17+ Places to Download Lightweight Games for PC 2024


17+ Places to Download Lightweight Games for PC – Are you a fan of PC games? If so, maybe you’ve experienced the time when you have to use a DVD or CD to play it, right?

17+ Places to Download Lightweight Games for PC
17+ Places to Download Lightweight Games for PC

17+ Places to Download Lightweight Games for PC Laptop 2024

Now, there are applications and sites for playing PC games on the internet. You can freely play your favorite games offline or online only via PC or Android.

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There are many places to download legal PC games to help you get this game. Where to download PC games and how to download games on a laptop?

In the following section, the Technowizah team will present a reference to where to download PC games as well as how to download them. Are you ready to play your favorite PC game, guys?

Best Places to Download Lightweight Games for PC Laptops

Want to know where you can download free PC games? There are tons of places to get this game. There are legal sites that are quite popular such as:

  • Acid Play
  • Epic Game Store
  • Origin
  • Steam

In addition to the sites above, there are also places to download highly compressed PC games that are lightweight and free, such as:

  • Rockstar
  • Ubisoft Uplay
  • Itch.io
  • Jolt’s game
  • Garena
  • GOG Galaxy
  • Microsoft Store
  • Blizzard
  • RPG Maker

Not only the names above but there are also still lots of places to download pirated laptop games. Given that some AAA games cost quite high, reaching IDR 500 – 800 K, so many pirated game sites have sprung up, for example:

  • Hienzo
  • Ova Games
  • Skidrow
  • Ocean of Games
  • Cracked Games
  • Apunka Games
  • Giga Purbalingga
  • etc.

In full, you can see the descriptions of several selected recommended sites from the Panuwun team in the following description.

#1. Acid Play

Acid Play

The site, which was founded in 2002, is one of the most popular free pc game sites in the world.

Acid Play offers more than 1000 games of various genres. Starting from the retro arcade genre, simulation, role-playing games, adventures, and many more.

Access to the game is quite easy, namely through the official Acid Play website. On the main page, you are immediately treated to a list of games and short reviews, ratings, and genres.

Some of the game collections that can be found on this site are Sonic, Super Mario, Maplestory, and others. You can download all available games for free.

 Website Link: Acid Play

#2. Apunka Games

The alternative to the next free pc game download site is Apunka Games. This pirated game site is quite worth it to visit.

Apunka Games offers a collection of next-generation games, RIP, and a full version for PC or laptops. What makes this site reliable enough?

First, Apunka Games offers lightweight game files. Second, this site has good download speeds.

This is because the storage used is Mediafire. In addition, visitors are also given tutorials on downloading games in written and video form.

Website Link: Apunka Games

#3. Blizzard

Do you like Overwatch and World of Warcraft games? Blizzard is the place to be.

This free download site with a very large server offers a number of popular games. It’s just that Blizzard only provides their own games.

So there are not enough game variants offered by this site. However, some of Blizzard’s games are enough to make you satisfied remembering your time playing at an internet cafe. The bad thing is:

  • Starcraft
  • Hearthstone
  • Diable
  • Overwatch
  • WOW
  • etc
Website Link: Blizzard

#4. Cracked Games

As the name suggests, Cracked Games provides download links for cracked games. Not only games, this site actually has a wide selection of other cracked software.

All games and software available on this site are free and light. Interestingly, there is a chat feature that can connect you with Discord.

Another advantage of this site is that it looks quite user-friendly with the addition of a catalog.

It’s just that, on this Android game download site there is still a pop-up ads display which sometimes disturbs the comfort of visitors.

Website Link: Cracked Games

#5. Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store
Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store is a place to download pc games that offer premium services. But don’t worry, because this site also opens access to free downloads of some games.

There is a special program once a week, where the Epic Game Store opens free download access for premium games.

For Fortnite game lovers, you must visit this site. Because the Epic Game Store is one site that provides free download links for these popular games.

Website Link: Epic Game Store

#6. Game Jolt

Want to reference old games to the latest from various genres? The Jolt game is a platform that must be tried.

This game site made by indie developers offers free and paid game download services. The advantage of Game Jolt is that it offers games with easy filter features.

You can also easily access games from the genre, rating, and OS categories. Curious? Is there your favorite gae here? Please check the site via the following lines.

Website Link: Game of Jolt

#7. GOG


If you want to reminisce, GOG can be the best alternative. This site has a complete collection of old and up-to-date games that are light and free.

Another advantage of the GOG Galaxy free PC war game download site is the DRM-free feature. Coupled with a distribution system similar to the Steam game site.

Not only that, but GOG also offers offline gaming services. You can play unlimited games without connecting to the internet.

One more thing, most of the games on GOG are perfectly compatible with Linux operations. This system is quite rarely offered by most PC gaming sites.

Website Link: GOG

#8. Hienzo

PC game lovers must try to explore Hienzo’s collection. Why? This place to download free lightweight offline PC games is one of the most complete storehouses of the most popular games.

