10 Best Anti-Blocking Browser Apps for Android 2024


10 Best Anti-Blocking Browser Apps for Android – The Internet is a place for various kinds of information ranging from useful, and entertaining to containing negative content that has a negative impact on users.

10 Best Anti-Blocking Browser Apps for Android
10 Best Anti-Blocking Browser Apps for Android

Best Anti-Blocking Browser Apps for Android [2024]

With more and more information circulating on the internet, the government through the Ministry of communication and Information is trying to bring the Internet to India with better quality by blocking negative websites and directing them to positive internet pages.

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However, in its implementation, not all sites blocked by the government are negative sites, there are some useful and educational sites that are blocked by the government, such as the social networking site Reddit, for example.

To open sites that are blocked by the government is actually very easy, you just have to install a VPN so that sites that are blocked by the positive internet can be directly accessed.

However, not all VPNs on the internet are guaranteed security, there are lots of cases of personal data leakage and internet banking as a result of using a VPN indiscriminately, if you want to use a secure VPN then you should use a quality VPN but a quality VPN is certainly not free.

For those of you who want to keep accessing blocked sites without using a VPN, there are several ways that you can use, one of which is to use a positive Internet Blocking Browser.

Best Anti-Blocking Browser Apps for Android

On this occasion, we will share the 10 best positive internet anti-blocking browsers for Android and PC that you can use.

#1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Not many people know that the Google Chrome browser can be used as an anti-blocking browser which is quite powerful in opening sites that are blocked by the government.

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By default, the Google Chrome browser can’t open blocked sites, but by slightly changing the Chrome browser settings, you can become an Anti-Blocking positive internet site browser.

#2. Tor Browser

Tor Browser
Tor Browser

Furthermore, there is the Tor browser which is the browser with the highest rating on Google playstore, the tor browser allows you to access the internet through the Tor network.

With Tor VPN you can use a VPN at no cost and your privacy and data security are guaranteed.

However, it should be noted that accessing the internet using the Tor network will be slightly slower than using the regular network.

#3. Opera Browser

Opera Browser
Opera Browser

The browser, which has been popular since before the Android operating system was developed, must be familiar to your ears.

Opera Browser is the next most popular Android browser, with more than 100 million users, this browser offers various advantages from an elegant, lightweight user interface has an adblocker feature, and of course, comes with a built-in VPN.

Opera’s built-in VPN allows you to access a wide variety of blocked sites using a secure free VPN network with various server locations for you to choose from.

#4. Proxy Surf

Proxy Surf
Proxy Surf

The next best anti-blocking browser for Android is proxy surf, this browser application has been downloaded by over 500 thousand Android users with a pretty good rating.

As the name suggests, Proxy Surf relies on proxies to open government-blocked sites so you can browse safely and smoothly at no cost and without the need to install any additional VPN.

#5. UR Browser

UR Browser
UR Browser

The slogan Fast, Private, Secure, of course, can explain how the ability and quality of this Anti-blocking browser.

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UR Browser uses a 2048-bit RSA encryption key and SSL certificate, so you can transfer data securely. In addition, UR Browser is also equipped with an ad blocker and tracker so that user privacy is maintained.

In addition to the Android version, UR Browser is also available in a PC version that you can install on your laptop or computer.

#6. Aloha Browser Turbo

Aloha Browser Turbo
Aloha Browser Turbo

The Android anti-blocking browser application that you can try next is Aloha Browser, this browser has a very good reputation and has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google playstore.

Aloha browser has a myriad of amazing features for a browser, ranging from Unlimited VPN, AD Block, VR Player, Download Manager, Wifi File Sharing, and many other premium features that you can enjoy for free.

With its Unlimited built-in VPN, you can access all government-blocked sites safely and without any problems.

#7. Blue Proxy Browser

Blue Proxy Browser
Blue Proxy Browser

If you think the browsers we share above are pretty cool, then you should try Blue Proxy Browser, one of the best anti-blocking browsers in the world today.

With a number of users of more than 10 million with a rating above 4.2 when this article was written, of course, it has explained how the quality and reliability of this browser.

This browser offers unmitigated user security and privacy and uses a proxy and built-in VPN. You don’t have to worry about your data being leaked on the internet because you will be browsing anonymously using this browser.

With a simple appearance, this browser also guarantees access speed for its users, blue proxy also offers unlimited VPN bandwidth so you can surf calmly without thinking about running out of VPN bandwidth.

#8. Vegas Browser

Vegas Browser
Vegas Browser

With a size of only 5.1 MB, this anti-blocking browser made by an Indian developer is worth a try and is considered an alternative anti-blocking browser that you can use.

Vegas browser offers a simple UI and a powerful speed to encourage users, equipped with a built-in VPN proxy makes this browser can be used to access sites that are blocked by the government safely.

#9. Pekob Pro: Anti-Block Browser

Pekob Pro Anti-Block Browser
Pekob Pro Anti-Block Browser

Pekob Pro is not much different from the previous mini browser, only 3.8 MB, but offers features that are no less interesting, especially for opening blocked sites.

Pekob Pro is perfect for those of you who don’t want to install a browser with a large size so you can save memory but still get the anti-blocking browser feature.

#10. BF Browser

BF Browser
BF Browser

The last best anti-blocking browser is BF Browser, it has been installed more than 1 million times on Google playstore, making this browser one of the most popular anti-blocking browsers in the world.

This browser does not explain many advantages on its website, but BF Browser claims that they are different from other anti-blocking browsers, yes BF Browser offers browser speeds in VPN networks that are rarely found in other anti-blocking browsers which will slow down when accessed using a VPN network.

This browser does not have many features, but that is the advantage, with a simple interface, of course, it will provide maximum speed for browsing on the Internet.

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Those are the 10 best anti-blocking browsers that we have summarized that you can use as a reference as the main browser on your Android smartphone.

Please use the anti-blocking browsers above wisely and responsibly, if you are already using one of the browsers above you can try other browsers to find the most appropriate browser for your internet activities.

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