17+ Best Offline And Online Naruto Games for Android 2024


17+ Best Offline And Online Naruto Games for Android – Naruto is one of the anime from Japan that is very popular for a long time. Not only because he likes to fight with other ninjas, but there are many lessons that we can take from this Naruto film.

17+ Best Offline & Online Naruto Games for Android
17+ Best Offline & Online Naruto Games for Android

17+ Best Offline & Online Naruto Games for Android 2024

For example, there are many aphorisms and wise words in this Naruto anime that certainly make us even more excited to live life.

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Not infrequently from some of the episodes that are aired, always show an exemplary attitude and are good for us to be examples in everyday life.

The figure of Naruto is better known by fans in general, they are teenagers and also children. But it is not uncommon for Naruto to be admired by adults, because this cartoon is quite attractive to many from all walks of life.

And now Naruto is not only present in the form of anime cartoons, you know, but now there are lots of the best Naruto android games that you can play offline and online using your smartphone.

Recently, the latest Naruto game made by Bandai, called Naruto Blazing, has appeared and we can play it for free by downloading it from the Play Store.

But it’s a shame because we have to play the Naruto game using a connection. After all, without the internet we can’t play it. The game is no less exciting and interesting if I compare it to other Naruto APK games.

So, to make it clearer so you can choose which one is the best, here we AndroidGaul.id will provide the latest Naruto game updates 2018 which we will always update according to the latest developments and games.

Best Offline and Online Naruto Games for Android

The following Naruto games are very exciting and not bored to always be played, so don’t be surprised if you will spend a lot of your time with the games that we are going to present. Let’s just watch and download.

#1. Ultimate Battle: Ninja Dash

Next is the Naruto Android game for you to play online entitled Ultimate Battle: Ninja Dash. This game is perfect for those of you who are fans of endless runners. The argument is in this game, you can play the role of one of your traits of Naruto to fight the enemy and get items while you run in this game.

The interesting thing about this game is that you can also play it with three people in multiplayer (more than one player).

Ultimate Battle Ninja Dash

So that you can easily get some new game characters, so you can buy them with Rubies and Coins. Each of these characteristics (characters) will have various attack patterns that are not the same, and you can upgrade the character to make it stronger through the stages after which it will always challenge you.

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#2. Neji Storm Ninja

Neji Storm Ninja

In this Naruto game, it becomes the role of Ninja, Neji Hyuga to destroy and fight his enemies. The opponent who must be defeated by Neji Hyuga is a ninja Akatsuki subordinate who is so strong as in the Naruto film that we often watch.

By playing this game, my friend will be invited to go through 60 parts or stages and destroy 6 different bosses so that Neji Hyuga wins and ends. To learn more about the role of Neji Hyuga, this game also has 2 different modes, namely survival mode and story mode.

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#3. Ninja Heroes

This Ninja Heroes tells the story of Naruto’s journey from the first to the present which is like what we watch in comics. Naruto and his friends are depicted in a chubby (chibi Naruto) visual form and are so cute.

For friends who have seen the animated version of Naruto, they will certainly be more entertained, because this Naruto figure continues to be so cute that is sure to make you smile grimly. This story is carried in Ninja Heroes but is taken from the original story according to the film.

If you want to see the original Naruto story in other forms, then Ninja Heroes is the answer to know more about the Naruto anime from the start.

Ninja Heroes

This Naruto Android game can be played on Android-based devices online. It is proven that this game is so funny and also challenging, just play it according to the level that you want, so that it is not too difficult. What are you waiting for, please get it now.

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#4. Ninja Kyuubi

Ninja Kyuubi

As for the best Naruto game and the next update, which is called Ninja Kyuubi. This Ninja Kyuubi Game has been designed like Ninja Heroes or something similar. But this Naruto game can be seen in terms of appearance, playfulness, or the characters in it.

Even so, the Ninja Kyuubi game is the most favorite especially for Naruto lovers, because “this Naruto game” is so cool when played.

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#5. Ninja Legend

The characters of Naruto and his friends in Ninja Legend are made more like the current anime version. The chuby and adorable designs in Ninja Heroes are no longer available and you will find them in this version. In terms of game skills, there are even more options that you can choose freely.

800 skill combinations are ready and available for us to play. The characters in this story are even more numerous and more challenging than in other Naruto games.

Ninja Legend

This game made by Cave Ape has successfully become the most favorite Naruto game. At least there is also more than 20 rubu positive feedback from Naruto lovers around the world after this game has been launched.

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#6. Ninja World 3D

This Naruto game is one of the most famous Naruto games. Yes, the Naruto game we mean is Ninja Word 3D. From the name alone it was predictable. What design has the creator of this game presented to war game lovers?

