What is Internet Marketing and How to Get Started 2024


What is Internet Marketing and How to Get Started – The digital era has shifted marketing strategies from conventional ones to Internet marketing techniques.

What is Internet Marketing and How to Get Started
What is Internet Marketing and How to Get Started

What is Internet Marketing and How to Get Started 2024

Not only that, buying and selling transactions that were previously carried out face-to-face have turned online using the internet.

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Of course, business people like you don’t want to miss the opportunity to develop a more relevant and targeted business.

But how? One of them is by mastering the right marketing techniques, namely the internet media.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to dig up knowledge from internet marketing papers in the following review.

There are tips for starting digital marketing, there are also successful marketing strategies, and much other important information on Technowizah.

What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing
What is Internet Marketing

Is a technique or strategy for marketing products (goods or services) via the Internet.

This marketing term is also known as digital marketing.

As the name suggests, internet or digital marketing is a marketing technique or strategy to promote something using digital / internet means.

What is the difference with conventional marketing? Namely the medium.

Traditional marketing typically uses TV, radio, printed media, SMS, or mouth-to-mouth promotions.

Meanwhile, internet / digital marketing requires a platform that is connected to the internet, such as social media, SEO, etc.

What Are the Elements of Digital Marketing?

As a new marketing technique, digital marketing has special characteristics that you will not find in traditional marketing techniques.

The characteristics of Internet marketing are characterized by the use of Internet-based platforms.

Here are the elements of digital marketing. Some you may already know and often use in everyday life

  • Social Media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • E-commerce such as Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, etc.
  • Articles on the Website / Blog
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEO articles
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales, etc.

The digital marketing element is one of the factors that helps the marketing process run well and be successful.

Why? Because without these elements, digital marketing will not work.

The selection and number of marketing elements involved must also be in accordance with the target market.

The more marketing elements involved, the more likely a business will be successful.

After knowing the elements and examples of internet marketing above, it is also important to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. Cus continue reading.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Digital Marketing?

The following are some of the characteristics that are the advantages of digital marketing.

  • The scope of marketing is wider and without limits because it covers all groups.
  • Can be accessed by anyone and anywhere.
  • Marketing is more flexible and varied.
  • More freedom to communicate with consumers.
  • More interactive and responsive.
  • Communication in many directions, between sellers and buyers or with other buyers/consumers.

When viewed from these advantages, internet marketing is the best solution for promoting products to the wider community.

Not only that, the benefits of internet marketing are also at the same time increasing sales volume and expanding your business wings.

Unfortunately, digital marketing cannot be carried out carelessly.

It takes internet skills, knowledge, and capital to manage it.

The use of the right elements plus qualified skills in managing will greatly affect the success or failure of your business.

How to Start Internet Marketing?

Learning internet marketing is certainly not just a theory, it takes practice and courage to start.

In a word, don’t be too overthinking without action and execution.

So, where can you start? How to? Check out the internet marketing tutorial recommended for the following beginners.

#1. Doing Product Research

The first step to building digital marketing is conducting product research.

Product research is the key point in online marketing techniques.

You have to know what the market wants and what people need, not what you need.

So you have to understand what is trending right now.

How to start research? You can start by seeing what products are most sought-after in well-known marketplaces in your area.

You can also use Google Trends to help with research. Or just have a look at Indonesia’s big E-commerce.

#2. Doing Competitor Research

Now, after you get a product, you have to research the competition in that market.

You have to know who will be competing with you and what they are like.

As much as possible get an idea of ​​how your business opponents are.

Then look for ways to keep up with or even win the competition with them.

Perform a SWOT analysis to find out the following:

  • Strengths (strength)
  • Weaknesses (weakness)
  • Opportunity (opportunity)
  • Threats (threats)

In addition, you can also compare competitor products and strategies in both marketing and sales.

#3. Designing a Consumer Database

The next step in Internet marketing is to create a customer database.

This is very important to do, why? The consumer database helps you map potential consumers as your target market.

That way, you can build connections with consumers while designing the right marketing content for them.

#4. Selecting and Determining Elements & Media Marketing

The final stage in e-marketing activities is to choose and determine what media to use.

Above, we have explained a number of marketing strategies with various elements, starting from social media, SEO, email, SEM, websites, and many more.

To make it easier for you to choose, here is an overview of the use of each type of digital marketing.

#1. Website Marketing

A marketing strategy that utilizes written content conveyed through the media website.

Website is considered the most effective strategy in carrying out an online marketing strategy.

Using the website makes it easy for you to introduce products well.

In addition, a website is considered professional and can improve brand image which has an impact on increasing the sales curve.

#2. Youtube Marketing

Youtube is one of the most used platforms. That’s why Youtube is highly recommended for promotional events.

To start marketing with Youtube, all you have to do is create a special channel that contains a business profile, product info, and interesting promotional content.

You can also enter various platforms such as Twitter, IG, Google Plus, or FB to the channel or upload the Youtube video.

#3. Content Marketing

The key to this marketing strategy is to use content to attract potential customers.

Indeed, content does not directly make people buy your product.

However, you can change the mindset of consumers by presenting the benefits and selling points of the products you offer.

The content marketing strategy is carried out by utilizing a number of media such as presentations, audio, video, and writing articles.

#4. SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy by optimizing search engines for business tools.

The main purpose of this marketing is none other than to place the business on the first page of search engines.

Because that way you will get a great opportunity to get potential customers who will get to know your product.

Learn 3 important aspects of SEO marketing, namely:

  • Keyword research.
  • On-page optimaization.
  • Off-page optimization.

Tips for Building a Successful Internet Marketing

Already know how to start marketing with the internet? Sure? Enthusiasm is okay, but rushing is not good, you know.

It’s better to see some of the secrets to successfully building digital marketing first.

#1. Build an Attractive Brand

Branding is a way to introduce a product or business to the wider community.

How to? You can start building an attractive brand through several social media platforms.

Some things that should not be done in branding are too highlighting the strengths and bringing down competitors.

You only need to provide an attractive brand with attractive content. The rest, let it work naturally with the audience.

#2. Use Interesting Content

Content is the main factor determining whether marketing is successful or not.

Hence, you must pay attention to the content. Only content that is interesting and relevant will captivate the audience.

Also, pay attention to keywords when playing with SEO. In social media marketing, the use of captions and the arrangement of photo posts is important.

#2. Take advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing serves to increase consumer understanding and interest in the products you sell.

The easiest you can use is the email blast technique.

This is to provide information to consumers about promos and product offers on a regular basis.

#3. Mobile-Friendly Marketing

The widespread use of smartphones is a great opportunity for you to develop an online marketing strategy.

You can more easily reach the market and capture an audience that has the potential to become your loyal customers.

You can make promotions via WA, or by creating an application on the Play Store or Apple Store. Most importantly, you know what and how to find potential customers.

#4. Take advantage of the Omnichannel Strategy

What is an omnichannel? This strategy is a cross-channel technique that aims to create convenience for consumers.

For example, by providing a website that also has access to ease of integrated transactions, payments, and shipping.

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The info above can help you understand and start building a business with this marketing strategy.

Also keep in mind, building a business with internet marketing also requires other capital that is no less important.

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