Best Easy Ways to Change Name in PUBG 2024


Best Easy Ways to Change Name in PUBG – Looking for how to change your name in PUBG? if yes, then you are in the right place, But there is a requirement to change the name. The main requirement is that players must have renamed cards. Initially, the rename feature on PUBG did not exist. Then many players submit requests to PUBG Corp to hold the rename feature.

How to Change Name in PUBG
How to Change Name in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG: Quick Best In 2024

Their requests are heard. After a series of updates, PUBG added a method for name-switching. But the condition is that players must have renamed cards. If you already have the card, here’s how.

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The way to change the name and username in PUBG mobile game can be done using many methods, we have summarized some steps and stages that are very easy to try.

But before that, there are several requirements that must be met in order to be able to change the name and username in the PUBG mobile game. The requirements to change the name in PUBG are as follows.

Terms for Name Change in PUBG

  • Have an internet connection (cellular data or WiFi) that is stable enough to play games.
  • Must download & install the PUBG mobile game on a smartphone.
  • Must have at least 200 UC.

Changing the Name in the Easiest PUBG

After knowing what the conditions are, it’s time we practice step by-step changing the name (username) in the PUBG Mobile game. Listen and follow the steps below.

  • Open PUBG Mobile

The first step to changing the name, of course, is to open and run the PUBG Mobile game. After that, login with your PUBG game account.

  • Select the Shop menu

Then, just open it and enter the Shop menu. There are many items that can be purchased there.

  • Select the Treasure menu

Then you can immediately search and select the Treasure menu.

  • Look for the Change Name Card Item

After you enter the Shop> Treasure menu, simply search for the Change Name Card item, or if there isn’t any, look for the Change Nickname item.

  • Open Inventory

Then enter the inventory menu. The menu is on the game lobby page.

  • Select the Treasure Box and Tap Item Rename Card / Change Nickname / Change Name Card

After that, go to the bottom of the treasure box. In this tab, the player will find the Rename Card item, or if there is no select Change Nickname or Change Name Card. Tap the item and select the Use button that appears in the new box.

  • Type New Nickname

Then you can enter a new username in the change nickname pop-up. Enter the nickname as you wish, the most important name is not yet used by other users. Next, if you click OK.

  • Was successful

If a notification appears reminding you to make a name change, confirm by clicking the OK button. Now the user’s nickname has been successfully changed.

If you experience a failure in changing the name, the player can see the cause first. Usually, failure occurs when the nickname has been used by someone else. Renaming card items will not be used if the player fails to change the name.

Therefore, players can repeat the steps to change the name but use a different nickname.

How to get a Rename Card

What must be done to get this card? Don’t be confused, because most players already have it without them knowing. Usually, this renamed card is given as a gift when users level up. Some cards are also given as free gifts.

But for players who are not lucky enough to get a renamed card for free, like it or not the player must spend money. Players must buy a renamed card in the shop for 180 Unknow Cahs or UC for the price of one card.

But if you don’t want to spend, players can also get this card by going up to the rank of ” Royale Pass ” in each season. Users must play often to get great prizes. Following daily and weekly missions will help players unlock the creation contained in the rename cards reward.

How to Change Name in PUBG by Buying a Rename Card

If you haven’t gotten the rename card as a free gift, the user needs to make a purchase to be able to change the PUBG name. Here’s how to change the name on PUBG by buying a rename card.

  • Enter the Shop Menu

The first step, open the user’s PUBG game. Then enter the shop menu with the shopping basket logo.

  • Search the Treasure Menu

Next, look for the treasure menu. Tap on the menu and the next option will appear.

  • Look for the Rename Card Item or Change the Name

Then look for a rename card or rename card. Users need to set up 180 Unknown Cash to buy the item.

  • Use the Rename Card Item

After that, use the renamed item that was purchased earlier. Change as you wish. Make no mistake or regret, it is because the card can only be used once. If you want to change the name again, the user must buy the item again.

Changing Names in PUBG with Symbols

In other cases, you can also change the name on PUBG Mobile with unique symbols or emoticons at will. The method can be done by 2 methods namely via the website or application assistance.

#1. Using the Web

The steps:

  • You must open a browser application on your smartphone. Can use Google Chrome or UC Browser or other browsers at will.
  • Only after that, visit the website
  • Enter your username or whatever name you want in the field provided. Then click check ‘Add symbols’.
  • Only after that, you can select some of the suggested symbols and characters. Click one of them to immediately copy.
  • Or, you can click on a few suggested words on the TOP 50 nicknames for games at for immediate use.
  • Done. Generate a username/nickname as you wish right now!

#2. Using the Stylish Text Application

The steps:

  • Open and run the Google Play Store application on your Android phone.
  • Look for the Stylish Text application.
  • Once found, just click the Install button to install it on your Android.
  • After it’s installed, open the Stylish Text application.
  • Directly type whatever name you want to use in the field provided.
  • Choose the existing character or symbol according to your wishes.
  • After that, click the Copy button icon.
  • Paste on the PUBG Mobile game to use it as your game username.
  • Done.

#3. Using Website

Here are a few steps to generate a PUBG Stylish Name using a PUBG Name Generator;

  1. Open your web browser and search for “PUBG name generator”. You will find several websites that offer this service.
  2. Choose one of the websites “” and open it in your web browser.
  3. Enter your current PUBG username in the text box provided on the website.
  4. After entering your PUBG name, you will have a list of PUBG stylish names that you can easily “copy and paste” and use for your PUBG account.

#4. Change Stylish nickname on PUBG

  1. Scroll through the list of names and select the one that you like the most.
  2. Copy the name to your clipboard.
  3. Open the PUBG game and go to the “Settings” menu.
  4. Click on the “Basic” tab and then click on the “Name” option.
  5. Paste the stylish name that you copied from the PUBG name generator website into the “PUBG Nickname” text box.
  6. Click on the “OK” button to save the changes to your PUBG account.

That’s it! You have now successfully generated a stylish PUBG nickname using a PUBG name generator and updated your PUBG account with the new name.

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This is an explanation of how to change your name in PUBG, you can easily change nicknames at any time. But with the main condition, which already has a rename card.

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