Download PPSSPP Gold Pro Apk on Android 2024


Download PPSSPP Gold Pro Apk on Android – PPSSPP Gold Pro is a Portable Emulator to play Playstation Games for Android or iOS, developed by Henrik Rydgard. Henrik Rydgard developed this application for Android or iOS, so you can play Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games, in ISO, CSO, and other formats.

Download PPSSPP Gold Pro Apk on Android

Download PPSSPP Gold Pro Apk on Android 2024

Lots of PlayStation 1 and 2 games support using this application, including Harvest Moon Back To Nature (Playstation 1), Nascar Rumble (Playstation 1), Pepsi Man (Playstation 1), Dynasty Warrior (PlayStation 2), Naruto Shippuden (Playstation 2), GTA San Andreas (Playstation 2), and others.

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This Gold Emulator application is not far behind playing on Playstation 1 or 2, with HD Graphics, HD Audio Surround, Auto Memory Card Saving, enabled cheating, control of the game, Joystick, and a Stick Button are provided in it.

This Emulator Application is a Premium Application, which you can get on the Playstore for Rp. 19,000.00, or you can also download the PPSSPP Gold Pro Application for free, which we have provided above.

How to Download and Install PPSSPP Gold Pro Free

Name PPSSPP Gold Emulator
Size 13 MB
Version 1.8.0
Android Required 4.1 Jelly Bean Or Higher
Developers Henrik Rydgard

To get the PPSSPP Gold pro Emulator Apk file, please click the button provided below:

How to Install the Application

  1. First, download the Game Mod on the Button Button above.
  2. Choose an External Storage Folder to place the Application Files that are easy to find, and wait for them to be 100%.
  3. Before installing the application, first, allow Unknown Sources on the Smartphone you have
  4. If Unknown Sources has been activated, look for the folder where the previously downloaded application was stored, then click Install Application.
  5. After it has been successfully installed, the PPSSPP Gold Pro application can play and you can access the features contained therein.

How to download and play PlayStation games with PPSSPP Gold Free

For those of you who don’t know, how to play Playstation Games using this Emulator Application, you can follow the tutorial available below:

1. First download the PPSSPP Gold Pro Emulator Application, on the button available above.

2. Then download one of the Playstation 1 or 2 games, which are available below, then save it to external memory.

3. If one of the Playstation 1 and 2 games has been downloaded, then extract the game file, into ISO format, using the ZArchivers Tools, if you don’t have the Tools application, please download it below:

4. After finishing extracting the file, open the Emulator application, select Games at the top, then look for the folder where you saved the Playstation Game ISO format, and then the Playstation Game Cover will appear.


If you have successfully played the Playstation game, like the tutorial above, when you want to play it again, you just have to select ” recent ” at the top of the application bar.

List of PlayStation 1 and 2 games for PPSSPP Gold Pro Free

Here are some PlayStation 1 and 2 games, which you can play using the PPSSPP Gold pro Emulator Application:

#1. Harvest Moon – Hero Leaf Of Valley (USA) ISO Playstation 2

Name Harvest Moon – Hero Leaf Of Valley (HMHLOV)
Console PSP and PlayStation 2
Size 145 MB
Format ZIP (Extract ISO)
Android Required 4.1 Jelly Bean or Higher
Developers NATSUME

Harvest Moon Hero Leaf Of Valley is a 3D Simulator Game that tells the story of a child named Hero, who is assigned to take care of agricultural land by planting various types of plants.

Not only that, in this game you are also tasked with taking care of farm animals, socializing with residents, gathering fruits, and mushrooms, fishing, upgrading houses, cowsheds, sheep, and chickens, and taking care of horses.

Marrying a girl and completing the events that have been set, so that you can save the village which will be formed into an entertainment arena, by the CEO who lives there.

