10 Best Offline MOBA Games for PC and Laptop 2024


10 Best Offline MOBA Games for PC and Laptop – MOBA games are currently becoming popular games and are widely played by smartphone owners. Especially gamers are definitely very fond of MOBA games.

10 Best Offline MOBA Games for PC and Laptop
10 Best Offline MOBA Games for PC and Laptop

10 Best Offline MOBA Games for PC and Laptop 2024

MOBA itself is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which involves many players in one game. Many game developers are developing MOBA games. Games like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor are popular MOBA games.

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One of the important things about the MOBA game is an internet connection because this MOBA game can only be played online. This often creates problems for players with slow internet connections.

But calm down, there are some of the best MOBA games that you can play offline, not only on Android but can also be played on a PC.

Here’s a list of the best offline MOBA games that can be played on PC

#1. Broken Dawn IIBroken Dawn II

The first PC offline MOBA game is Broken Dawn II, this game tells the story of the existence of a dangerous virus that can threaten living things on Earth, besides that the virus can also turn humans into monsters.

The main mission of this game is to prevent the spread of the virus from happening. To play in this game, we will be given a choice of 2 heroes as players. This game can also be played on a PC, even though it is actually intended for Android.

Through a game emulator, we can play android games on our PC. For those who are curious to play Broken Dawn II on PC, you can click here to download the game.

#2. Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes

Next up is Legendary Heroes. This offline PC MOBA game is quite popular, in fact, it almost rivals Mobile Legends.

The advantage of playing this PC game is that you will avoid sluggishness when you are having fun playing. By using an android game console on a PC, we can play the Legendary Heroes game.

For those who are curious to play the offline version of Legendary Heroes on PC, you can click here to download the application.

#3. Soul Craft 2

Soul Craft 2

The next best offline MOBA game is Soul Craft 2 which tells the story of the war between two opposing worlds. Heaven and Hell Worlds. In Heaven, it is inhabited by angels while in Hell it is inhabited by Satan.

We will play as one of the angels to fight against 8 evil demons. The heroes to choose from include Master, Barbarian, Gladiator, DawnGuard, Duswing, Phoenix, Ghostwing, and Crystal Night.

This game is a game that can be played on a PC using an emulator. For those who are curious to try this game directly, you can click here to download the application.

#4. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest

Next is the best offline MOBA game Dungeon Quest which tells about adventures in dungeons that consist of several stages. Each stage has 5 missions that must be completed.

This game is an offline PC MOBA game that can be played on a PC using an emulator. There are three heroes that you can choose from in this game as a player, namely Wizard, Warrior, and Rouge. Each character has unique weapons and strengths.

For those who are curious to play this offline PC MOBA game, you can click here to download it. Of course, this game can also be played on Android, because it is a game for Android.

But by using a game emulator on a PC, this game can be played on a PC and will prevent us from being slack when playing it.

#5. Eternium


The next game is Eternium, the maker and developer of this game is Making Fun Inc. This game has a similarity with the MOBO game called DOTA. Because by playing this game, we will really feel the very clear atmosphere of DOTA.

This game is also quite interesting compared to the others because it has around 60 levels to pass. This will certainly make us avoid boredom when playing this MOBO game.

There are three characters that we can play, namely Mage, Warrior, and Bounty Hunter. The enemies that will be faced in this MOBO PC offline game are aliens, dragons, demons, and zombies.

The skill increase will be achieved every time you defeat the enemy. For those who are curious and want to try this game right away, you can click here.

#6. Heroes of Destiny

Heroes of Destiny

The next game is Heroes of Destiny, this game was released by a well-known publisher that was successful with the previous game, the D-Day FPS game. Heroes that we can play in this MOBA game are Tanker, Healer, and Archer.

The advantage of this MOBA game is how to play it which is quite easy, we just have to tap on the screen and drag the hero we choose to attack the enemy. The graphics and background of this game are also very capable and interesting.

Click here to download the MOBA offline apk game file download, so you can try and play it immediately.

#7. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos

The next MOBA game that can be played offline is the Heroes of Order & Chaos game. This game is very interesting to play because it offers more than 50 heroes that we can play.

The ability of a very unique and different hero will be able to prevent us from getting bored when playing this game. The graphics of this game also compete with the Mobile Legends game.

Click here to download the offline MOBA game apk, and enjoy the excitement of the Heroes of Order & Chaos game right now.

#8. Plants War 2Plants War 2

This game is quite popular throughout 2019. The characters and heroes available in this game are cute and funny, far from being violent and rude. This is a new breakthrough in MOBA games.

Because this MOBA game will be very friendly to play by children because there are no characters that look erotic and creepy. Children are guaranteed to be calm and calm playing this MOBA game.

#9. MOBA Legends:

MOBA Legends

In this MOBA game, the atmosphere will be felt the same as in other MOBA games. There are also playing modes such as 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. This MOBA game is also not listed on Google Playstore. But for those who are curious, you can click here to download the game.

This MOBA game can also be played on a PC using a game emulator, and can also be played on Android 4.1 and above, with a very light size, around 70 MB.

#10. Brawl Legends.io

Brawl Legends

This MOBA game is unique, namely its cute and funny characters. Can create a relaxed impression when played. There are also many heroes available in this game, with character designs similar to the Minecraft game.

As we know, the Minecraft game itself is a very popular game to play. Funny game characters and exciting games are the reason Minecraft is fun to play.

This MOBA game is a type of combined MOBA and RPG game, which are usually games with combined genres that usually have creepy heroes or characters. But the Braum Legends.io game is the opposite, the heroes and characters are cute and funny.

For those who want to try it right away, you can click here to download the game.

MOBA games are indeed very popular and loved by smartphone users and gamers alike. However, playing the MOBA game often causes several problems, including slow-down and connection problems.

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By playing the MOBA game offline and playing it on a PC, we will avoid slow problems and connection problems. Hopefully, the list of MOBA games above can be a reference, good luck!

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