Ninja World 3D

Gamers will be treated to a gamed sensation with the MMORPG genre that is so amazing, as well as simple gameplay that is so easy to play for friends, but this one game is so extraordinary.

Some of the unique characters that this game has can appear, so you don’t get bored playing it. All that happens because the technology is equivalent to the COC Game.

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#7. Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X

The next Naruto Android game is so good to play and test the toughness of your moves. Various characters are presented such as Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, and others that will make you fun to play with and addicted.

Friends can also fight using weapons, for example, Naruto’s shuriken jutsu that is used for long distances or also kamui kakasih with his cool jutsu.

Naruto Fight Shadow Blade X

In addition, you can use moves that you can use to defeat enemies who are approaching while in battle. Not only that, but you can also make key combinations to produce special attacks (special skills) that are owned by each character available in it.

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#8. Naruto The Ultimate Battle

Naruto The Ultimate Battle

The next offline Naruto Android game is Naruto The Ultimate Battle. From the title alone, it would have been predictable, if this Naruto game is a battle game in 2D visuals. This war android game has more characters that you can play, you know.

Apart from the almost complete character, the challenges and the fun will bewitch you to forget the time. Well, if my friend is interested in playing it immediately. Then my friend can download it directly below.

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#9. Shinobi War

The next free Naruto Online Android game does not only have a tactical genre, aka MMORPG, you know. There is one game that has a war theme that you can do for free on the Google Play Store, namely “Shinobi War”.

In this Naruto game, you can fight between one opponent and another, where the battle uses a variety of characters from Ninja Naruto and his friends.

Shinobi War

When playing this best online Naruto game, to move the character, then this option game already provides a virtual D-Pad, with the addition of various virtual buttons that are useful for attacking or jumping.

A fighting game that is so extraordinary, that will spark your adrenaline. If you are interested in getting this Naruto game. Please immediately download this game for free.

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#10. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

So here are my friends that I talked about at the beginning of this article, this is the best and newest Naruto Android game currently released by Bandai Namco which is very exciting to play. The type of game is online, aka using an internet connection.

In this game, there are so many characters like in Naruto Shippuden that we know, like Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura as well as many others.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

You can get this Ultimate Ninja Blazing game now on the Play Store for free. For you Naruto game lovers, the main disadvantage is that you haven’t installed the best Android game on this one.

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#11. Ninja Runner Adventure

Ninja Runner Adventure

Ninja Runner Adventure is a Naruto-like game for Android that’s pretty good to play. It has great graphics and is also available in three difficulty levels that you can play 100% for free. With fairly easy controls, you can play it on your device.

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#12. Konoha Heroes

Konoha Heroes

If you are looking for a Naruto game that is no less exciting, there is the name Konoha Heroes. Surely you are familiar with the name Konoha right? Yes, a Konohagakure village that is none other than the village of Naruto and he grew up there since he was little. This time it comes in game form, play for free!

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#13. Ninja Shinobi Run

Ninja Shinobi Run

If you are bored, try this relaxing Naruto game which will get rid of your boredom. You only need to control it so that Naruto and their friends don’t fall while running.

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#14. Ninja Manga Saga: To Be Hero

Ninja Manga Saga To be Hero

Explore the ninja world with Ninja Manga Saga: To Be Hero on your Android. If you are looking for a ninja game with good graphics, I think you should try this game.

There are moves such as ninjutsu, genjutsu, jutsu, dojutsu-naruto and senjutsu. And you will fight Madara boss, Orochimaru and others.

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#15. Boruto Ninja Adventures

Boruto Ninja Adventures

Does anyone know Boruto? Boruto is the son of the 7th Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto with Hinata. This time comes a game that doesn’t seem to want to be less successful than its father,  Boruto Ninja Adventures,  which you can play for free.

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#16. Ultimate Ninja Heroes Storm

Ultimate Ninja Heroes Storm

Find your opponent on a different floor and also on a different level, with this Naruto combat game you will get a new experience when it comes to ninja games.

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#17. Narutimates: Ultimate Ninja

Narutimates Ultimate Ninja

The Naruto game that is no less interesting is Narutimates: Ultimate Ninja where you will fight great enemies. Use your skills to win and become a champion. Also, play the best Naruto PPSSPP game with a variety of interesting storylines.

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This is the 17+ best offline and online Naruto games for Android, In this latest update, I tried to add some important things related to the best Naruto Android games above, some fixes on the download link, and also added a game description.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day Technowizah.com because you can find here the latest Tech Computer Android games How-to Guide Tips&Tricks Software Review etc, Which we update every day.

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