Free COC Accounts Clash Of Clans Passwords 2022


Free COC Accounts [2022] Clash Of Clans Passwords 2022 – If you are bored with the game Clash Of Clans because you have an account with a small level, here we will provide a free COC account with unused and active TH 11/12/13/14 guaranteed no cheats and still functioning.

Free COC Accounts Clash Of Clans Passwords
Free COC Accounts Clash Of Clans Passwords

Free COC Accounts Clash Of Clans Passwords 2022

COC is one of the most popular games to date, created by the famous developer Supercell, this game is also currently able to compete with Free Fire and Mobile Legends games.

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When you first play Clash of Clans you will have a village to develop, over time the game will continue to expand the city until it becomes a very impressive city. However, to increase the city or TH to the max level takes quite a long time.

Therefore, Technowizah provides the best solution, namely by using several free COC accounts that are still active with various options for Facebook and Google Play logins. Check out the following reviews, guys!

Clash Of Clans Review

Clash Of Clans Review
Clash Of Clans Review

Clash Of Clans is a strategy game with the RPG genre developed by Supercell, in this game, there are various types of buildings with different functions such as gold miners, gold storage, and elixir miners.

In addition, you can also upgrade buildings to increase base HP, gold storage, elixir storage, and others. You can buy and upgrade the various buildings above using gold coins, elixir, or dark elixir.

To be able to create and improve various types of buildings you need time and resources in the form of gold or elixir. Therefore, you must collect as many resources as possible.

You can build gold miners and elixir miners or it can be done by attacking other players’ villages to get a lot of various resources.

Later in addition to upgrading buildings with these resources, you can also use them to make hero troops or troops be used as a defense for your village.

Because this game takes a long time and resources that are large enough for your city or TH to be large, many players feel bored.

Therefore, we provide a solution for you, namely by using some of the free COC accounts below that are not used.

Free COC Accounts [2021] Clash Of Clans Passwords

In the following, we will share with you several COC accounts for free that have not been used and are still active.

E-mail Password
[email protected] vina.cooccoaln
[email protected] Ruskasubble11
[email protected] shermatink409
[email protected] chellesiamy123
[email protected] cac4zntez
[email protected] cav0ldiandr
[email protected] atenaphes99c
[email protected] Vashleydove
[email protected] lung666
[email protected] oleovamene
[email protected] Sembroolicker256
[email protected] fachry.gofar19
[email protected] wijaya098
[email protected] omgrandros4
[email protected] bayusm4rt
[email protected] provilla029193
[email protected] venticarde120*
[email protected] checriffal402
[email protected] nandacocclan
[email protected] bud1saputr4
[email protected] allan.caln667
[email protected] Naongoblog
[email protected] todronetina
[email protected] ikiclan3rsindo0
[email protected] year110698
[email protected] sagnut1x9
[email protected] klll564
[email protected] ioneivarixx1
[email protected] petrukhandsome767
[email protected] sholeh12345
[email protected] alenoethator
[email protected] oftevizanex9901
[email protected] matrix4567
[email protected] 11linaadelia
[email protected] 12perialeyerex
[email protected] chris29xxx
[email protected] wantojuhy1g2
 [email protected] ku7923012w
[email protected] lutofgt87123
[email protected] carlosredrigo651
[email protected] 2009ateniuminlan
[email protected] sievatherfo_000
[email protected] princewijaya
[email protected] 07826781488
[email protected] humamm155
[email protected] buggyc001
[email protected] holdertang124
[email protected]  983983868
[email protected] 23445dll33
[email protected] mariaerin123

Because the account given is open or public, not all of the above lists can be used, because someone else may have taken it and changed the account password.

But we also recommend that you try one by one from the list above because who knows you might be lucky to get a free COC account for free.

How to Use a Free COC Account

After getting a COC account that we provide for free, you must refer to the explanation below on how to login with a free Clash of Clans accounts on an Android smartphone:

  1. The first step, go to the settings menu of the cellphone you have.
  2. Then select the account option and add an account via the Google Play Store.
  3. Next, enter the email address and password for the free COC account that we have shared above.
  4. If so, open the Clash Of Clans game then click the settings menu and select the connect option.
  5. Then select the email address of the account you added earlier and click OK.
  6. Finally, the COC account will be opened and completely yours.
  7. Finished.

Terms and Conditions :

The account above is a COC account that is no longer used by the owner, so you can get it for free in the way we described above.

Because the COC account is public or free so anyone can have it, but if you manage to get the account, change the password immediately so that it doesn’t get taken by someone else.

If from the list of accounts above there are those who cannot login or cannot be used, then the account is already owned by someone else.

Attention: For all Clash Of Clans accounts that we have shared above, they are not fully usable or functional because each account must have taken it.


That’s information from us about the latest free COC account 2021 that you can use, hurry up and choose one of the accounts above before someone else has it.

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