3 Ways To Change Instagram Name (Effective Way) 2024


3 Ways To Change Instagram Name (Effective Way) – Instagram users certainly have a username as an identity to interact with other users. The username is used to search, recognize, and tag users. This time, the article will review how to change Instagram’s name.

How to Change Instagram Name (Effective Way)
How to Change Instagram Name (Effective Way)

How to Change Instagram Name (Effective Way) 2024

This user’s username is different from the profile name. This username cannot be different from other users. While the profile name can be the same as another username.

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The username can be changed according to availability and no one has used the username. Here is how.

The way to be able to change the name Instagram is actually very easy as long as you know the steps. We have summarized some special methods to change the Instagram name for you.

#1. Changing the Instagram Name Through the Application

Well, the first method we can try is how to change the name of Instagram through the application. To do this, it only takes a few steps which are quite easy. Check out the following guide.

  • Unlock your smartphone screen to start using.
  • To start the process, open, and run the Instagram application. You can open the Instagram application via the main menu of your smartphone, or directly through the shortcut on the home screen.
  • Make sure you have logged in / entered your Instagram account.
  • Then, select the Profile menu located in the lower right corner.
  • Then select Edit Profile.
  • See the very top, their Name or Name. Which shows your Instagram name. Delete and rename your Instagram as you wish. You can also use special emoticons or unique fonts to enhance the appearance of your IG name.
  • After that, then you press the Check / Checklist button to save in the upper right corner.
  • Done.

#2. Changing the Instagram Name Through the Website

In the next method, we can also change Instagram’s name through IG’s official website. The trick, we only need to visit the official website Instagram.com, and then follow the steps below.

  • Open and run the browser on your PC / Laptop / Computer. It is recommended to open Google Chrome.
  • Next, you can visit the website www.instagram.com.
  • Once open, login/in using your Instagram account.
  • Then click the rightmost menu, and select Profile.
  • Next select Edit Profile.
  • Section Name or name, you will see the name of your Instagram today.
  • To change the name, you can first delete the current IG name and then fill in the desired new Instagram name. To enhance the appearance of IG profiles, you can use unique fonts or add special emoticons to your IG profile name.
  • In the final step, you can directly click the Submit button.

#3. Changing the Instagram Username (Username)

How to change the name of Instagram is quite easy and does not require a third-party application. This method can be done through the Instagram application or browser. Here are the steps.

  • Open and Run the Instagram Application

The first step that needs to be done is to enter the Instagram application. Open the Instagram application via your smartphone’s main menu, or directly via the shortcut on the home screen.

  • Select the Profile menu

In the next stage, just press your profile in the lower right corner.

  • Choose Edit Profile

Next, if you have entered the profile page. Choose Edit Profile.

  • Choose a Username

After choosing the edit profile, to change the username next, select Username. Delete the old username, then replace it with the username (username) you want. Make sure the username is still available and hasn’t been used by anyone else.

If the username is not available and has been used by someone else there will be a notification notifying that. Users can use other usernames available. If the username is available there will be a green check.

  • Done

If so, the next step is to click the blue check icon on the top right of the screen. the username has now been successfully changed.

How to Save an Old Instagram Username

Maybe the user wants the old username to be maintained. Or want to keep the old account so that it can announce a new username on the BIO?

But there are some risks such as old usernames being available to others after the user confirms to change them. Others also have the opportunity to retrieve it because the old username is a common word.

To maintain the old username a new email address is required. Users only need to use the same email address by adding a dot between the names, for example, [email protected].

Instagram will see it as a new address. While Gmail will send all emails to the same inbox. This is an interesting trick to use the same email address to register more than one account.

Will it lose followers?

Users will not lose followers when changing the account username. All connections and DM will also remain intact. But maybe some of them will feel confused because they can’t mark the user in their old account.

The tag also applies if the user is tagged in an Instagram story by typing the old telegram username. If the user has a website that is a link, don’t forget to change the link there too.

Why Can’t Change Instagram Names?

All Instagram users can change their Instagram usernames. If for some reason, the new name cannot be used, it is because the new user name is not available or is already used by other users.

Try to make a new unique username in the form of a combination of numbers and names. This unique name works so other users can find the user’s account correctly.

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So, friends, that’s on above how to change the name Instagram quickly. Quite easy and without using additional applications.

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