5 Ways To Register IDM Free for Lifetime 2024


5 Ways To Register IDM Free for Lifetime – Internet Download Manager or IDM is a useful PC software for managing file downloads from the internet. This software can download files from the internet at a stable speed. But before that, you must know how to register IDM to use it.

5 Ways To Register IDM Free for Liftime
5 Ways To Register IDM Free for Lifetime

Register IDM Free for the Lifetime of 2024

Yes, by registering with IDM permanently, you will be able to use IDM forever, not just a free trial for 30 days. There are many ways to register for IDM, such as buying the license directly, using the serial number to using the IDM patch.

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However, among the registrations, many ask whether it is possible to register IDM without a serial number. Of course, the answer is no, because registration requires a Serial Number or something else.

Overview of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

You should know some enlightenment about the origin of IDM when it was made, its function or use, and many others. The following is an understanding of IDM or Internet Download Manager that you should know.

#1. Understanding IDM

Understanding IDM
Understanding IDM

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a useful software for downloading files from the internet, which is also equipped with a download resume. This feature allows users to pause and resume downloads as needed.

This software was developed in the United States by Tonec. Inc., which also offers maximum download speeds. Thanks to this software, you can download big movies and games in no time.

Compared to similar software, IDM has advantages that other software does not have. Yes, IDM has a feature to divide the data being downloaded into several parts. Now, after everything is downloaded, the separate parts will be combined into one complete file.

Not surprisingly, a process called multipart makes downloading files from the internet fast. IDM even dares to claim that the file download speed using IDM is 500% faster than similar software.

#2. Internet Download Manager (IDM) function

Internet Download Manager (IDM) function
Internet Download Manager (IDM) function

The main function of this software is to download files from the internet, it can be photos, videos, applications, games to documents. IDM allows users to download the files above quickly and stably, although it slightly depends on the quality of the internet provider used.

In essence, this application is very easy, especially for those of you who have to download files immediately. Amazingly, IDM can also be used to download videos from YouTube (and other platforms) automatically, you just need to press the IDM button to start downloading videos.

Advantages of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Advantages of Internet Download Manager (IDM)
Advantages of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Internet Download Manager has many advantages, which makes it the most used download manager software. At least, there are 4 main advantages offered by IDM, namely:

#1. Download Speed ​​Increases 5 Times

Download Speed ​​Increases 5 Times
Download Speed ​​Increases 5 Times

The main advantage of IDM is its incredible download speed, it can even increase 5 times compared to if you don’t use IDM. This is thanks to the latest technology built into it, namely the intelligent Intelligent Dynamic File.

This means that IDM provides a dynamic download service so that it can be paused and resumed according to user needs. Relax, when the download is paused, there is no need to start over again, because it will continue from the last download progress.

#2. Resume Download Feature

Resume Download Feature
Resume Download Feature

Next is the resume download feature, the feature most favored by IDM users. Thanks to this feature, you can continue downloads that have been stopped due to technical problems such as internet problems, PC shuts down suddenly, unstable connections, and so on.

So, when there are interruptions, you don’t need to worry because you can continue the download to completion without having to start from the beginning.

#3. Download Time Management

Download Time Management
Download Time Management

IDM also allows users to set when the download time is desired by the user. They can choose to download it right away or postpone it to the time they want. Users can also sync files downloaded on their computers to other locations thanks to cloud storage.

#4. Minimize the Risk of Getting a Virus

Minimize the Risk of Getting Virus
Minimize the Risk of Getting Virus

IDM will automatically run antivirus such as Avast, McAfee, Spybot, and the like so that the downloaded file is free from indications of being exposed to:

  • Trojans
  • Malware
  • RAT
  • Adware
  • Phishing
  • Bloatware etc.

How to Register Permanently and Free IDM

You can enjoy Internet Download Manager for free for 30 days, which is included in the free trial program. During that time, you can take full advantage of IDM to download whatever files you want.

Well, after the 30 days are over, you have to upgrade or buy a license so you can continue to use IDM. You can buy an official IDM license for around Rp. 254,000.00, which will work forever or a lifetime without having to buy again every month or year.

If you don’t want to buy an official license, you can re-download IDM and then use the free trial for 30 days. You can do this as long as you want if you don’t mind.

In addition to the two events above, there are other IDM registration methods that you can also try. This method is not recommended because it is illegal and there is a risk of entering a virus into the computer. But if you are curious and want to try it, then you can listen to the guide below:

Registration can be done for free and is valid forever, without having to enter a serial number, namely by using the IDM patch. In this way, the IDM installed on the computer will become the full version, so it can be used forever without any notification of an invalid serial number.

Here’s a tutorial on how to register IDM permanently free forever on a laptop or PC:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Download Manager, you can check it on the Help tab and then select Check for Updates. If it’s still an old version, you have to download the latest version first.
  • Now download the IDM patch via the following link (the file can be suspected of being a virus, so you have to disable antivirus and Windows Defender on your computer).
  • After the IDM patch is downloaded, extract the IDM patch in the location you want.
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
  • If IDM is still open, don’t forget to close it first.
  • Next right right-click on 3x_Crack_17.8 and select Run as administrator.
  • Then select Yes to grant administrator permissions.
  • After that, the IDM Crack window will appear, you just click Crack for permanent free IDM activation without a serial number.
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
  • Wait for the cracking and patching process to complete, if it is already written IDM Patched will appear which means IDM has been successfully activated.
  • Finally, select Finish to close the IDM Crack window.
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
  • Because the IDM activation process has been completed, you can activate the antivirus and Windows Defender again.
  • Done, now Internet Download Manager can be used again for free and permanently without having to enter a serial number.

To make sure whether Internet Download Manager has been activated or not, you can check it yourself in the IDM software, how to:

  • Open Internet Download Manager.
  • Go to the Registration menu.
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
How to Register Permanently and Free IDM
  • After that a window will pop up, if it says Full Registered, it means that IDM on the computer has become the full version.

By using the IDM patch above, you no longer need to enter random serial numbers scattered on the internet. Just download the IDM patch, and IDM will magically turn into the full version.

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The IDM registration method above can be an alternative if you object to buying an official IDM license or are too lazy to install and reinstall IDM to get a free trial. Be careful when downloading the IDM patch, make sure it is not a virus that harms the computer.

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