How to Root Asus Mobile with PC Without PC of All Types 2024


How to Root Asus Mobile with PC Without PC of All Types – Root Android may be familiar with the world of smartphones, this is because sometimes we need root access to be able to enjoy more features in the Android operating system.

How to Root Asus Mobile with PC Without PC of All Types
How to Root Asus Mobile with PC Without PC of All Types

How to Root Asus Mobile with PC Without PC of All Types 2024

From this, in this edition of Android tips, we will discuss how to root Asus cellphones without a PC or use root cellphone applications such as KingRoot, Framaroot, TowelRoot, and ZenFone RootKit for Asus cellphone users.

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This Asu’s cellphone root tutorial can be applied to all versions of Asu’s cellphones starting from Asus Zenfone C, Zenfone Go, Zenfone Max Pro M1, Zenfone Max Pro M2, Zenfone, Zenfone Max, Zenfone Live, Zenfone Z007, Zenfone 5, Zenfone 4, Zenfone 6, Zenfone 2, and other versions.

So, to anticipate undesirable things such as deleting important data on your cellphone, please backup files, both documents, videos, and other formats to external storage such as MicroSD. Alternatively, you can store it online using MegaGoogle Drive, and others.

Immediately, the following is a tutorial on how to root Asu’s cell phones using applications and through computer or laptop hardware.

How to Root Asus Mobile with Applications and PC 2023

There are two methods you can use to root Android on an Asus cellphone, namely by application and PC, you can choose which method you will use.

In this guide, we will take advantage of one of the familiar root Android cellphone applications, namely KingRoot.

Steps to Root Asus Mobile with KingRoot Application

1. Please download the KingRoot apk on Playstore first, after that you install it to be able to enjoy the service.

2. After successfully installing, then you open the root application.

3. The application is open. You can immediately tap Try To Root to start the root process of your Asus cellphone.

4. If you have, please just wait until the cellphone rooting process is complete.

5. After the rooting process, the Android operating system usually appears with a Root Successfully Notification (Green Checklist), which indicates that the cellphone has been successfully rooted using the KingRoot application.

6. If you are still not sure, you can check it manually, usually, there is a King User or a KingRoot user, which means that the device has been rooted.

7. It’s finished, how to root an Asus cellphone without a PC using the KingRoot application easily and quickly.

Well, for those of you who happen to have a PC or want to do it in an Internet cafe. We have provided Asu’s cellphone root tutorial without an Android root application, namely using a PC or laptop.

How to Root Asus Mobile with PC
How to Root Asus Mobile with PC

How to Root Asus Mobile with PC

You can root an Asus cellphone without the Playstore application, by utilizing hardware such as a laptop, computer, or PC. Although this method is a little more complicated, most of these methods are successful in rooting an Android phone.

Steps to Root Asus Mobile with PC

1. Download the mobile root support application first, such as the Intel Android USB DriverAsus Android USB Driver, and Zenfone RootKit. Well, for some of these supporting applications, we will later place them on our PC or computer.

2. After you download, please run the USB Debugging program by going to the Settings menu then Developer Options, and selecting Checklist USB Debugging is complete for this section.

3. Continue to connect the Asus cellphone to a computer hardware device or PC with a USB cable.

4. If the cable has been successfully installed and detected as an additional device, then you extract the file from the Zenfone RootKit on the PC.

5. If you have clicked 2x on the Root.bat file to start the rooting process of the Android operating system.

6. The rooting process is usually a little long, you wait a moment until the rooting is finished.

7. Well, when it’s finished you can immediately check whether the cellphone has been successfully rooted or not by using the Root Checker application, usually, a notification of the status of the Android operating system will appear.

How to guide how to root an Asus cellphone with a PC or laptop is still easy to do, even though it’s a little more complicated, but usually, this method is effective for rooting our Android cellphone.

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So, friends, that’s above how to Root Asus Mobile with a PC Without a PC of All Types, either rooting the Android cellphone without a PC or using the Android root application does have advantages in terms of practicality.

However, for undoubted rooting abilities, you can root the cellphone without an application or use a PC because it is considered more effective without errors when rooting the Android operating system.

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