#2. Warriors Orochi 2 (USA) ISO Playstation 2

Name Warriors Orochi 2 (WO2)
Console PSP and PlayStation 2
Size 1.21 GB
Format .7z (Extract ISO)
Android Required 4.1 Jelly Bean or Higher
Developers KOEI

Warrior Orochi 2 is a 3D Three Kingdom Battle Game (History of the Kingdom from China), developed by KOEI. In this game, there are several modes that you can play, namely Story Mode, Dream Mode, Free Mode, Vs Mode, Survival Mode, and Multiplayer Mode.

Warrior Orochi 2 has several Kingdoms that you can choose as the main characters, including Shu, Wei, Wu, Samurai, and Orochi, who have different fighting skills.

Each Kingdom Shu, Wei, Wu, Samurai, and Orochi has its characters, but at the beginning of the game, only a few characters can be used.

To get Characters that don’t already have, you have to use the Characters that are available until the last Chapter, while running each Chapter, you will get Random Characters from each Kingdom (Random).

Not only that, the Character Level and Stats you use will increase, and you will also get Items to increase Blood, Strength, Defense, Attack Speed, Running Speed, Luck, and others.

#3. NASCAR Rumble (USA) ISO Playstation 1

Name NASCAR Rumble (NSR)
Console PlayStation 1
Size 159 MB
Format ZIP (Extract ISO)
Android Required 4.1 Jelly Bean or Higher
Developers EA Electronic Arts

NASCAR Rumble is a Nascar Car Racing Game developed by EA Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 1 Platform, this game has been very popular among Young People to Parents, from the 90s until now.

In this game, there are various types of famous Nascar Cars and Special Cars, such as Jet cars, Hot roads, Chicken trucks, Travel trucks, Tow trucks, Golf cars, and many more, as well as various Arena Tracks.

To be able to get these Special Cars, you have to participate in many Tournaments, find the Secret Padlock Key, or activate the Code: KMZWAY87AA.

In NASCAR Rumble it is also not only car racing as usual, but you will also get Power Up Items, such as Removing Tornado Winds, TNT, Slick Oil, Protection, NOS, Throwers, Lightning Clouds, and others in Mayhem Mode.

#4. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (USA) Playstation 1

Name Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (RE3)
Console PlayStation 1
Size 339 MB
Format ZIP (Extract ISO)
Android Required 4.1 Jelly Bean
Developers CAPSOM

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is a 3D Action Shooting Game developed by CAPCOM, for the PlayStation 1 Platform. This game has been known and popular among people around the world.

In this game, it is said that the Umbrella.Inc. Company has created a biotech creature for military purposes, but one of the experiments that were put into the Serum broke because it fell.

Of this incident, many members of Umbrella.Inc was affected by the Biotechnology Serum and then turned into zombies, only part of the Umbrella members survived this disaster.

Therefore, in this game, you will play the main character named Jill Valentine, so that you can survive the disaster. In this game, you have to survive the attacks of the zombies, by collecting money to buy stronger weapons, making gun bullets, making blood-boosting drugs, and so on.

PPSSPP Gold Pro Free Features

  • OpenGL HD Graphic Settings
  • HD Audio Surround Settings
  • Automatic Saving
  • Enabled Cheating
  • Support Format BIN, ISO, and CSO
  • Bug Fix


How do I access this PPSSPP Gold Pro Emulator, using a PC or Laptop?

1. first Install the Android Emulator Software, such as Noox Players, BlueStack, AMIDuOs, and KoPlayer.
2. Once installed, open the Android Emulator.
3. Register the Google Account that you have.
4. Open the browser application that is available automatically.
5. Type in your browser URL.
6. Then look for the PPSSPP Gold Pro Free Application, and Download it up to 100%.
7. Then open the application, and follow the previous tutorial.

Do you need a Root System on a Smartphone to play the Emulator Application?

To be able to download and play the games above, you don’t need a Root System, on the Smartphone you have, the important thing is that your Smartphone’s specifications are by the Required System that has been set.

Can this Emulator Application be accessed using a Smartphone under 4.1 Jelly Bean?

To be able to access this Emulator Application, Henrik Rydgard has implemented a Minimal Smartphone with Os 4.1 Jelly Bean with 2 GB Ram Capacity, therefore this application cannot be accessed by using a Smartphone under 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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