6 Ways To Best Secure Your Windows PC Laptop 2024


6 Ways To Best Secure Your Windows PC Laptop – While Microsoft tries hard to ensure its users’ security, all its Windows versions are vulnerable to cyber threats. This is because this operating system is designed more for ease of use rather than security.

How to Best Secure your Windows PC
How to Best Secure your Windows PC

How to Best Secure your Windows 10 Laptop PC 2024

Hackers continue to exploit unique vulnerabilities only present in Windows PCs, making Windows the most hacked operating system worldwide. Even Windows 10, the most secure version with vastly improved firewall, antivirus, and disk encryption features, is still at risk.

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The good news is that most of these threats are relatively easy to protect. It only takes a few steps to ensure your PC is safe and secure. But first, here are some of the risks affecting PC users.

#1. Malware

Malware (Malicious Software) comes in many forms and can cause tremendous damage to your computer. The various forms of malware include viruses, Trojans, and worms, among others. Malware is a collective term used to refer to any software invented to cause harm to a computer network server.

#2. Spam

While most spam is always considered harmless, some may come with links that can install venomous software on your computer in case you click on it.

#3. Phishing

Nearly all successful cyberattacks start with a phishing scheme. Phishing schemes come disguised in many forms; it can come as an email from your bank or service provider, with the main aim of luring you into clicking some links or attachments and asking you to confirm personal information, account details, or passwords.

While most phishing attacks are associated with emails, hackers are now employing other methods like phony apps, text messages, social media quizzes, and phone calls to trick unsuspecting victims.

How you Can Protect your Devices

#1. Always Keep Your Software Up To Date

Keeping your Windows and other software up-to-date is a simple but effective way of protecting your device from hackers. Running on old and outdated software is risky as it provides a backdoor for hackers. Unfortunately, many users are operating on old software versions, and hackers have an easier time exploiting the same susceptibilities for years. Windows 10 updates automatically as long as you are connected to the internet.

#2. Use a Firewall

A firewall is meant to monitor both incoming and outgoing traffic from your network, and in the process, blocks incoming traffic from dubious locations. This way, malicious files, and hackers will not be able to invade your system through your internet connection. You can access Windows’s built-in firewall through the control panel or go for any of the third-party options that are extra powerful.

#3. Use a VPN to Remain Anonymous Online

By using a VPN, you’ll be able to hide your location through an encrypted tunnel and keep your browsing private. That means anyone trying to track your internet activity will only see the IP of the VPN server. VPNs are particularly important when using free public Wi-Fi networks as they are more vulnerable to hacking.

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Windows PCs face a lot of threats, but the good news is that with a little tweaking of your system, you are able to keep the bad guys away. Use the above tips to keep your Windows PC safe and secure.

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