Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent on Android


Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent on Android – If you are a WhatsApp user, surely you will like the info about transparent WhatsApp. That’s right, friends, now you can use WhatsApp with transparent nuances.

Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent on Android
Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent on Android

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent on Android 2023

But this is a WhatsApp mod, meaning that it is not an official application from WhatsApp but is processed by a third-party developer, namely GBPlus.

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Transparent WhatsApp is the latest WhatsApp mod which according to reports is the second development of GBPlus which is the basis for the development of the WhatsApp GB Plus apk.

As we all know that GBPlus is a very popular WhatsApp mod and is available for installation, but there are still a number of bugs, such as bans, errors, a slow interface, and other bugs.

To overcome all these problems, GBPlus Transapran was launched with a number of additional features which are now better known as and packaged in the WhatsApp Transparent apk file.

WhatsApp Transparent is made with the latest technology to get the best experience from a WA mod.

And the developer is the same developer who is currently busy upgrading the cool Fouad mod that comes with a variety of new and error-free features.

Download GBPlus WhatsApp Transparan Apk

It contains information regarding the size, version, developer, and Android version required to download and install WhatsApp Transparent APK.

The minimum version is Android 4.0 and newer, if your Android version is below that they don’t download and install this transparent WA mod.

Application Name GBPlus Transparent
Version 10.20
APK size 48.8 MB
Minimum Android System 4.0+
Developer GBPlus
Download  WhatsApp Transparent APK

How to install WhatsApp APK

To install it, first, download the transparent WhatsApp APK file from the link above. Then activate Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources on your Android.

  1. Then click the Install button.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Transparent

  1. The WA Transparent installation process will start immediately so just wait for it to finish.

Proses Instal OGWhatsApp Android

  1. After that, just open the application.

In essence, how to install the transparent WhatsApp apk is the same as installing other Android apk files.

The features of WhatsApp are transparent

There is nothing wrong with mentioning the series of features offered by this transparent WhatsApp. So that colleagues who don’t know see all the pleasures they will experience.

Optimized performance

In the transparent WA version, the overall performance of the optimized application is much cooler than before.

The experience of chatting with friends, and even sharing video and image files will be an easier experience than before.

And the most important thing is that the transparent features and the user interface have been optimized with a new look. So far this is the WA mod that is considered the best.

Better privacy features

Privacy is one of the main things that we pay attention to when using online services such as chat, and this Transparent WA mod has been equipped with extra features added such as “who can call and freeze last seen” and so on.

In addition, all the privacy features available on official WA such as disabling “read”, hiding profile pictures, and information about, and issuing contacts when sharing status are also available on this WA Trnsparan APK.

Anti-revoke feature

With the powerful anti-revoke feature of the WhatsApp mod with the help of this feature, we can see all the things that have been permanently deleted in the chat/chat.

With anti-revoke messages, we can view all messages that have been permanently deleted in the chat. On the official WhatsApp, we are given the ability to permanently delete messages within a certain time.

So that the message will not be sent to the destination. But with this anti-revoke feature, you can still see WhatsApp messages that have been deleted by the sender. Also can be applied to anti-revoke status so that we can see the status that our contacts have been deleted.

Better DND mode and anti-tire system

DND allows you to disable internet connection only for WhatsApp if you don’t want to be disturbed, and this feature has been optimized for this transparent WhatsApp.

In addition, the anti-tire system has also received an update so that the performance will be even better. With this version, it is less likely that you will be banned by WhatsApp.

Media sharing on a large scale

With transparent WhatsApp, you can share files on a large scale. Up to 1GB of files can be sent directly. And can share videos and images of high quality.

And you can also share a number of images at once which will make it easier for you to share wedding photos, parties, family events, and birthdays on your WhatsApp.

Optimized hiding feature

The hidden feature is an important part of every WA mod but this feature actually conflicts with the official WhatsApp regulations.

Therefore using it can make your WhatsApp account banned. Indeed, this feature is very useful but at the risk of banning yourself.

What the hidden feature offers are:

  • Hide your status display from anyone’s status.
  • Can hide blue tick even if seeing anyone’s message in chat.
  • In addition, it can hide double ticks for messages sent when using GBWhatsApp Mod APK.
  • Can hide your online status, and your active presence.
  • Like FMWA, YoWhatsApp, date and time can be hidden when copying messages.
  • In WhatsApp Transparent, you can hide the forward tag when forwarding any message from someone’s chat. This helps in most cases.


Is the WhatsApp Transparent mod safe to use?

WhatsApp Transparent is 100% safe. And you don’t need to root your Android phone.

Will I be blocked after using GBPlus?

This is a great question to discuss. This mod has an anti-tire system. So there is very little chance of being banned or blocked.

Why is GBPlus not on the Google Play store?

GBPlus is not available on the Google Play store because it is not officially developed. This is a modified version of WhatsApp and does not follow the rules and regulations of WhatsApp Official.

Also, it is developed by third-party developer Fouad Mokdad. That’s why it’s not available on the official App Store.

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So, after reading fully about this WhatsApp Transparent APK, what do you think? Well, if you want to download the newest WhatsApp mod, this is your best chance to do it. Because it has so many features with stable results and much better performance than other WhatsApp mods available today.

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