How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline 2024


How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline – Don’t waste your time searching for the product keys of Microsoft Office 2010 because there is a better solution for the activation of MS Office 2010 permanently.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 3 Quick Ways
How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 3 Quick Ways

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline 2024

Microsoft Office 2010 cannot be used if you have not activated it after the installation process. Here’s how to activate Microsoft Office 2010.

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Are there any of you who still use Microsoft Office 2010 for activities or work?

Yes, even though it is considered old-school software there are still many Microsoft Office 2010 users who have survived to this day.

When compared with the latest version, Microsoft Office 2010 is indeed more comfortable to wear.

Its features are easier to apply. Unfortunately, Office 2010 cannot just be used when it’s finished installation.

You have to activate it first. If not, there will be limitations in using the available Microsoft Office features.

So that it doesn’t happen, just follow the activation method below. It’s easy and fast!

#1. Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Through CMD

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Through CMD
How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Through CMD

After the installation process is complete, you can immediately activate it via CMD. This activation method can be done offline, without software intermediaries or other additional applications.

Without the need for long, here is the Office 2010 activation tutorial via CMD

    1. First of all, open this page.
    2. Press “Ctrl + A + C” or block all text/code on the page, then copy.
    3. Open Notepad, then paste all the writing/code into the Notepad page.
    4. Save the notepad document with the name “Office2010.bat” or “Office2010.cmd” for Windows 10.
    5. After that, right-click on the document earlier, then select “Run as Administrator”.
    6. Automatically, a CMD pop-up will appear on the screen and activate.
    7. Wait until the activation process is complete

Microsoft Office 2010 is ready to use without any restrictions.

How to activate Office 2010 with a notepad is considered the most effective and easy, so it is often recommended to people.

If you have problems running CMD, you should first turn off Windows Defender on your PC / laptop.

The built-in antivirus feature is indeed susceptible. Sometimes, it can detect regular files/apps as viruses, and then delete/block them automatically.

Therefore, you have to turn it off temporarily, and then turn it on again when the activation process is complete.

#2. Activator Office 2010 KMSAuto Lite

Activator Office 2010 KMSAuto Lite
Activator Office 2010 KMSAuto Lite

KMSAuto Lite is an activator feature that can be relied on to activate the Windows operating system and Office 2010.

This activation method is done online because you have to download the KMS auto-lite software first. Here’s the complete tutorial.

  1. Open this page, to download KMS Activator Office 2010 for free. 
  2. Open the KMS activator file, then extract the file by right-clicking -> then select ” Extract file “
  3. Then, open the KMS software by right-clicking, then -> selecting the option ” Run as administrator “
  4. After the KMSAuto Lite window appears, click on the ” Main window ” menu.
  5. Select the option ” Install GVLK ” then, check the box ” Forcibly “
  6. In the box on the right, you will see ” Office key “, click on it
  7. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes until the words ” Key Installed Successful ” appear on the screen
  8. Finally, click the button that says ” Activated office “
  9. If a pop-up says ” Activation Successful ” appears, the activation process is complete. Microsoft Office 2010 is ready to use without any restrictions.

#3. Microsoft Office 2010 Toolkit Activator

If the 2 methods above are still not successful in activating Microsoft Office 2010 on your computer/laptop, try using this one method.

Namely by using the software toolkit to activate Office 2010.

If you don’t have the toolkit software installed on Windows, you can download it here first.

Now to check whether you already have the software or not, try searching first in the search field.

Open the start menu, or just press the ” Windows + R ” button. Then write down “Toolkit”. If it does appear, just follow the tutorial from number x to completion.

But if there isn’t, then download it first and follow the tutorial in order.

Before downloading, make sure all antiviruses on your computer/laptop are turned off. Why is that?

This Microsoft Toolkit 2.1 4 software will certainly be considered a threat by the installed antivirus.

Microsoft Office 2010 Toolkit Activator
Microsoft Office 2010 Toolkit Activator

Therefore, temporarily turn off the antivirus, until the download process is complete. After that, extract the toolkit file by right-clicking -> then select the option ” Extract files “.

  • Then, run the extracted toolkit file as an administrator. The trick, right-click on the toolkit software -> then select the option ” Run as Administrator “.
  • After entering the Office Toolkit 2010 window, point the cursor to click the ” main ” tab menu.
  • There are 2 option buttons lined up, namely ” EZ-Activator ” and ” Uninstall Office “. To activate Office 2010, click the ” EZ-Activator ” button.
  • The toolkit software will start activation, wait until the process is complete.
  • When it’s finished, a pop-up will appear that says ” Office 2010 was successfully activated ” on the computer/laptop screen.

The activation process is complete. You can use all Microsoft Office 2010 programs freely without being restricted. Don’t forget to re-activate the antivirus on your computer/laptop.

#4. Check whether Microsoft Office 2010 is active or not

Yes, to prove whether the above tutorial is successful or not, you have to check the status of Microsoft Office on each PC.

When the installation process is complete, Microsoft Office can be used. It’s just that their use is limited.

Check Microsoft Office 2010 is active or not
Check Microsoft Office 2010 is active or not

Here’s how to determine whether Office 2010 has been activated.

  1. Open one of the Microsoft Office 2010 programs, for example, ms. word.
  2. Point the cursor to the “File” menu, then select the “Help” option on the bottom line
  3. There will immediately appear the status of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your laptop/computer
  4. If the activation process is successful, the status that appears says ” Product Activated “. If not, then it says ” Trial Product “

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So, friends, these on about how to activate Microsoft Office 2010, Don’t forget to check the activation status, every time you try the tutorial above.

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  2. Thank you so much Akshara
    I had a problem with my computer, change of internal hard drive and have been obliged to reinstall all my applications, but at the activation, the message for office 2010 was about the license key has been working the maximum of time permitted. I had purchased a number of license keys online, that I could not even use and the activation by phone for 2010 was no more supported.
    I came across your article and realize it could help. Thank you

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