How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Laptop PC 2021


How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Laptop PC 2021Hibernate is a feature of Windows systems since the release of Windows XP by Microsoft. Generally, Hibernate is used when the computer battery is in a critical state, and we want to stop processes on the system without eliminating or stopping the previous computer’s activities.

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Quick Ways
How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Quick Ways

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Laptop PC 2021

Hibernate is often likened to Windows’ Sleep feature, both of which temporarily stop the computer system. It’s just that, on Sleep, the computer is not completely turned off.

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As for Hibernate, the computer is temporarily turned off, and still leaves the activities on the previous computer when it is turned on. So, we can say that the Hibernate feature is more battery-friendly than Sleep.

In this article, we will add the hibernate option in Windows 10.

Follow the Step: below.

1. Open the Windows Settings option (either by pressing WIN + I on the keyboard or by pressing the gear logo in the Windows Start section).

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

2. Select the System option on the Settings page. Then, in the Power & Sleep section, click the Additional power settings option located in the Related settings column.

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

3. Later, a new page will appear in the form of battery power settings in the Control Panel. Then, select the option Choose what the power buttons do on the left side of the page.

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

4. Click the Change settings option that is currently unavailable.

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

5. In the Shutdown settings, check the Hibernate option in the column provided. Then, click the Save Changes button.

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

6. To ensure that the Hibernate feature has been activated, on the Start page, the Hibernate option will appear in the Power column.

How to Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

How to enable the Hibernate option in Windows 10

Method 2:

First, log in with a user account that is an administrator on your Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet. Then, open the Control Panel and go to  Hardware and Sound.

Look for  Power Options and click or tap them.

In the left column, click or tap the link that says: ”  Choose what the power button does.”

You may see various  Shutdown settings, including  Hibernate, being disabled, like no other.

Click or tap the link that says:  “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”

This action makes  Shutdown settings editable. Check the box next to  Hibernate, and hit  Save changes.

You can now close the Control Panel.

You can now use the Hibernate option in Windows 10

The  Hibernate option is now available in the Windows 10 Power menu, as you can see below. To use it, click or tap  Start,  then  Power, then  Hibernate.

Would you rather use Hibernate than Sleep?

We like the Hibernate option, and we prefer Sleep sometimes. You most likely do, and that’s why you’ve read this tutorial. Before you close, let us know why you prefer  Hibernate, and how often you use it. Comment below and let’s get into it.

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This is the tutorial on how to use the hibernate feature in Windows 10. Hopefully, this is useful.

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