There are simulator games, PSP games, PlayStation games, and other famous types of games.

Interestingly, you can download the full version of the game collections they offer without paying/being free.

Hienzo provides game links with various file hosting, including macro creator, tusfiles, etc. This is quite a hassle because it will be a little difficult when downloading it.

But you don’t need to worry because Heinzo complements his website with tutorials to download the files they have. There are instructions and guides to install on the device.

There is also a contact to contact the admin if you have problems accessing the site.

Website link: Hienzo

#9. Itch.io

Itch.io is one of the special platforms for quality and free indie games. Various games on itch.io can be played with laptop devices, either Windows 7/8 or 10.

Many indie game developers distribute their work here.

There are about 50,000 game titles that you can get on this site. Itch.io also provides a name filter from AZ to make it easier for users when accessing the site.

If you’re curious, let’s get your favorite indie game on the following link.

Website link: itch.io

#10. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

As the name implies, the Microsoft Store is a special platform for Windows system users.

In addition to Windows and Microsoft Office OS products, this page also provides access to download games belonging to Microsoft.

On the Microsoft Store page, you can find a collection of games that can be obtained for free or paid for.

There are many game options here, from simulais, shooting, war, racing, strategy, and others. Here are some game titles that you can find on the Microsoft Store:

  • Forza Horizon
  • Asphalt 9
Website Link: Microsoft Store

#11. Ocean of Games

The place to download the next free pc game is Ocean of Games. Here you can get a large selection of RIP games and the full version for free.

Ocean Software’s platform also offers a website that pampers its users. There is a community forum feature as a means of communication for players.

You can use it to chat with users, even while playing games.

Another advantage of this PC gaming site is that it has very few ads on its website. This certainly provides its own comfort value.

Website Link: Ocean of Games

#12. Ova Games

The place to download the next legendary PC game is Ova Games. This site provides a super complete collection of pirated games from various genres.

You will be offered a variety of PC action games and visual novels that can be downloaded offline and online.

Even though it’s fairly old, Ova Games still has millions of loyal customers. One of the factors is that Ova Games has a Facebook fan page.

This feature makes communication and interaction between users or the site admin easier.

From this site, you can also get a guide when installing a game.

Website Link: Ova Games

#13. Origin


One of the big sites that are very popular among gamers is Origin. This site is a special portal for game distribution owned by EA (Electronic Arts) and a number of other developers.

On the Origin platform, you will find many game variations ranging from UFC, FIFA, The Sims, AAA, and many more.

It’s just that, the number of free games available on this site is limited. Some of Origin’s free game titles are:

  • Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances
  • APEX Legends

Although there are not as many games available as Steam, the Origin server is no less capable than the platform.

Website Link: Origin

#14. Rockstar

Some of the portals mentioned above may be familiar to you. But not with this one platform.

Yups, Rockstar is quite new to the gaming world. Even so, Rockstar is quite brave because it gives GTA San Andreas free for users who download it.

In addition, Rockstar only provides their games and the number is very limited. It looks like you have to be a little patient if you use this platform.

You can count on several promos that are often shared by Rockstar for a certain period of time.

Website Link: Rockstar

#15. RG Mechanics Games

If you are a woman, this site is highly recommended for your favorite game reference. RG Mechanics Maker Games provides a variety of anime-related games.

This site is also very up-to-date, so you can find the latest games that won’t be found on other sites.

So, what are you waiting for? Find interesting anime games in RG Mechanics Maker!

Website Link: RG Mechanics Games

#16. Steam


Want to be able to free download Windows 7 offline PC games? You can visit the most popular gaming platform called Steam.

On this platform, there is a database of thousands of games and software for all your needs.

This Valve release site offers a collection of original games with legal licenses. The quality of the games on the Steam site is also guaranteed quality and can be downloaded online.

You can get both the games and software available here for free or paid.

So, can you download all the games without paying? Of course not, here are some games that can be downloaded for free.

  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike
  • World of Warships
  • etc

Oh yes, Steam has a special website to share free game giveaways to access a number of their games.

Website Link: Steam

#17. Skidrow

Game lovers are highly recommended to try to visit the best and most complete download place for PC games on this one. Skidrow is a paid platform that provides games of various kinds. ‘

From full version games, RIP, online and offline games, and reloaded everything is here. Skidrow also provides games with various genres, from war to action to simulators.

Unfortunately, Skidrow is not updated enough so some new games may not appear on this site yet. In addition, you may find lots of pop-up ads on the site.

Website Link: Skidrow

A number of sites for downloading pc games above do provide access to free games. However, you should use the legally licensed version of the game.

This will be safer and more comfortable to play on your device. By doing so, you also help the developers to support their creativity.

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Well, that was the recommendation for where to download PC games that can be used as a reference. You can access the site and download your favorite games to fill your free time.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day Technowizah.com because you can find here the latest Tech Computer Android games How-to Guide Tips&Tricks Software Review etc, Which we update every day.

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