5 Best PS4 Emulators for Android and Laptop PC 2024


5 Best PS4 Emulators for Android and Laptop PC – The new PS4 emulator for PC or laptop can work and be used this year, while there are PCSX4, PS4Emus, PS4 EMX, Orbital, and finally SNES.

5 Best PS4 Emulators for Android and Laptop PC
5 Best PS4 Emulators for Android and Laptop PC

5 Best PS4 Emulators for Android and Laptop PC 2024

finally, there is good news for all of you PS or Playstations game lovers. Starting earlier this year, there are already emulators that work great on PCs or Laptops.

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There is also more than one type of PS4 emulator game available, so you don’t tuck in on one choice. What are the successful and usable emulator games?

#1. PCSX4


For 64-bit laptop or PC users, be it Windows 7, or 8 to the latest Windows 10, you can run it easily. Meanwhile, 32-bit users cannot use the PS4 emulator PCSX4 2021 at this time. Although, your OS has been updated with the latest updates.

In terms of performance, PCSX4 can be said to be very good because it can work at 60 fps or frames per second. The resulting image does not experience deterioration and movement is smooth thanks to the good number of fps.

Unfortunately, apart from only being able to work on 32-bit Windows, there are still other specifications that must be met to run it. These specifications are quite heavy, you know, the emulator was just launched this year.

For the minimum GPU, specifications must be AXV and SSE-4.2 GPUs. Meanwhile, the GPUs used are AMD Radeon 780 and GTX 60 to support 60 fps. Then, don’t forget the amount of RAM and memory left, don’t get stuck.

#2. PS4Emus


If you are a fan of PS emulators, surely you already know PS4Emus, right? This emulator has existed since the era of the PS emulator for PC, which started in 2013. So, don’t be surprised if the best PS4 Emulator for Windows 10 includes this one emulator in the top ranks.

The advantage that makes PS4Emus special is its ability to be used both online and offline. This emulator is also easy to install and not complicated in terms of use.

If you are a game lover who likes to change or try new games, PS4Emus is the most suitable. You can install tons of games easily with no hassle thanks to the easy-to-understand interface.

For specification problems, just like PCSX4, you need a high-end PC or laptop to be able to play it smoothly. So, if the computer specifications are low, you should postpone the intention to download this one application. Later if you force it, the laptop lags quickly and you also can’t enjoy the game.

#3. PS4 EMX


The PS4 EMX is currently in the development stage and hasn’t been launched yet. However, PS4 EMX is not a long-time player in the PS emulator field. So, you can hope that this one emulator at the end of the year will be able to enliven the Playstations emulator market.

From the PS4 Compatibility list that was shared, the specifications for running this emulator are relatively moderate. Only 2 GB of RAM is required, while for AMD it is Nvidia, and it needs a 50 GHz processor. Apart from the data shared, there are no additional details yet, hopefully, the specifications don’t go up.

#4. PS4 Emulator Orbital

PS4 Emulator Orbital

Good news for you Linux users, the article is not only for Windows, Linux lovers can also use it. Released in early February, the Orbital PS4 emulator is still being developed. So that more people can use it, and it’s easier.

The advantages possessed by Orbital include in terms of mapping and joystick control. Then the resolution presented is also pretty good so the image doesn’t break.

Unfortunately, to be able to use this application, a minimum of RAM and other specifications is quite high. At least 16 GB of RAM plus the AVX extension which is used to run the emulator later.

#5. SNES Station Emulator

SNES Station Emulator

Another old player in the emulator world is the SNES Station Emulator, which has been around since the days of the PS1 emulator. For those of you Windows or Mac OS users, you can use SNES easily without a hitch.

It’s just that, the biggest drawback of SNES is the installation method which is quite difficult and takes quite a while. Fortunately, to overcome this, the developer presents an easy tutorial on social media on how to install it.

So, provided you follow the instructions precisely and accordingly, there is no word failure. You can definitely install SNES easily and be able to use it.

Detailed specifications for being able to install the PS4 emulator

Above, we mentioned the specifications that a laptop or PC must have to be able to run it. Well, in this section these specifications will be explained in more detail so that you can use them smoothly. Please see the detailed specifications below:

  • First, make sure Directx 12 is installed, then see if the framework is 3.5, VC ++ 2015, or not.
  • Second, at least a PC or laptop must include 4 cores with AXV and SSE-4.2 GPU.
  • Then make sure the Cache Image must be 256-bit encrypted
  • Minimum processor x86-64 used with AVX extension
  • Your computer or laptop must have OpenGL
  • Minimum RAM 2- 16 Gb
  • Computers and laptops with at least 64-bit

If the device you are using does not have the above specifications, then the emulator cannot be used. Even if it could, the results were not optimal, it broke, got stuck, and finally, the program was forced to close. Meanwhile, RAM should always be considered because it is rarely compatible with 2 GB.

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That’s a list of PS4 emulators that can run on your PC or laptop. Remember, before downloading, make sure the device specifications you have match. So that the download is not in vain and you can play PS4 games smoothly without a hitch.

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