3 Ways To Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android 2024


3 Ways To Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android – Want to know how to download WhatsApp status videos on Android? What are the Whatsapp APKs that can download statuses?

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android 2024

Can you imagine how to live without WhatsApp? In this day and age, we are certainly very dependent on the presence of social media platforms and chat, like WhatsApp.

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That said, WhatsApp is not only an application that must be installed on a smartphone device but also has become one of the media that can connect us with friends, family, to the outside world.

In addition, WhatsApp also continues to add and improve all the features it has to pamper its users. One of them is Whatsapp status, a favorite feature that is now trending.

The feature presented by WhatsApp has the same concept as Instagram Story, Facebook Story, or Snapchat Story, where the status will disappear automatically after 24 hours when we upload it.

WhatsApp Status Feature

The WhatsApp status feature available allows us to share text, videos, photos, GIFs, and links for a day or 24 hours.

If we update the status later it will be immediately shared with our WhatsApp contacts. In addition, we will be given privacy options by WhatsApp, including sharing status to all contacts, to just a few contacts, or to all users who store our cellphone contacts.

Not only that, but we can also check the name of the contact owner who has seen the status of our WhatsApp that is currently running.

However, if we do not store cellphone numbers in our contacts, they will not be able to see the status you are updating.

When we do a status update on the WA platform there will likely be friends in our contacts asking to be sent a video or photo uploaded on WhatsApp status. The reason is that they do not know how to download WhatsApp status videos.

In addition, WhatsApp itself does not permit for others to download videos or photos of the status that we make. Then, how exactly do I download WhatsApp status videos?

Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos
How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos

There are several choices of methods that can be used to download WhatsApp status videos, we have summarized the method based on the easiest so you can choose as you wish. The following methods can be tried:

Download WhatsApp status Videos Without Any  Application

As an Android application, WhatsApp also always creates folders automatically in the file manager. No other than the media of the status of photos and videos were created in a separate folder by WA.

Well, you need to know that you only need to see your friends’ stories automatically downloading Whatsapp status videos to internal storage.

So, then we only need to move it to an external folder to watch it offline without internet data.

The easiest way to download WhatsApp status videos without the help application is with the following steps:

  • Open and run the Whatsapp application.
  • Select the Status tab, then look at one or more video statuses made by your friends.
  • Afterward, just open the File Manager menu.
  • Enter the Internal Storage menu.
  • Select the WhatsApp folder.
  • Further, select the folder  Media  ».Statuses.
  • This folder will display all caches of photo and video story status.
  • Just choose one story that you want to download.
  • Move to the desired folder, for example, the Download folder.
  • Open the Gallery menu, you can immediately see the status of the WA you just downloaded.

Download WhatsApp status Videos with the Application

For the next method, you can use it when the .statuses folder doesn’t want to display/save WA videos automatically. So, an additional application is needed to be able to download Whatsapp status videos. There are many WA video download application apps, but we only recommend the easiest ones for you to use. Some of them:

#1. Status Saver

How to use it? You can refer to the steps that we provide below:

  • Download & install the Story Saver application first through Google Play. Or you can click here to download directly via Playstore.
  • After the application is installed, open the Story Saver application.
  • This application will automatically connect with WhatsApp. So, you can directly choose the status or story you want to save or download.
  • After determining which video story you want to save, press and select one of the status/stories you want to download. Then several options will appear, namely Save, Repost, Set As, and Delete.
  • To download a story or WhatsApp status, select it, and press the Save button  (diskette icon or square image).
  • Other people’s Whatsapp status videos will be automatically saved to our Gallery.

#2. Download Video Status – WA Story – Status Saver

Almost the same as above, it’s just different from the name of the application. Check and practice the steps below:

  • Download and install the Status Video Download application  – Story WA – Status Saver through Google Play. Or you can click here to download directly via Playstore.
  • After the application is installed, open the application.
  • In the initial display section, we will be faced with the Status menu.
  • The status that we have seen on the WhatsApp application will immediately appear there.
  • Just choose one or several WA statuses you want to download.
  • There are three menu selection buttons namely Set As Status, Save, and Share.
  • To download WhatsApp status videos, you can press the Save button.
  • The WA video story will be saved directly to your Gallery.

#3. Download Status – Downloader for Whatsapp

Is the last one the same as the one above? The same, only the differences in names and appearance compare. For more details, you can pay attention and follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Application  Status Download – Downloader for the Whatsapp app via Google Play first. Or you can click here to download directly via Playstore.
  • After the application is installed, open the application.
  • In the main view, we will be faced with the Downloader menu. On that page, there will be lots of story choices from all of our WhatsApp contacts.
  • Now in the Status Downloader menu, you can first choose which WA status story or video you want to save/download.
  • You can also tag pictures/videos if you want to download some stories created by our WhatsApp contact.
  • Then 3 options menu buttons appear, including Clear, Download, and Share.
  • To download other people’s WhatsApp status videos, you can press the Download button. The picture of the arrow pointing down.
  • WhatsApp status videos of others who become our contacts will be automatically saved to the Gallery.

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So, friends, that’s on above how to Download WhatsApp status Videos without the application or with the application. You can choose the method you wish, if there are other methods that you know don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments form so that our team can immediately update this article for bastards who are readers here all without exception.

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