25 Best Under 100MB Offline Games For Android 2024


25 Best Under 100MB Offline Games For Android – In this article, we will provide recommendations for offline Android games that are interesting to try, and of course, have a light size, with only around 100MB.

Top 25 Best Under 100MB Offline Games For Android
Top 25 Best Under 100MB Offline Games For Android

Top 25 Best Under 100MB Offline Games For Android 2024

#1. Spades – Online Alternatives

SpadesWhile the games listed above are some of the best offline for Android, there are other alternatives that can provide just as much entertainment. A couple to mention is Spades.co, an online take on the popular card game Spades. The second is 2048, a grid game where players move keys with the goal of combining numbers.

#2. All-Star Fruit Racing VR

All-Star Fruit Racing is a game developed as a VR game. But even so, you can also play without even using VR. In this game, you will control a vehicle and collect every fruit that is scattered along the track.

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After reaching the finish line, the vehicle will make a jump based on how fast you finish the track and collect each fruit. The more fruit you collect, the further distance you can jump. For that, there are several different tracks that you can play.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 92MB

Download All-Star Fruit Racing VR

#3. Broken Dawn: Tempest HD

The Broken Dawn game series always presents games with cool serving quality even though they have small sizes. The Tempest HD series also has a detailed presentation, starting from the environment, and good lighting, to various battle effects that can be packaged in a stunning manner.

In this game itself, you will play a character to complete the various levels available with shooter gameplay. The farther the progress, the stronger the enemy you will have to face. For that, you can upgrade weapons and various other elements to make it easier to defeat the enemy.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 58MB

Download Broken Dawn: Tempest HD

#4. Drift Zone

Apart from the second series, the first series of Drift Zone is also one of the recommended drift games to play. This game will be suitable if you are looking for a game that is light but has a quality that doesn’t disappoint.

Not only does it present a satisfying graphic presentation, this game is also supported by good game controls. To play, you can play by completing dozens of levels or play as you like in freeride mode.

This game presents a variety of cars that can be unlocked. Later, you can customize the car and adjust it to suit the way you play.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 62MB

Download Drift Zone

#5. Hellrider 3

The 3rd series of the Hellrider game comes with a very significant change and becomes even more interesting. Both in terms of concept, gameplay mechanism, perspective, and graphic presentation, it is packed very differently from its predecessor series. By carrying out arcade-type gameplay, this game combines it with interesting story elements that you can follow.

You can follow the story by completing each mission that you must complete. For the gameplay mechanism itself, here you will bring a character to drive a motorbike.

Later, you will do various things on the motorbike, such as avoiding collisions, avoiding bombs, to fighting against enemies.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Arcade

Size: 70MB

Download Hellrider 3

#6. Truck Driver Crazy Road

Truck Driver Crazy Road is a simulation-type game where you will simulate the process of driving a truck. The truck will transport various objects, such as wood, tree trunks, and even furniture. The goal is to reach the finish point.

Apart from requiring you to drive a truck on difficult offroad roads, you will also fail if the goods being transported fall. As a simulation game, this game presents a simple control mechanism and is supported by fairly realistic vehicle physics. Later, you can complete up to dozens of levels which are divided into 4 different locations.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 98MB

Download Truck Driver Crazy Road

#7. The Slayer RPG

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, The Slayer RPG features a hack-and-slash game theme. In this game, you can play in several game modes, such as completing levels or doing battles in dungeons.

There are several types of monsters that you will meet to fight. Conceptually, this game presents a game theme that will remind you of the God of War game. Meanwhile, in terms of gameplay, this game actually presents quite promising gameplay, but the game controls and the various battles are arguably less smooth.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Role-Playing

Size: 181MB

Download The Slayer RPG

#8. The Cook

Carrying a game concept that is quite unique and different from most other games, The Cook is a game that is quite entertaining for all ages. In this game, you will have the experience of owning a food truck and selling various types of food or drinks.

For the gameplay itself, you have to present each customer order appropriately and according to demand. After serving food, you will get money which you can later use to buy various other food ingredients. With a colorful presentation and a simple but varied gameplay concept, this game is suitable for filling your leisure time with fun.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Casual

Size: 69MB

Download The Cook

#9. Rocket Racing

Racing Rocket is a racing game with a fun game concept and comes with very good presentation details. Even though it has a size of about 100MB, various elements in this game can be presented beautifully, starting from the car, and the track, to the car physics while playing.

In this game itself, you can play in several different game modes such as mission mode and endless. In mission mode, you can complete the many missions available. Each mission has a unique gameplay mechanism, starting from competing to be the fastest against other characters, reaching a certain target distance, and so on.

