4 Ways To Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10 PC 2024


4 Ways To Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10 PC – Some laptop users are less comfortable using the default keyboard and prefer to use an external keyboard.

4 Ways To Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10 PC
4 Ways To Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10 PC

How To Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows 10 PC 2024

For example, I prefer to use a mechanical keyboard that has a better sound and feel compared to the laptop’s default keyboard.

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When using an external keyboard, of course, the laptop’s default keyboard is rarely or even not used anymore.

Because it is not used, many choose to disable the keyboard, so that when the button is accidentally pressed, the work is not interrupted.

How to disable the laptop keyboard without turning off the touchpad can be done by following the following ways:

#1. Via Button

On some types of laptops, there are keys with a keyboard logo, usually between the F1 to F12 keys.

You can use this button to disable the laptop’s internal keyboard.

The trick, please press the FN key combination or Ctrl + Alt with the key with the keyboard logo.

If your laptop does not have a button with the keyboard logo, you disable the keyboard through Device Manager.

#2. Melalui Device Manager

In Device Manager, all devices connected to the laptop will be detected, including the internal keyboard.

Therefore, the laptop’s internal keyboard can be disabled through the Device Manager by applying the following methods:

  1. Open Device Manager, right-click on Start, then select Device Manager.
  2. Next Device Manager will open and all detected devices will be visible here.
  3. Then click the Keyboard menu.
  4. Then click or select the name of the internal keyboard in the menu. Usually detected as “ Standard/PS2 Keyboard “.
  5. Right-click on Standard/PS2 Keyboard, then select the Update Driver Software option.
  6. Then select the “ Browse My Computer for Driver Software ” option.
  7. Then click the “ Let Me Pick From a List of Devices” option.
  8. Then uncheck the ” Show Compatible Hardware ” menu to display devices that are not installed because they are not compatible with the laptop.
  9. Then select a device driver that is not compatible with the laptop. For example like the image below.
  10. Click Next to continue.
  11. Then click Yes, if a confirmation notification appears.

This method is a way to change the laptop’s internal keyboard driver to be incompatible so that your laptop keyboard becomes disabled.

#3. How to Activate Laptop Keyboard On Windows 10 PC

The laptop’s internal keyboard that you have disabled can still be reactivated.

The method is quite easy, you just need to repeat the steps to disable the keyboard as described above.

However, what makes the difference is checking the Show Compatible Hardware option and selecting the Standard/PS2 Keyboard model.

When you select Standard/PS2 Keyboard, the laptop will detect and automatically reinstall the laptop’s internal keyboard driver.

How to lock the laptop’s internal keyboard above can be applied to Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, LG, Lenovo, and others.

#4. How to Permanently Disable the Keyboard In Windows

Usually, a laptop that has been disabled will be active again after the laptop is restarted.

This is because Windows has a feature that functions to reinstall drivers automatically when the laptop is restarted.

If you don’t want this, you should permanently disable the laptop keyboard by following these steps:

  1. Click the Search icon or column.
  2. Then type gpedit.msc, then press Enter or click gpedit.msc.
  3. Then the Local Computer Policy window will open.
  4. Klik “Computer Configuration File”.
  5. Then click the “Administrative Templates” folder.
  6. Then click the “System” folder.
  7. Then click the “Device Installation” folder, then click “Device Installation Restrictions”.
  8. After that double click on the “Prevent installation of the device not described” option.
  9. Then a new window will appear, at this stage please activate the “Enabled” option then click “Apply”.
  10. Then click “OK”.

By applying this method, the laptop’s internal keyboard will not activate automatically after restarting.

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This is the explanation of 4 ways to disable a laptop keyboard in Windows 10 PC, After that, you can bring up a virtual keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard) on the laptop screen as a substitute for the keyboard that has been disabled.

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