7 Android Games Like Harvest Moon for Android 2021


7 Android Games Like Harvest Moon for Android 2021 – harvest moon is often a comparison to the simulation games that are currently out on the market.

7 Android Games Like Harvest Moon
7 Android Games Like Harvest Moon

7 Android Games Like Harvest Moon for Android 2021

This is because Harvest moon is one of the most popular game legends by many people, so it is not surprising that there are so many “similar” games that have been made.

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Not only for PCs and consoles, especially for Android mobile, there are also lots of “Harvest Moon-like” games appearing.

So, curious about what kind of harvest moon-like games you can play on Android, just see the article below.

1. Harvest Town

Harvest TownHarvest Town itself is a gardening simulation game with a pixel style that will present RPG elements in it.

So besides you have to care for and take care of your plantation, this game will also present elements of grinding skills, and exploration, as well as battles against monsters in real-time.

Interestingly, this game also includes quests and daily quests that will help increase your character’s base level. The base level in Harvest Town itself will function to open various kinds of skills to skills.

In addition, the developer also maintains the most important element of the gardening simulation genre game, namely the dating sim, where you must socialize with villagers to share profits, even marrying one of them.

Download: Google Play

2. Stardew Valley

Stardew ValleyYou could say that this game is the most complete form of a Harvest Moon-style simulation game, even better. Stardew Valley even has some additional unique elements that make it look even more attractive than Harvest Moon.
Not only gardening and raising livestock, but you can also collect resources and money from hunting monsters. This game gives the same nuance but is different from Harvest Moon.

Download: Google Play

3. Country Life: Harvest Day

Country Life Harvest DayCountry Life: Harvest Day is a Harvest moon game with a simpler style and graphics. Even so, the gameplay of this one game is no less interesting, with simple controls, players can explore the world of Country Life: Harvest Day by farming, socializing, and of course looking for a mate in this one mobile game.

The cool thing is, the more often you play this game, players can get exp which can be used to upgrade your character to make it faster and stronger in farming. Interested in playing it? download now!

Download: Google Play

4. Fishing Paradiso

Fishing ParadisoIf the previous list is a game that provides a pure fishing experience. This one game, Fishing Paradiso provides a fishing experience combined with an RPG game.

Where players will follow the story of a boy trapped on an uninhabited island, to survive, he must fish to find food.

Over time players will follow the storyline of the game. And how his fishing adventure can make him stronger and survive in the wild.

This game gives you an experience that is quite similar to the game above, the difference is that instead of farming, players have to catch fish to live and earn money.

Download: Google Play

5. Harvest Master

Harvest MasterFor those of you who want to find a simpler harvest moon game, you can try this one game, Harvest Master.

Where the setting of this story is, your uncle died, and he left you a farm, even though you originally intended to sell the land, you eventually wanted to develop it, but because your uncle was insolent and left a lot of debt.

So whether you want it or not, you have to pay for it or the land won’t disappear. Well, from that setting, of course, you already know what you have to do, grow crops, and struggle to get a penny and pay off your debts. Oh yes, you can also socialize and find a wife to share the debt, so that your wife is also tortured to pay off your debt.

Download: Google Play

6. Citampi Stories

Citampi StoriesCitampi Stories: A Love & Life Story, developed by  Ikan Asin Production, tells of a young man whose parents are in debt, and players have 10 weeks to pay it off.

Where players who can’t pay their debts must marry the loan shark boy who doesn’t have a beautiful face but has liked you for a long time.

Well, the only way is for you to go to Citampi city and struggle to work sending money to your parents.

Unlike Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley where players have to grow crops and look after cows. At Citampi stories, players have to work, looking for various jobs that are suitable for them, from being a school guard to tutoring.

You can also use the money you get to get a better job by buying certificates, equipment, and learning to become even more successful people. Well,

Download: Google Play

7. Nature Vile

Nature VileNature Vile is probably the only Indonesian mobile game that is very similar to Harvest Moon, wherein this game, players will play as a farmer with various missions that can be completed.
Of course, all of these missions have something to do with farming.

The player has to use a hammer, scavenge the soil, plant the seeds, fertilize them and then reap the rewards.

Even though it sounds complicated, this game is actually quite simple and very addictive. So, are you interested in playing it? Don’t forget to download it right now!

Download: APKPure

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Those are some games like harvest moon that you can play on your android phone. Of course, the game above is a slick simulation game accompanied by pretty cool and interesting gameplay and storyline.

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