For that, this game provides a variety of different cars that you can unlock with the coins collected. In addition, you can also upgrade to improve car performance.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 89MB

Download Racing Rocket

#10. Don Zombie: A Last Stand Against The Horde

Set in a world that has been hit by a zombie plague, Don Zombie will take you to survive as the last human. By carrying out action shooter type gameplay, here you will fight against hordes of zombies which are divided into various levels.

Uniquely, each level in this game is packaged quite uniquely and makes the game less repetitive. This is inseparable from the many different elements that you can encounter after completing the higher levels.

Apart from fighting against hordes of zombies, this game also features a battle against a strong boss. For that, there are various weapons with a total of more than 20.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 126MB

Download Don Zombie


Still carrying a background that is not much different from the previous game, ZOMBIE SURVIVAL will invite you to a zombie apocalypse situation. The zombie outbreak nearly wiped out the entire human population. As humans who are still alive, you are also required to survive in this situation.

By carrying out 3D action shooter gameplay, you will get rid of zombies. There are various types of weapons that you will find in this game, from shotguns, and submachine guns, to snipers. To make it easier to defeat zombies, this game allows you to upgrade each weapon.

Apart from weapons, there are various types of zombies with unique appearances and abilities that you will encounter in this game. As a game with a relatively light size, this game also presents satisfying graphics.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 123MB


#12. Taxi Run – Crazy Driver

Taxi Run – Crazy Driver is a casual racing game with a very simple gameplay mechanism. Here you have a duty to deliver passengers from one point to another. Of course, passengers must be delivered safely without accidents.

To play, you can press the phone screen to accelerate, and release to apply the brakes. The simple game concept can be packed with various challenges that will become increasingly difficult.

Along the way, you will also be spoiled with various colorful environments that can be packaged attractively.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 61MB

Download Taxi Run

#13. Drift Sport

Drift Sport is a racing game with additional drifting elements that you can do in several different locations. Both the tracks, the environment, and the cars presented are quite cool for 100MB offline Android games. Apart from that, this game provides several game modes as well as a car that you can unlock.

One of the drawbacks of this game is that the physics is not that good so it leads to game control which will be quite difficult. Even so, Drift Sport is a game that looks very promising.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 65MB

Download Drift Sport

#14. Skyturns

Combining several different elements into platformer-type gameplay, Skyturns brings a very exciting and challenging game concept. How not, here you are required to control the stickman character who will continue to run.

But it’s not that simple, you have to pay attention to speed, and jump accuracy, and solve the various problems that are presented at each level. Besides presenting a challenging game, the graphics of this game are also packed with colorful dishes that don’t disappoint.

So if you want to spend your free time playing games that require more skill, Skyturns is a recommended game that is worth trying.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Arcade

Size: 77MB

Download Skyturn

#15. DEAD CITY: Zombies

As the title implies, DEAD CITY: Zombie is a game that will take you to a city of the dead. The damage suffered by the city cannot be separated from the zombie disaster that spreads rapidly.

By presenting FPS-type gameplay, you will play by killing hordes of dangerous zombies using weapons. The gameplay mechanics it presents are quite simple.

You only have to point your weapon right at the body part of the zombie, then your weapon will fire automatically.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 98MB

Download DEAD CITY: Zombie

#16. Truck Evolution: Offroad 2

Even though it is a 100MB offline Android game, what this game called Truck Evolution: Offroad 2 is trying to capture is truly amazing. By carrying the theme of offroad games, this game has several advantages that are quite pronounced.

This game is able to present a graphic presentation with an environment and various effects that are packed with cool quality. In addition, you can find up to a dozen different weather conditions.

As for playing, there are quite a number of levels that you can complete by reaching the finish line. Apart from the career mode, there are 3 more game modes that you can play. But even so, this game still has bugs on various types of cell phones and makes it get bad reviews.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 92MB

Download Truck Evolution: Offroad 2

#17. Butterflies Episode 0: The Demo

Butterflies Episode 0 is a demo version of the Game Butterflies which can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. By presenting arcade-type gameplay, here you will do inline skating where you will do it in a city.

In the game, there are various objects that can be a place for you to perform cool tricks. Now, one of the advantages of this game is that it presents a very unique visual presentation and is quite different from most other games.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Arcade

Size: 139MB

Download Butterflies Episode 0

#18. Racing Horizon

Presenting a fairly classic game concept, this game is a game that will take players to control a car on a busy road. Even so, Racing Horizon presents various elements that can make it quite worth trying.

The game controls that are presented and the physics are able to be packed with a detailed realistic concept. To play, this game provides a variety of cars that can be unlocked for later use on 3 different roads.

