Top 15 Best Naruto Games For Android 2024


Top 15 Best Naruto Games For Android – Who doesn’t know the Naruto anime? Of course, most children born in the 90s love this anime. Because the Naruto anime is very inspiring.

Top 15 Best Naruto Games For Android
Top 15 Best Naruto Games For Android

Top 15 Best Naruto Games For Android 2024

In addition, now there are lots of anime-themed games. several types of Naruto ninja games that can be played on Android smartphones offline or online.

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So if you are a Naruto anime lover, then you should not miss the recommendations for the most exciting Naruto anime games to play on your Android.

Here below we will recommend some of the most exciting and challenging Naruto games.

#1. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a game where players have to duel and hold battles using characters from the Naruto anime.

In addition, you can of course choose a variety of Naruto anime characters to be ready to fight in the places that have been provided in the ultimate ninja blazing game.

Plus, the Shinobi battle formation is also applied to this game. Anyway, if you try this game, you will definitely like it, and if you want to play, you can directly download it on the playstore.

#2. League Of Ninja : Moba Battle

League Of Ninja Moba BattleLeague Of Ninja Moba Battle

League Of Ninja: Moba Battle is an exciting game and has a MOBA game concept. And for the player characters follow the animation from Naruto.

In addition, the way of fighting this game is also different from other MOBA games. Because in this game the players will fight with ninja moves that are extraordinary.

Plus, players will play with a 5 versus 5 system. Then players are also asked to collect coins from every battle they do.

#3. Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage is an interesting and exciting game and is a game that is suitable for Naruto game lovers to play.

In addition, this game offers a cool and addictive atmosphere and also brings players into exciting and certainly more challenging battles.

In addition, there is a battle ranking system where each player will always be ranked based on the total score of the battles carried out. You can just download it on the playstore.

#4. Ninja Arena4. Ninja Arena

Ninja Arena is an interesting and simple game that can make the players feel an exciting atmosphere to play.

In addition, in this game, there are about 41 characters that players can choose from. Accompanied also by offering 20 stages for battles between ninjas.

Plus, you can play in three different modes. The first mode is team against (CPU & Arcade), single-player against (CPU & Arcade), and mode for practice.

#5. Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend

Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend

Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend is an interesting game that offers a type of play with PvP. In addition, there are more than 50 characters adapted to the Naruto anime.

The interesting thing, you can also play alone (single players) or create a guild with other Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend players.

Plus, this game also always has exciting challenges that will definitely make you like playing this game more. If you want to try it, you can directly download it from the Playstore.

#6. Shinobi Legend – Ninja Battle

Shinobi Legend – Ninja Battle is a game that has the impression of being able to make the players feel challenged in the matches in this game.

In addition, this game also offers many characters from the Naruto anime. And of course, you can fight between Ninjas with a variety of cool and interesting moves.

Plus, you can fight in different places, for example in dungeons. And can form guilds with other games to fight together for rewards.

#7. Konoha Ninja Quiz

Konoha Ninja Quiz is an interesting Naruto game and is not inferior to other Naruto games.

So in this game, you will bring friends about a quiz that you have to answer.

In addition, an image will appear where you have to guess every character displayed in the image.

#8. Stickman Ninja 2

Stickman Ninja 2 is a game that looks like a stickman.

But the stickman is drawn according to the characters in the Naruto anime. And you only fight against the enemy.

In addition, this game has a display with a dynamic control system and is quite easy to use.

#9. Battle Of Ninja World: Super Kombat

Battle Of Ninja World: Super Kombat is one of the most fun Naruto games to play.

In addition, in this game, you will meet enemies that must be fought every time you walk.

Plus, this game also provides about 20 characters according to the anime in Naruto.

#10. Stickman Ninja

Stickman Ninja is the first game in the series of Stickman Ninja 2 and has an atmosphere that can make players like it.

In addition, what distinguishes stickman ninja and Stickman Ninja 2 is the challenge.

Although this game is not too much of a challenge has some challenges that are quite addictive.

#11. Shinobi Heroes

Shinobi Heroes is a Naruto android game that has the concept of an RPG game.

In addition, this game will bring more exciting and interesting challenges.

Plus, it has hundreds of missions that are ready to be completed by players of the Shinobi Heroes game.

#12. Narutoimates: Ultimate Ninja

Narutoimates: Ultimate Ninja is a game that can be the right choice for those of you who like the Naruto anime.

In addition, in this game, you can do battles and fights one on one with Naruto characters.

Each selected Naruto character has a unique skill. And the special techniques and moves are different for each character.

#13. Narutoimate Storm Ninja Heroe

Narutoimate Storm Ninja Heroes is a game that offers a fighting action game between Naruto anime characters.

In addition, there are interesting features that are equipped with items such as shiruken and kunai.

Plus, it has a background that is streamlined by Narutoimate Storm Ninja Heroes and the sound is appropriate and not too loud.

#14. Naruto Quiz

Quiz Naruto is an interesting game with the concept of fighting, adventure, or RPG games.

In addition, it offers a unique Naruto game where the to answer each question is given.

This game is easy to play, you just answer every question that comes up by typing every letter.

#15. Shinobi Wars

Shinobi Wars is a game that offers the concept of action, which will provide fun for game lovers.

In addition, this game is easy and simple but still fun and can be played on any Android phone.

To play the game you only need to rely on the buttons which are not much.

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Thus a discussion of some of the best Naruto Android games that you can play on Android phones.

This game also provides an exciting game full of challenges which of course makes the players like it.

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