How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skin 2020


How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skin– PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that is very popular at this time. Actually, PUBG is a game that was originally made for PC and Xbox One. But the big company Tencent made PUBG in a mobile version.

How to Get a Free PUBG Mobile SkinCurrently, many PUBG Mobile game players around the world play this game every day. And the popularity of PUBG Mobile is increasing day by day. If you are a fan of this game, you are obliged to know tips and tricks from PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile updates very frequently to provide interesting content, one of which is skin. The skin feature makes players not bored to play this game. Skins are made for clothes from players, vehicle skins, and even skins for weapons.

But of course, some of these skins have to spend some money to get them. But there is no need to worry because there are tricks to get PUBG Mobile skins for free.

Download PUBG Mobile Skins For Free 2020

Due to a large number of PUBG Mobile players around the world, Tencent divides several countries to play on certain servers. Each country has different promos and prizes from other countries.

For example, weapon skins should be obtained by buying in India, but in other countries, the skin can be obtained for free. If you don’t want to spend money on skins, you have to be on the internet in that country.

Then, do you have to go abroad just to get free PUBG Mobile skins? Of course not. You only need to use your cellphone to enter overseas networks. Here’s how to get a free PUBG Mobile skin using a VPN.

How to get free PUBG Mobile skins with a VPN

VPN or an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network is a second network that you can use to manipulate IP. You can use a VPN to disguise your IP so you can enter overseas networks without having to go abroad directly.

VPN applications can be found easily on the Google Playstore, there are several VPN applications that can be used for free, and there are also VPNs that have to pay some money.

If you want to use a free VPN application, it is recommended to use Solo VPN, while for paid VPNs it is recommended to use HMA VPN. The two VPNs are of course very different, Solo VPN only provides a few countries that can be used, while HMA is available for all countries in the world.

How to get free PUBG Mobile skins with Solo VPN

Solo VPN is a VPN application that is quite popular. The reason is, this application can be used for free and without providing usage restrictions.

Here’s how to get free VPN PUBG skin:

  1. First, install Solo VPN via Google Playstore
  2. Then open the application.
  3. Connect to the server according to the desired country.
  4. After the VPN is connected to the VPN, open PUBG.
  5. Get PUBG Mobile skins for free.

Even though it’s free, the servers offered by the Solo VPN application vary. This application has been downloaded 10 million times by Android5555 users around the world.

How to get free PUBG Mobile skins with HMA VPN

HMA or the abbreviation HideMyAss is a VPN application that offers servers from various countries. The servers on HMA have all countries around the world at this time.

How to get permanent Pubg skin for free:

  1. First, install HMA VPN via Google Playstore
  2. Open the application then log in using an HMA account.
  3. Select the country to define the VPN server.
  4. Open PUBG after you are connected to a VPN.
  5. Get a free PUBG Mobile skin.

HMA VPN implements a subscription system. So, you have to spend a little money to be able to use this HMA VPN application.

How to Find PUBG Mobile Skins for Free

After you already know how to get PUBG Mobile skins for free using a VPN, surely you want other skins right? Basically, because the free skins from PUBG Mobile are only available in certain countries, maybe you as a PUBG Mobile player from India don’t know about this free skin.

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But you don’t need to worry about missing information about the free PUBG Mobile skins. I suggest you join the PUBG Mobile India Facebook group to get the latest information from PUBG Mobile.

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