6 Quick Tips To Download Videos from Reddit 2024


6 Quick Tips To Download Videos from Reddit – Reddit is a very busy forum or social media site used by people in the world, but the site is blocked in Indonesia because of adult or negative content being spread. Meanwhile, there are more positive things, such as joining a community you like and starting to interact with other members.

The Easiest Way to Download Videos from Reddit
The Easiest Way to Download Videos from Reddit

How to Download Videos from Reddit on Windows 10 PC Laptop 2024

What makes this Reddit great is that its pages are very light to access. But apart from that, there are also lots of active communities as public groups on Facebook. For example, the Memes community, in which there are funny photos or videos that are updated all the time.

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Talking about the video on Reddit, there is no option to download or download the video. But with a little trick, you can definitely take the video and keep it private.

Taking videos on Reddit is fine as long as they are kept private, but be aware that sometimes a video is copyrighted, which you are not allowed to redistribute. So think before sharing the video on other social media.

Follow the steps below to start downloading any video on Reddit:

  1. Go to the Reddit Page containing the video content.
  2. Copy the URL of the Page.Copy Page URL
  3. Go to the Reddit Video Downloader site.
  4. Paste or Paste the URL that was copied earlier in the column provided.Paste Video URL
  5. Click ENTER and wait for loading to finish.
  6. The video footage will appear, and please press the button DOWNLOADto start downloading it.How to Download Videos on Reddit

The downloader site is very safe to use. And the video you download, the resolution is the maximum. So there will be no reduction in the quality of the video or it will remain the same as the original.

And if you have followed the steps above but the video does not appear, please check the URL of the page once again. Because the wrong URL allows the downloader site to not detect any video content. Or you can also use the alternative method below.

Using the Chrome Downloader Extension for Reddit

Even though the above method is quite easy, who knows if one day the downloader site can’t be used, for that, an alternative way is also provided here to download videos on Reddit.

Namely using a Chrome extension called Downloader for Reddit. Please install the extension and after that open, the video page on Reddit, then right-click on the video and select the Download hi-res media under the cursor option.

Using Extensions to Download Videos on RedditAnd using this extension will also download videos of the highest quality ( 1080p ). But another advantage is that it can download many videos quickly. So no need to go back and forth to the downloader site again, and just right-click.

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