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For every account, Microsoft provides 5GB of space on the main server and 25 GB of memory on windows live SkyDrive. All files stored in them are accessible by the user anytime, anywhere. Official tech support provides instant solutions for Hotmail technicalities. They are trained professionals who assist users in their issues like –

1) Account recovery, in case of a forgotten password or account hack

2) Resolving compatibility issues 

3) Id not responding, load or display inbox emails

4) Providing instructions to make hot mail more understandable

There is always a chance of getting ones to account hacked by any means. Account blocking is a defence mechanism practised by other email service providers. It is done when any suspicious activity has been witnessed by any specific account. So next time when he tries to log in a message is shown “account has been blocked”, then the user is needed to require the alternate email id or the phone number. It is required to check the legitimacy of the user. Then a link or a code is sent to email id or phone number respectively depending upon the chosen mode of communication by the user.


To resolve the compatibility issue, it is recommended to set the browser settings to default factory. In case account doesn’t respond, load or doesn’t show emails in the inbox, try emptying the cache memory and deleting the temporary files, then restart the web browser. Some users find it difficult to operate on any site due to lack the knowledge of the basic functioning of a mail server. Tech support gives step by step guidelines to make the customer understand the basic functions of Hotmail.

There are several free web-based forums available where the user can post their queries and these questions are answered by trained professionals. The answer given by them can be applied but not every user is able to apply the solution, for that live chat support service is also available. Here the user talks directly to the technician and can thoroughly explain the problem so that user can understand the problem in detail and give an appropriate solution. In the toll-free communication, the representative can ask for the permission for remote accessing the system, in this the issue is being treated by the technician himself.

A user can contact technical support in case of an emergency or for clearing any question. There are three modes to communicate with them via email, toll-free number, and live chat support. It is advised to study more about the basic functioning of operating an email account.




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