As for the game mode itself, there are 4 game modes that you can currently play, including mission, endless, time-up, and escape modes.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 85MB

Download Racing Horizon

#19. Friday the 13th

Presenting the Friday the 13th horror film icon, this game will take you to play the figure of Jason in puzzle-type gameplay. With the addition of horror elements in the game, here you have to play the figure of Jason with the task of slaughtering the victims. In total, there are more than 100 different levels that can test your analytical skills.

Each stage contains several different targets. The farther the progress, of course, the more puzzles you have to solve will be more complex and difficult. Before being released to mobile devices, this game was actually already released on PC devices.

As a game with a size that is not too large, this game is able to present a combination of gameplay and graphic presentation, as well as various animations that can spoil players.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Puzzle

Size: 80MB

Download Friday the 13th

#20. Car Parking Pro

Car Parking Pro is one of the games made by Tiramisu, which has released several drift games with cool quality. Well, besides the drift racing-themed game, you can also try playing with a quite different theme in this game.

In this game, you will simulate the process of parking a car in a variety of different situations. Even though it has a relatively small size, this game is able to display a detailed 3D graphic presentation.

Not only about graphics, but the gameplay it presents is also packed with controls and physics which are made with realistic concepts. As for your own car, there are a variety of different cars that you can also customize.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 132MB

Download Car Parking Pro

#21. Slap Kings

Slap Kings is one of the 100MB offline Android games that carry a unique game concept. The reason is, that in this game, you will have a battle against other characters. Now what makes it unique, the battles that are presented require you to take a slap action.

You can win the fight if your opponent’s health bar reaches zero. The control mechanism itself is quite simple, you have to tap the indicator in the middle position.

Later, your character must also be upgraded to make it easier to defeat your opponent. Even though the gameplay mechanism is very simple, Slap Kings is able to present a very entertaining game.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 99MB

Download Slap Kings

#22. Stickman Destroy

Stickman Destroy is a stickman-themed offline Android game with a physics ragdoll that provides 2 game modes, namely running and destroy. For running mode, your job is to control the stickman character to touch the finish flag.

As for the destroy mode, you are required to defeat the stickman character who is your enemy. The two game modes are divided into different levels. Each level certainly has its own obstacles which will get more and more difficult along with the progress you have made.

Overall, this game is able to present gameplay that is quite entertaining and quite challenging even though it comes with a fairly simple appearance.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 60MB

Download Stickman Destroy

#23. Gyrosphere Evolution

If you are the type of player who likes challenges, then Gyrosphere Evolution is a game that might be interesting for you to conquer. In this game, you will control a ball to reach the finish line.

But it’s not that simple, this game presents various obstacles that you have to pass, such as a narrow or slippery track, making jumps, and collecting keys that are scattered along the way to open the finish line.

In total, there are dozens of tracks with several different nuances that you can complete with varying difficulty levels. Besides that, you can also unlock the other balls provided.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 88MB

Download Gyrosphere Evolution

#24. Fire Sniper Combat

Fire Sniper Combat is a game that carries a cover-based shooter gameplay where you will play as an elite force in hundreds of missions.

Not only does shooting action against enemy soldiers, but this game also presents a game mode that allows you to fight against hordes of zombies who are ready to prey on them.

To support the shooting action, this game presents various types of different weapons that you can also upgrade to provide much greater damage.

With the many missions presented and the relatively light size, of course, this game is interesting to play if you only have a small amount of storage memory left.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 100MB

Download Fire Sniper Combat

#25. Gladiator Glory

Presenting gladiator battles in an arena, Gladiator Glory is a game that will bring you to experience quite an intense fighting action.

For offline mode itself, you can play in story mode and complete many battles. Not only focused on using swords and eliminating enemies, but this game also requires you to think of the right strategy for defeating each enemy.

The reason is, that you will find a situation where you will fight against a much larger number of enemies. To help you in the battle, you can also use a variety of different weapons that you can unlock with the gold you have collected.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 70MB

Download Gladiator Glory

#26. Overleague

The last 100MB offline Android game is Overleague. Overleague is a racing-themed game, where you will not only focus on ordinary races but with the help of various weapons that you can get from the weapon boxes along the track.

For now, Overleague is still in the Early Access stage and can be played offline. Because it is still in the development stage, of course, this game does not yet provide complete features, where you can only play in one track.

As for cars, there are several cars with unique characteristics that you can use when racing. Although the features are still incomplete, this game looks promising if it is released in a full version and is worth the wait.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 117MB

Download Overleague

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Those are the 26 Best Under 100MB Offline games For Android, which are light but have exciting gameplay. Besides being fun, of course, installing these games will save storage memory on your cellphone, right?

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