Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name? Fully Explained 2023


Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name? Fully Explained – In this post, I will share with you, what is a domain name? and the Definition of Domains / Types of Domains and Their Functions for Websites / Domain Extensions for Types of Websites / Domain Registration Methods.

Beginner's Guide What is a Domain Name Explained
Beginner’s Guide What is a Domain Name Explained

Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name? Fully Explained 2023

For those who are new to the world of website and hosting, maybe you are still wondering, what exactly is a domain?

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Simply put, the domain is likened to a physical address. Likewise, satellite navigation requires street names for the system to provide directions.

Web browsers also require a domain to direct visitors to web pages.

Understanding Domain in General

Understanding Domain in General

Knowing the domain is very important because the domain also has an important role in a website. In short, a domain is a website address.

When you see a URL that ends in .in, .com,, that’s what is called a domain.

So, the domain is like the complete address that will take you to the website you want to visit.

Without a domain, internet users must write down their full IP address to be able to visit your website. However, IP addresses are difficult to remember, so they are ineffective to advertise.

So, a domain can also be interpreted as a simple form of an IP address consisting of a combination of complicated numbers, so that visitors will find it easier for you to find your website.

Then, what about hosting? Please visit the definition of hosting.

Understanding Domains Based on Types and Functions

Understanding Domains Based on Types and Functions

#1. Top Level Domain (TLD)

Just as the name suggests, this type of domain is at the top level in the domain name system on the internet.

What is a domain TLD?

This domain is defined as the last extension to the domain name. There are hundreds to thousands of TLDs that users can use, but the most widely used are .org, .com, .edu, and .net.

#2. Second Level Domain (SLD)

What is an SLD domain? This type of domain refers to the name of the organization, agency, or another preferred name that you want to use. You are free to choose the SLD name you want to use.

However, it is important that you choose an SLD name that is easy to type, easy to remember, and spells for visitors. It is recommended to use a name that is familiar and not too long.

#3. Third-Level Domain

Third Level Domain is a domain name that is placed before the SLD and TLS names. That is, this type of domain is located at the very front of a series of websites.

An example is the use of www on In the world of the internet and hosting, Third Level Domains are often referred to as subdomains.

You can make this type of domain as needed after you have SLD.

ccTLD domain

Meanwhile, the ccTLD type is a type of domain that consists of only two letters, which is based on the international code of a country.

This type of domain displays the identity of the country and the content in it is more visible to the people of that country. An example is:

  1. .jp for Japan.
  2. .us for the United States.
  3. .id for the country of Indonesia.
  4. .cn for China.
  5. .my for Malaysia.
  6. .la for Laos.
  7. .sg for Singapore.
  8. .th for Thailand.
  9. .vn for Vietnam

Domain Extensions for Website Types

Domain Extensions for Website Types

TLD consists of two types, namely Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) and Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). Generally, gTLD refers to the use of a specific website.

This type of domain is the extension most used by users in the world. Each type of gTLD has its own use which will be explained below:

  1. .edu is used for educational or educational website types.
  2. .gov is applied to government websites.
  3. .mil is used for military websites.
  4. .net is used on the type of network website.
  5. .com is applied for commercial website purposes.
  6. .org is used as the website of an institution or organization.
  7. .biz is used for types of business websites.

How to Register a Domain for Your Blog/Website

The domain is an address that takes internet users to visit a website.

The existence of this domain name makes it easier for internet users not to have to memorize the full IP address which is very complicated.

To have a domain name that suits your wants and needs, you must first register it.

The first step to registering a domain name is to find a trusted hosting service provider.

The hosting provider will help you to register the most suitable domain name to use.

Instead, make a domain name that is easy to remember by many people. Don’t forget to fill the website with content that is useful for all visitors.

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This is the explanation of a beginner’s guide: what is a domain name? fully explained, I hope After reading this article, you understand what a domain means.

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