Download Small Size PPSSPP Game on [Android ISO and CSO] 2022


Download Small Size PPSSPP Game on [Android ISO and CSO] 2022 – PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that can load and play PSP games via Android or on PC. The difference between PSP and PS2 games is in terms of graphics if the PSP is a practical version and usually the graphics quality of this game is not as good as PS2, but not all, because there are also games that have a good PSP version and the PS2 version is also good like the God Of War Ghost of gameSparta and maybe there are others.

Download Small Size PPSSPP Game on [iso and cso]
Download Small Size PPSSPP Game on [iso and cso]

How to Download Small Size PPSSPP Game on [ Android iso and cso] 2022

But before downloading the PPSSPP Game The following small size, if you want to play this game, please download the PPSSPP emulator first, of course (you can download it via this official link ).

If you really like playing PSP games on PSP, you can use the gold version of the emulator (if the gold is paid) but the quality is certainly better because the audio-visual effect is better, but that doesn’t mean the usual PPSSPP is bad, it’s still good.

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Now below the admin will share a collection of small ppsspp offline games that are already highly compressed so you can play on Android without lag and smoothly. Come on, just download the game.

There are lots of sizes under 100MB too, oh yes, if there is a .iso game format, there is also a .cso one (the difference is that the ISO is usually smaller in size).

Which is good? Please try it yourself so that it is more impressive, but it seems that if you really want quality, you choose CSO, even though in Indonesia itself, I think there are more people who choose ISO.

1. God Of War Ghost Sparta

For those of you who often play games made by Sony, you know very well about this game. This game which tells the story of a battle between gods in Greek mythology is very exciting to play, the quality of the graphics is also really excellent.

As the admin explained earlier, not only the PSP version, God of War Ghost Sparta is also good on the PS2 version too.

God Of War Ghost Sparta
God Of War Ghost Sparta

Especially for this one. Because the quality of the game is good, the size is also quite large (but according to the admin itself, it can be said that it is small when compared to the quality of the game you get). Let’s just download the game here. But if you really want a small size, you can skip it and continue to check the game list below.


2. Naruto Shippuden Ninja Impact

I don’t know why when discussing the PPSSPP game, it feels like Naruto has to be in it, hehe. Yes, this game is very popular for PSP console lovers, not only because the game is good, but the Naruto anime has a lot of fans, hehe.

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Impact
Naruto Shippuden Ninja Impact

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact even though the ppsspp game is small but good, you know, it also plays smoothly on Android phones. You can see for yourself from the screenshot above, the graphics are really great, let’s play!


3. GTA Vice City Stories

For those of you who like to play GTA, you can download GTA Vice City PPSSPP which is also very exciting. This game with the open-world genre is arguably one of the best besides GTA San Andreas.

GTA Vice City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories

There are many characters, some of which come from GTA III and have exciting gameplay like its predecessor, GTA III. If interested, you can visit this link to download it below.


4. Need For Speed

Need For Speed
Need For Speed

Game Need For Speed ​​is one of the popular games among PS2 lovers and on PSP it is also very exciting, so let’s immediately play this PSP NFS game through the PPSSPP emulator. If you want to play, you can download it from the below link.


5. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

Especially if you 90s kids, you really understand Dragon Ball Anime? Now for those who like to play games and want to reminisce about Dragon Ball Z, you can download this game right now, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team where there are several characters such as Vegeta, Gohan, Gotenks, and so on.

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This game comes with 3D graphics quality so it’s very exciting, for the gameplay itself this game is in the fighting genre so later in the game there will be lots of fighting scenes, of course, it’s fun. If interested, you can just download it from below.


6. Zuma


This small size ppsspp game is only 18 MB in size and the quality of the graphics and the excitement of the song doesn’t need to be doubted, Zuma Space is a game with a mission you have to be able to shoot 3 colors if the same so that the ball pops so that you get points, the ball will move faster with increasing levels. Let’s just try to play, download from below.


7. Dave Mirra BMX

Dave Mirra BMX
Dave Mirra BMX

Initially, this game was just a PC game and now it can be played on Android with the PPSSPP emulator because this game already has a PSP version and the fun is very challenging where Dave Mirra who is a BMX legend and the most famous sports athlete has a gameplay of around 17 levels and 9 different environments, of course with lots of bikes too. Come on, download via this link below, and play the game!


Furthermore, below are many more, but the size is rather large up to hundreds of MB, but this is comparable to the quality of the game.

