10 Ways To Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10 PC 2024


10 Ways To Fix Applications Not Opening In Windows 10 PC – The application cannot be opened. You, Windows 10 users may have encountered this problem several times.

How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10
How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10

How to Fix Applications Not Opening In Windows 10 PC 2024

The meaning of software cannot be opened here is twofold:

  • Due to the appearance of an error message
  • The application is opened but does not appear at all

The message in question is in the form of dll is missing or stopped working

Well, conditions like this are not only you who experience it, you know.

Many other users who have even used Windows 10 since it was first released, also often experience this problem. I am no exception.

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Cause the application or game cannot be opened on Windows

# 1. System Problems

For example, your Windows 10 system has a bug or other things like that.

# 2. Exposed to Viruses

Just like before, it’s just that this is caused by a virus or malware.

# 3. Fewer Data Required

The data in question is a system application. NET Framework, Visual Credits, and the like.

# 4. Corrupt application

The application has a problem (damaged or corrupted ). Usually stopped working is a message that usually appears.

How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10

The causes are various, and for different ways to overcome them.

Here I will explain. Incidentally I myself quite often encounter problems like this. And until now it can be overcome continuously.

# 1. End Application Task in Task Manager

When a program is opened but nothing appears, usually, this is because Windows has not been able to fully load the application.

How to fix it with End Task:

  • Click the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys
  • Then you will see the Task Manager
  • Please look for an application that cannot be opened. For example IDM
How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10
  • Right-click IDM> Then select End Task
How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10
  • If so, please reopen IDM

Done. This way I usually always succeed. In addition, after the End Task, you can also try restarting it first.

# 2. Install System Programs

How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10

I mean the system program is very important. Especially for running applications that are a bit heavy. Like Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, or games.

If you don’t have it installed, then the app is very likely to have an error.


  • The application cannot display an image ( blank )
  • The application cannot open
  • An error message appears, such as ” dll is missing ” or ” unable to start correctly “

Applications that must be installed:

  • NET Framework (Latest Version)
  • Microsoft Visual Credits (All versions)
  • DirectX

For how to install the application, just visit the official Microsoft website.

# 3. Clear Application Data

This feature is used to clear application preference data. The aim is that the saved application settings can be lost.

The result is a problematic application that cannot open, it can be normal as before.

Follow these steps:

  • Please go to Settings.
  • Search for Apps & Features.
How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10
  • Please select the desired application.
How to Fix Applications Not Opening in Windows 10
  • Then click Advanced Options.
  • In the next menu, please select Reset.

This will delete all app preferences. After that, try restarting and running the application again.


  • If the setting is not there, then first update your Windows 10 version to at least the Anniversary Update

# 4. Set up Windows Service

Applications that exist on Windows run based on services as well. So I can say this point is important.

Especially for Windows default applications, such as XBOX, application settings alias settings, calculators, clocks, and the like.

Follow these steps.

Activating Windows Services:

  • Press the Windows key + R
  • Type services.msc > Then click OK
Set up Windows Service
  • Then look for Windows Update > Double-click the configuration
  • In the startup type column, set it to manual or automatic

Set up Windows Service

  • Click Apply > then click OK
  • After that, please restart your PC or laptop
Automatic Manual
Services will run automatically when Windows starts Services only run when activated

Manage Application Services:

  • Press the Windows key + R
  • Type services.msc > Click OK
  • Next, please look for Application Identity
Set up Windows Service
  • Then click the Start button to make the service run
Set up Windows Service
  • Also, set the startup type to Automatic
  • Restart your PC or laptop

After that, please check again the application you want to open.

# 5. Set up System Administrator

Applications cannot run, one of which is due to system administrator settings. Here you need to set it up too.


  • Open Explorer> Then right-click Drive C> Select Properties
Set up System Administrator
  • Then open the Security tab > Then click Advanced
  • Well, there click the Change button
Set up System Administrator
  • Then click the Advanced button again
  • Click the Find now button > Click Administrator again > Then select OK
Set up System Administrator
  • If so, check the Replace owner column > Then click Apply

Done. You just wait for the process.

# 6. With Regedit

For the problem that the program cannot be opened in Windows 10, we can try adjusting a registry setting called FilterAdministratorToken.

This method I learned this from WindowsReport.com.

The method is like this:

  • Click Windows key + R> Type Regedit > Then click OK
With Regedit
  • On the left menu> Please enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE
  • Open the Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Policies > System folder again

With Regedit

  • Double click on FilterAdministratorToken > Then change the value of its (value) to 1.

With Regedit

  • Restart your PC or laptop.

If the registry settings are missing:

  1. Right-click on the System section earlier.
  2. Select DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  3. Type ” FilterAdministratorToken “.
  4. Done.

# 7. Clear Windows Store Cache

For applications that come from the Windows Store, you can try this method. Its function is to reset the application data preferences.

The method is like this:

  • Type in the CMD search field
  • Right-click> Then select Run as Administrator
Clear Windows Store Cache
  • Type ” wsreset.exe ” on the CMD page.
Clear Windows Store Cache
  • Wait a few moments, the Windows Store will open, then it will update existing applications.


This method will not erase or erase any data on your computer. So there’s no need to worry, huh.

# 8. Reinstall Application

Applications that have errors when opened, could be from a failed installation process. For example, there is a file that is missing or corrupt.

Now, by reinstalling, problems like that should be resolved.

To do this, we must first delete the application:

  • Go to Settings.
Reinstall Application
  • Open Apps & Features.
Reinstall Application
  • Find and select the desired application.
  • Then click Uninstall.

Reinstall Application

After that, now install the application again as usual.

Addition: If you have an application like CCleaner , try doing a registry wipe too , to make the uninstall process cleaner.

# 9. Windows Update

Windows Update

As we know, every once in a while, Microsoft always updates the Windows 10 version to the newer one.

Examples of famous updates :

  • Creators Update version
  • Fall Update version
  • Anniversary Update
  • And others

Well, doing the update also doesn’t hurt to try.

The reason:

  • Because in addition to being able to get a variety of new features, bug – a bug long that there would be eliminated, so that users can be more smoothly.
  • Including if you experience errors when opening certain applications, this can be normal after updating to the latest version of Windows 10.

# 10. Reset your Windows 10

Reset Windows 10 here is intended to delete all data, as well as the applications that we have installed so that the system can be fresh again.

Actually, this solution option is more or less like reinstalling it. It’s just that, it can be said that it is simpler and the process is much faster.

For those who want to try it, you can do it like this:

  • The column can type in the search ” Reset “
Reset your Windows 10
  • Then you will go to the Recovery page
  • Select Get Started

Reset your Windows 10

  • Then follow all the instructions


Because it can erase all data, make sure the important data you have is already in a backup position.

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The method here is what I use most often. There are many other tips, but my experience doesn’t matter at all.

If you have questions, please ask directly via the comment box below.

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