Download Google Camera GCAM Vivo y12 Latest Version 2024


Download Google Camera GCAM Vivo y12 Latest Version – Hi Vivo Fans, Today I will share the GCAM Vivo y12 download link. This Google Camera Apk is the Last And Working Version On Vivo Y12 Android Smartphone, With a Link To Download It For Your Device.

Download Google Camera GCAM Vivo y12 Latest Version
Download Google Camera GCAM Vivo y12 Latest Version

Download Google Camera GCAM Vivo y12 Latest Version 2024

This camera features the latest HDR+ technology that improves image quality, especially on low-end and mid-range phones. The app also includes Night Sight features, portrait mode, motion photos, panoramas, lens blur, 60fps video, slow motion, and more.

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Thanks to some creative and hardworking developers like Arnova8G2, BSG, and Urnyx05 who went out of their way to make the GCam APK file ported to most devices out there. GCAM is now available for Vivo Y12 devices.

Google Camera Features [GCam Features]

Google Camera Features [GCam Features]
Google Camera Features [GCam Features]

There are four main features that you will get after installing GCam on your Vivo Y12, which include  HDR10+, NightSight, Portrait Mode, and Astrophotography mode. Let us discuss all the main features so that you can use them on your Vivo Y12.


HDR stands for High-Dynamic-Range featuring the technique of imagining during the film and photographic images. Not to mention, computer-generated imagination with ray tracing helps reproduce a greater range of luminosity with any standard digital imagination or photographic technique.

Here the Google Camera on your Vivo Y12 improves the HDR+ technique so that you will not struggle with limited data sets. GCam makes it easy for your Vivo Y12 to deliver less motion blur and reduce noise from your images resulting in better image quality.

Night view

If your smartphone can capture good pictures at night this is considered one of the best then GCam also helps as long as low light conditions allow for the best shots.

Likely, Google used to take multiple pictures at different settings and adjust them, and on top of that, it implemented HDR+. All these algorithms help your Vivo Y12 to harness the power of the camera sensor with GCam giving you better pictures.

Portrait Mode

Blurring the background is one of the most important features considering that even today’s smartphones themselves use a secondary lens to show the depth of field in images and objects.

The GCam on your Vivo Y12 takes a picture using the HDR+ technique and then renders the image with the Google Camera algorithm giving a perfect portrait. The GCam uses Dual Pixel technology with advanced software that measures the distance between the background and the object helping to produce the perfect bokeh effect.

Astrophotography Mode

That’s pretty much identical to NightSight, which shoots in low-light conditions. Where it allows you to capture even in complete darkness and is specially designed for night shots or for the sky helps to click Astrophotography with crisps, and less noise even in the darkest conditions. Though, it was also inspired by other Smartphone Manufacturers to include this feature.

Download GCAM Vivo Y12 Bulkin

Here’s the download link for the Pixel 5 Camera (aka GCam mod port) application for Vivo Y-series phones.

After downloading and installing the GCAM Vivo Y12 Bulkin, make sure to follow the below-recommended settings on your phone, by which you can take amazing shots easily without creating an FC app.

Recommended settings:

For   MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV1a_ENG.apk

  1. At first, download this configuration file on your smartphone.
  2. Now go to the download folder and create a new folder – MGC_8.1.101_Configs.
  3. Open the MGC_8.1.101_Configs folder (placed in the Downloads folder) and paste the configuration file into it.
  4. Once done, Open the Google Camera app and double-tap on the black blank area placed next to the shutter button.
  5. Tap on the configuration file name and hit recovery options.
  6. Now open the app again and start capturing.
  7. There she is.

There is no need to make any changes to the latest GCam 8.1 mod port, although you can make some changes to your needs from the settings section.

How to Install Google Camera Vivo y12

  1. First of all download the app from the link listed above.
  2. Once downloaded, go to settings then enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Now Install Google Camera.
  4. Once done, open the app and allow app permissions if needed.
  5. There she is.


All finished. Start taking amazing and stunning photos right from your Vivo Y-series smartphone.

If you have any questions about GCAM Vivo y12, leave a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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