd Pro APK features 1

Apart from being easy to move from the internal application to the external memory section, it turns out that this application also offers various features.

This feature is ready to make you more flexible when you want to download more applications. The following is a list of features found in the Link2SD Pro application:

  1. Available dex, APK, and lip files contained in the application to the SD card section.
  2. There is an internal link from the application data to the plus or SD card section.
  3. There are external data links and application and game OBB folders on the SD card.
  4. There are services in the form of cache or plus.
  5. There is already a dex file link that is used for SD or plus card system applications.
  6. Already automatically the link will be installed optionally.
  7. Can perform application switching even though the moved application does not provide support.
  8. Already provides support for moving to SD parts via native App2sd.
  9. Users can make settings on the default installation and external and internal application locations.
  10. There is a notification when the application will be installed.
  11. Available removal of bloatware or uninstalled system apps.
  12. A convert system application is available in the user application.
  13. Users can convert to the system application part.
  14. Can integrate updated on system application or ROM.
  15. Users can clear the application cache or clear data.
  16. The batch of data selected is very self-explanatory.
  17. Users can delete the cache application at once.
  18. If the total size of the cache has exceeded the set size, there will be a notification.
  19. There is a user list application that can view information about links and application sizes.
  20. You can sort or filter applications.

The advantages of Link2Sd Pro Plus APK

When you want to use the Link2Sd Pro plus APK application, it is certainly not complicated, it is enough to only use one application.

In addition, users also do not need to use user-friendly scripts or scripts that must be run.

There are several advantages of Link2SD that must be known before using this application, including:

  1. It is very easy to run because when you run Link2SD for the first time, it will automatically read on the EXT2 SDcard partition of the user.
  2. There is an automatic choice so that when the application is installed it will automatically link to SD. But with a note that the application that has been installed is located in the internal memory. If it is installed on an SD card, Link2SD cannot be processed.
  3. Link2SD will only move part of the data for each application to get an SD card. So that the core application is not moved.

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This is about how to Download Link2Sd Pro Plus APK for Android, For Android smartphone owners, This application is a management application that is super complete.

By relying on this application, you can move application storage, clean the Android application cache, and remove Android bloatware.

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