11+ Best Junk Cleaner Apps for Windows 10 PC 2024


11+ Best Junk Cleaner Apps for Windows 10 PC – Junk files can be a serious problem on any PC as they can make them very slow. To delete unwanted files, you need to run certain applications. Your PC can sometimes be filled with unnecessary temporary files and programs that can slow it down.

11+ Best Junk Cleaner Apps for Windows 10 PC
11+ Best Junk Cleaner Apps for Windows 10 PC

11+ Best Junk Cleaner Apps for Windows 10 PC 2024

Most users don’t know which files can be easily deleted and which data are important system files.

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To make sure you don’t delete anything useful, you should proceed with caution and use professional software to clean your laptop.

Junk files and apps can be a problem, so today we are going to show you the best tools or laptop junk cleaner apps in Windows 10.

Here are The Best Junk Cleaner App on Windows 10 PC Desktop Laptop

#1. Restoro (recommended)

Restoro (recommended)
Restoro (recommended)

Restoro is a highly recommended system repair tool for your PC.

This professional Windows system repair tool is a complete program that not only replaces missing DLLs with its patented technology but can also recover corrupted or missing entries in the registry.

Here are some examples of its superior features:

• It corrects settings, removes junk, and deletes corrupted files to help you free up disk space

• Can be an excellent help to restore your computer after a serious infection

• Drastically improves computer stability and dramatically increases its speed

• Includes a remote database of genuine and up-to-date Windows files that can replace corrupted files on the scanned system

• This app is the perfect solution for adware, ransomware, Trojans, and other malicious programs.

The analysis process and scan results are free of charge, but users who wish to fix problems automatically must purchase the licensed version.

Get rid of unwanted files on your Windows 10 computer forever with Restoro!

#2. AVG TuneUP (recommended)

AVG TuneUP (recommended)
AVG TuneUP (recommended)

Finding the best PC cleaner isn’t always easy, but if you’re looking for software to remove unnecessary files in Windows 10, then AVG TuneUP might be what you need.

Here are the features of the garbage cleaning application on this laptop:

• Will automatically clean your registry and fix various problems

• Automatic maintenance that will clean browser residue, track cookies, cache files, etc.

• Sleep Mode technology that puts resource-intensive programs or background programs into sleep mode to improve your PC’s performance

• Ability to find and remove unwanted software such as bloatware or old software

• Delete cache files, old backups, and temporary files thanks to the Disk Cleaner feature

• Browser Cleaner feature that will delete residual files from all your browsers

• Ability to automatically update outdated software

#3. CCleaner


Perhaps one of the most famous junk file cleaning applications on Windows 10 laptops is CCleaner.

This app can remove junk files, but it also has many other features.

Regarding the features, here are the most prominent ones:

• Ability to clean temporary files (temporary files), cookies, history, and other files from all major and less popular browsers

• Can clean the Recycle Bin, recent documents, temporary files, log files, clipboard, DNS cache, error reports, memory dumps, and jump lists

• Delete temporary files and list of recent files associated with various third-party applications

• Software updates (professional version only)

• Real-time monitoring (professional version only)

• Scheduled cleaning (professional version only)

#4. Revo Uninstaller

The next application for cleaning junk files on laptops that also has a very good feature is Revo Uninstaller.

Regarding features, here are some of the best features this app has to offer:

• Can uninstall any application and delete all files associated with it

• Hunter Mode which allows you to define and delete unknown apps

• The Autorun Manager feature allows you to control which applications start automatically with your PC

• Ability to delete junk files and speed up your PC and delete files and folders permanently

Pro version features:

• Forced Uninstall – Remove residual files from any applications that were not properly uninstalled

• Quick/Multiple uninstall – Manage queues for the apps you want to uninstall and delete them one by one

• Real-time installation monitor lets you see changes live on your PC while certain apps are being installed

• Ability to make system and registry backups before making any changes

#5. Wise Registry Cleaner

If you need a good laptop junk file removal app, then you should give Wise Registry Cleaner a try.

This software comes in two versions, Free and Pro, and the differences are very slight.

Regarding features, here are some important features that this laptop cleaning app offers:

• Ability to scan the registry and remove damaged or unnecessary entries

• Can easily restore the registry to a previous state if you encounter any problems

• You can add the Clean Registry shortcut on your desktop to clean the registry whenever you want

• Three different scan modes: normal, safe, and deep

• Support for exceptions that let you bypass certain sensitive areas of your registry

• Multi-user support (only in the Pro version) – Thanks to this, you can clean the registry for all users on your PC, as long as you have administrative rights

#6. Magic Utilities

The next junk file cleaning application in Windows 10 is Magic Utilities.

The app has a simple user interface, but it makes up for it with its features.

Speaking of features, here are a few that stand out:

• Ability to quickly and easily remove applications from your PC

• Can easily detect corrupted registry entries

• It finds leftover files from deleted apps

• Detect recently installed programs or programs that have been added to the startup

• It configures your startup applications

• Built-in task manager that can immediately close applications

• Can find and delete temporary or junk files from your PC

#7. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is one of the junk file cleaner apps for Windows 10 laptops.

This application has a friendly user interface so you can easily find and delete duplicate files.

Regarding features, here are some important features that this app offers:

• Very simple user interface to use

• Multiple scan modes

• Ability to remove duplicates from cloud storage services

• Folder comparison mode

• Ability to find correct duplicates

#8. Wise Disk Cleaner

If you are looking for the best PC cleaning app, you might want to give Wise Disk Cleaner a try.

The app is easy to use but also packs a lot of useful features.

Here are some of the most prominent features:

• Ability to delete unnecessary files and free up valuable disk space

• Advanced options that let you delete all kinds of junk files

• Ability to clear your browsing history, cache files, and browser cookies

• Can also clean up various traces left by your operating system

• Built-in defragmentation tool

• Ability to schedule cleaning sessions

#9. FileCleaner

The junk cleaner app on laptops is also quite great and can help you remove junk files from your Windows 10 PC is FileCleaner.

According to the developers, this application will free up space on your PC, while speeding up your browser and PC.

As for the features, here are some of the most prominent features that FileCleaner has to offer:

• Clean junk files in real-time

• Can easily clean Internet and application history

• Ability to delete search history, temporary files, and recent documents

• Can delete browser extensions, toolbars, and cache

• File shredder feature that will permanently delete the desired files

• Scheduler for iterative optimization

• Support for all major browsers

#10. R-Wipe and Clean

R-Wipe & Clean is another junk file removal app, and it works with both Mac and Windows computers.

Regarding features, here are some that stand out:

• Ability to remove traces of any activity from your browser and other communication programs

• Can clean traces of activity including various lists, logs, cache, temporary files, etc.

• Ability to delete registry entries, temporary files, system history, and logs

• Can delete cache, temporary files, logs, other traces, and junk files left by third-party applications

• Ability to easily delete files and free up disk space

• Support for deleting files directly from File Explorer or the shortcut menu

• Can work with SSDs while minimizing wear and tear by cleaning only the data that is needed

#11. Digeus Junk Files Cleaner

One of the software that can delete unnecessary files in Windows 10 is Digeus Junk Files Cleaner.

Regarding the features, here are some that stand out the most:

• Ability to delete large files and free up hard drive space

• Improve your system performance

• Can speed up your hard drive search performance

• Ability to find and delete more than 50 types of junk files

• Can remove invalid Start Menu items, shortcuts, empty, old, and temporary files

• Ability to manually check files before you delete them


If you are looking for the best Windows 10 laptop junk file cleaner app, be sure to try the top picks from this article. Hope this short guide helped you to clean junk files on your laptop.

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