8. Tekken 6

Tekken 6
Tekken 6

Apart from the Naruto Game, Bandai Namco also released one of the best games called Tekken 6, and currently, it can be played on PS3. but for those of you who don’t have a PS2, you can play the PSP version of this game on Android. The graphics quality itself is not as good as on the PS3, but the gameplay is very exciting, no less. If interested, you can download it from the below link.


9. Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter

Just like Basara, the Game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is also one of the best and fun games for Capcom Developers to play, you could even say that Monster Hunter is the best ppsspp game for the Open world genre. There will be many monsters that exist and must be hunted, Download Monster Hunter below.


10. Assasins Creed Bloodlines

Assasins Creed Bloodlines
Assasins Creed Bloodlines

This Assasins Creed game is also very popular among PSP lovers because it has very exciting gameplay like on the Play Station and tells the story of the first assassins who had a mission to find the aims and objectives of the Templars. The difference from the previous version is that there is no Desmond Miles, who wants to play directly, open the download link below.


This game made by Ubisoft was released for the first time in 2009 and with the action-adventure genre, stealth is no doubt the excitement.

Small Size PSP Game ISO Collection For PPSSPP Android and PC

The following small size PSP games only require a memory capacity of 10MB to 400MB only. This is perfect for those of you who want to download a small PPSSPP game under 100MB.

So it won’t be too burdensome, especially if you play PSP games on an Android cellphone, gang.

If you don’t have a PSP console, you can download the PPSSPP emulator on Android or PC which you can get for free below.

You can get the list of games below through a small PPSSPP game download site called CoolROM.

You don’t need to use it for long, here is a list of small PPSSPP game downloads that you can download right away, and of course, all of them are free, gang.

There are many collections of small PPSSPP games under 100MB too, you know!

A ~ E Alphabet Small Size PPSSPP Game

Download the small size PPSSPP game for Android and PC, we start from the alphabet A to E first.

Happy fighting games like Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai, or hack and slash games like Dynasty Warriors, you just have to search them below.

Unfortunately, for those of you who are looking for a collection of small Basara PSP games, ApkVenue doesn’t include it in the list because the file size is too large, even more than 1GB.

Now, to download it, just click on the game title you want, wait a few moments and you will immediately be directed to a third-party site to download your favorite game.






Small Size PPSSPP Game Alphabet F ~ J

Who doesn’t know the legendary RPG game franchise Final Fantasy? You can also download the game for the tablets in order alphabetical F to J‘s.

Moreover, the link that ApkVenue shares this time is a link to a collection of small PSP games so games with a long duration like Final Fantasy, even though the size will not be up to 1GB.

It doesn’t take long, just find the game you want in alphabetical order from F to J below.






K ~ O Alphabet Small Size PPSSPP Game

PSP games that will be the next smaller size Jaka bagiin starts from the letters K to O. Racing games such as Moto GP, and the legendary platforming game Megaman can be found here.

But, for those of you who are looking for a collection of PSP games with small size Naruto, unfortunately, ApkVenue doesn’t find the file with the small size in question, gang.

Just like before, you just need to click the link that ApkVenue provides and will be directed to a third-party download site.

Just prepare for time, gang, because there are so many small PPSSPP files that you can play to unwind here.






PPSSPP Game Small Size Alphabet P ~ T

Have you ever heard of Patapon? Exciting game with gameplay similar to Guitar Hero, but here you don’t press the rhythm button to play music but to defeat the enemy.

This small collection of PPSSPP games is guaranteed to be very unique, and you will never be bored playing games that are in the alphabet list P to T.

For those who like JRPG games, Persona is also on the game list this time, you know!

Unfortunately, in the list this time there is no download link for the small PPSSPP ISO game under 50MB. But, ApkVenue guarantees the collection of small PSP games below is really fun for you to play.






U ~ Z Alphabet Small Size PPSSPP Game

Like sports games in this collection of U to Z alphabet games, there are many interesting sports games that you can play such as World Tour Soccer and World Poker Tour.

If sports games are not interesting, you can also download small PPSSPP games for Android and PC with strategy genres such as Warhammer 40,000.

Anyway, whatever genre is your favorite, just search, the gang and game you are looking for will immediately find it here.







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So, friends, That’s the list of ISO download links for the small size PPSSPP game that you can download for free via Android or PC.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day because you can find here the latest Tech Computer Android games How-to Guide Tips&Tricks Software Review etc, Which we update every day.

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